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  1. I used them on some TWE super parts before and had no issues with them! Two different orders that came through without any issues
  2. Goofed up - it should be Archie in lieu of Alpha in the pics I attached....
  3. Apologies - went out of town right after the post requesting pics - attached...
  4. Got my order in via email when he posted on Facebook and it delivered today. Very pleased! Not a 1:1 with Yeti, these bases are larger and all acrylic elements are beefier than Yeti’s. Even got a set of wrenches for the nuts and bolts. highly recommend
  5. This right here looks quite a bit interesting….will be keeping an eye out for it.
  6. I dont see it being crazy considering that US retailers offered this Sold Out piece for $2,000 USD, $2,200 with taxes. Anime Export calculates to about a 20% markup against US retailers. Now, this does not have shipping in there, but considering that its Sold Out everywhere, (and it’s totally subjective) the fee and the shipping are worth it to me.
  7. Well, appears we can scratch this source from our collective site refresh efforts at this time: I'm sorry but we will not be offering this item at this time. Thank you, -Toy Dojo Team
  8. I’ve had limited experience with SugoToys, but it was positive. They got me a SteelLegend Kashatrya well after jt was sold out eveywhere else, and I tried them just in case…this was in the summer of ‘20 when COVID was already affecting everything.
  9. Thanks. Given that it was tweeted today as new, I didn’t immediately put it in the April’s fool bucket (and wanted it to be real since i cannot reasonably get a Metal Structure Nu).
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