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  1. Count me in as well @Anasazi37, was fortunate to get the VF-4 set you did a while ago and worked out really well for me.
  2. Gundamit has updated and now shows as a MG 1/100 size
  3. https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/mgex-1-100-strike-freedom
  4. I saw it come up at USA Gundam Store and grabbed a preorder this morning.
  5. @sqidd Gundamit put it back out for pre-order. Steel Legend 1/60 PPGN-001 Gundam Amazing Exia - GunDamit Store
  6. Samuel Decal is one of my go to sources. He may not have it listed, but can be contacted through his FB or website to see if he is working on getting some.
  7. Steel Legend, the 3rd party company that made one of the best Kashatrya 1/100s, is coming out with a new product. pre-order in.
  8. Ditto @jenius (Micronian) Thank you!! I've been a fan of your videos and reviews since day 1. Always looking forward to your next content. Hope you are able to continue creating and sharing for years to come!!!
  9. Release is just a few days away….surprised i haven’t seen any unboxings or package details in my Twitter feed yet…
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