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  1. WOW,you are my hero man,it's soooo cute and perfect Thanks again to this great community, all of you deserve a prize Thanks
  2. Hello,i had this gif but more detailed and bigger,can anyone post it if you have a bigger one?Thats because i can't find the one i had. Thanks
  3. Well this is as far as i can go with my paint habilities Of course the isamu and guld background should be black and the fighters scheme should be resized
  4. And how about putting the YF-19 and the YF-21 in Batroid mode in the upper side of the box? Edit: and i vote for #2 of course,i love the cockpit images,but i think that the design should be more "tech like" (the planes scheme on the upper spine and Isamu and Guld in the spineinstead of the dark desert image)
  5. I htink that the combined lineart of the two planes (the chematics one)would be perfect for the top if it's resized
  6. Wow!,thanks,i think i have to wait until january,but be sure i want it.do you paypal?
  7. That's all,i'm searching for this If you want to sell,please PM me
  8. Hey,you aren't Solid Liquid Fox, You are Alex,the Sylvana's Captain! EDIT i forgot the real purpose of this post Can anybody make a scan of the YF-21 like the one fulcy made?
  9. I like Sharon one with the cockpits in the sides and the Mac + logo on top of the box
  10. OK,but the cockpit images are going to be upside,dowside or what? i think that the nose should go to the upper part of the box. I like the Bobe Patt Sharon/desert spine,but what are we going to put in the upper part of the box? Mac+ logo and macrossworld logo also? Thanks
  11. I think this is material to get scanned and into the emule P2P network or into the imacross servers
  12. Wooooops,i think i should read the posts more slowly Well,then,if somebody can scan that images at the right resolution,they could fit the box perfectly
  13. I think that the cockpit images should work very well in the sides,with the nosecone looking up and the bobe-patt desert spine
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