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  1. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    I know, but if a lot of HMRs fan’s dreams come true, that would mean Bandai would break it’s “vow”. 😉 Yes. The picture was probably from Figure Oh. If not, maybe from Hobby Japan 2017 10? I was just browsing through a Book Off almost 2 years ago.
  2. Yeah yeah. Everyone knows about Roybot from Garbage Pail Kids:
  3. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice... This one I took a picture of picture from a magazine:
  4. Bub

    1/55's revisited

    Hope Bandai reissues the 1/55s…
  5. The dub released by ADV would have been ok for me if they just pronounce “Macross” properly. Accent on the first syllable instead of on the second. But I’m still thankful for this release because my kids were introduced to the original story of Macross with this DVD set. I always step in saying “Macross” properly everytime a character from the DVD would mention that word. Ugh!
  6. The compendium is back!
  7. Not really a pose. Just chillin at the hangar...
  8. Mmm... after reading your post, for me, this is what might happen in the future: Big West will just allow HG’s live action movie to be shown in Japan and get it over with while they release all Macross products (videos, movies, music, toys and games) post 1987 to the whole world. Big West DOES NOT have to release Macross TV and Macross Movie DYRL? to the world via HG licensing if they don’t want to. I mean, they still get all the profit out of all their SDFM and DYRL? products anyway because of proxies and such. Meanwhile, Plus, 7, Zero, Frontier and Delta will act like advertisements promoting the Real SDFM and DYRL? making the rest of the world thirsty for the real deal. Raising demand for Macross TV and Macross Movie products should prompt Bandai, Arcadia etc. to pump up their production. I can see it now. Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV series bluray 40th anniversary release with English Subtitles “for Japanese people who want to learn the english language” and Macross Movie “Do You Remember Love?” 40th anniversary release with English Subtitles “for Japanese people who want to learn the english language”.
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