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  1. Well, appears we can scratch this source from our collective site refresh efforts at this time: I'm sorry but we will not be offering this item at this time. Thank you, -Toy Dojo Team
  2. I’ve had limited experience with SugoToys, but it was positive. They got me a SteelLegend Kashatrya well after jt was sold out eveywhere else, and I tried them just in case…this was in the summer of ‘20 when COVID was already affecting everything.
  3. Thanks. Given that it was tweeted today as new, I didn’t immediately put it in the April’s fool bucket (and wanted it to be real since i cannot reasonably get a Metal Structure Nu).
  4. Is this legit? Saw it on tweeter but not yet on HobbtDengeki, Inask, or Taghobby…
  5. I second your thoughts. MoShow is amazing in just about everything that they put out, starting with that Aile Strike GATX-105 Gundam….this release is on my top 3 most anticipated future releases, including the MS Sazabi, the Fortune Meow RX-93 Nu Gundam and the MASX-0033 (new for me, haven’t gotten mine yet)
  6. That is great to see. Thanks for sharing! I got the PF version on order and can only hope to see it released this year.
  7. @Chunky001 thanks for posting that link. I folded immediately and got me a second Kashatrya for posterity
  8. Hadn’t seen any news on this release (premium finish) for a while….anyone seen anything as of late?
  9. Count me in as well @Anasazi37, was fortunate to get the VF-4 set you did a while ago and worked out really well for me.
  10. Gundamit has updated and now shows as a MG 1/100 size
  11. https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/mgex-1-100-strike-freedom
  12. I saw it come up at USA Gundam Store and grabbed a preorder this morning.
  13. @sqidd Gundamit put it back out for pre-order. Steel Legend 1/60 PPGN-001 Gundam Amazing Exia - GunDamit Store
  14. Samuel Decal is one of my go to sources. He may not have it listed, but can be contacted through his FB or website to see if he is working on getting some.
  15. Steel Legend, the 3rd party company that made one of the best Kashatrya 1/100s, is coming out with a new product. pre-order in.
  16. Ditto @jenius (Micronian) Thank you!! I've been a fan of your videos and reviews since day 1. Always looking forward to your next content. Hope you are able to continue creating and sharing for years to come!!!
  17. Release is just a few days away….surprised i haven’t seen any unboxings or package details in my Twitter feed yet…
  18. looks like Arcadia is pushing out the YF-19 again….😒
  19. So, so, so great that we can get these collectibles outside of Japan now - Now to build a new database of shops that may carry future releases here. Please don't take this as a complaint, but the random times at which this WWM popped up across the landscape brings about a different challenge to continuously monitor sites until you can get a release. At least I don't have to go shopping for another keyboard that soon...the F5 key should last a little longer now
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