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  1. Still keeping my hopes up….YF-21 in 2021!!! Just makes too much sense for Bandai to not do it. But then again, that may be the very reason of why it won’t happen, too logical….
  2. Looking like the release for the Kshatriya Steel Legend Upgrade is near. I have been looking forward to this for like a year. https://m.weibo.cn/u/5927634616#&video
  3. Got it. Appreciate @bravo5 for the smooth and easy transaction. Thanks!
  4. I made a mess of my copy after trying to get the hardpoints to work on yamato missiles. Looking for another one in OK condition mainly for its wings. Or in great to new condition as a replacement piece. Thanks
  5. That was my same thought! Albeit for a selfish reason….mine should be on the boat that followed!
  6. Well, given how successful the Metal Structure line is for Bandai, it wouldn’t be inconceivable for it to be applied to Macross... it would be amazing and there is no doubt it would sell out in milliseconds.
  7. Agree - very good experience working with @no3Ljm Thank you for the sale and putting great attention to detail on the packaging wrapping and all around communication throughout the process.
  8. Sure did @no3Ljm, thanks for the clarification. Missed out on it (was oblivious to its existence) before and now hunting for one....
  9. Thanks for the post! been looking for one of these. Now, if i could only find the metal club sazabi....
  10. Well, okini.land finally responded after i opened up a paypal claim....good thing is that the stuff is on DHLs system and on its way...
  11. On Gundam related items, what is the pulse on okini.land? I pre-ordered the metal structure londo bell engineers option parts, which were released in Feb. They are not replying to ticket requests or emails first sent about a week ago....paypal protection is fixing to expire. Do these guys ignore tickets (NY style)? Or do they usually come through?
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