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  1. In the comics, they are hardwired / programmed not to interfere unless: a) Deviants are involved b) Celestials are attacked by other beings c) Their existence is threatened The third clause is activated when Thanos directly attacked them in a recent storyline and he is handily defeated by a few Eternals. The Eternals do not have complete free will.
  2. The Eternals are not aliens but their origin is based in part on the Chariots of the Gods (ancient astronaut concept) as stated by Jack Kirby. Other inspirations are Childhood's End and Jack Kirby's previous creations, the New Gods.
  3. I've never seen the VF-19 (A-D) equipped with the NP-BAP-15c booster units in GERWALK and battroid modes. Are they mounted on the shoulders or back? Do the super/FAST packs of the VF-11, VF-17, VF-25, VF-27, VF-31, Sv-262 have designations? What about the armored packs of the VF-25 and VF-31?
  4. Judging from the blue ships' designs, I'm guessing those greenskins are the Bolar? They look like the Gatlanteans.
  5. I remember watching the anime and noticing some of GoLion's weapons being inconsistent. For example, the Fire Tornado. It's either a flamethrower; or a tornado; or red lion wind + green lion flame; or red lion tornado + green lion mist.
  6. After Plus/7/Frontier/Delta, Macross II tech feels like a huge regression.
  7. In-universe technology-wise, it doesn't make sense.
  8. Can you post pictures of these and other weapons from the book?
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