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  1. looks like Arcadia is pushing out the YF-19 again….😒
  2. So, so, so great that we can get these collectibles outside of Japan now - Now to build a new database of shops that may carry future releases here. Please don't take this as a complaint, but the random times at which this WWM popped up across the landscape brings about a different challenge to continuously monitor sites until you can get a release. At least I don't have to go shopping for another keyboard that soon...the F5 key should last a little longer now
  3. Agree there @no3Ljm. If i was a betting man, i’d wager that a HWS is absolutely coming. That polka dot detail actually came with the MG HWS as a decal set. Plus, since it is rather hideous (IMO), Bandai is banking on people wanting to cover it….
  4. Thank you very much @Sanity is Optional - I overslept and missed out on the madness overnight....and of course, everyone is sold out. LunaPark has it, but at a hefty premium- So, used my 10% off at USAGundamStore and got me one coming.
  5. Thought i had gotten car jacked at HLJ after the payment page, but just now got the order acknowledgment e-mail. Had been unable to score from them or AmiAmi since the VF-1J
  6. Ditto, i made the same exact point when filling mine. 😎
  7. Looking for an item i missed out on. The 1/48 swordfish from cowboy bebop by Good Smile Company. i’m on the safe buyer and seller list. thanks!
  8. Happy to report that i’ll be waiting alongside y’all. Got my Luna Park email this morning as well.
  9. @sqidd There is a KO that appears to be aiming for the MS Nu Gundam - it even comes with the dual fin funnels - caveat is that it is not painted/finished, but appears to be a very similar recast of the original metal structure version - could be an option if you have it commissioned (still likely still end up being under the freeBay going rates of the Nu and funnels). Core Cast 1/60 RX-93 v Gundam Luxury Edition - GunDamit Store
  10. I’ve gone ahead with OhMyPrimus. They’ve done okay by me on previous orders. Did not want to forego ordering the item in case ShowZ doesn’t offer it. Thank you very much @brannon for posting the link!
  11. My first order with them was the VF-1D, I was very concerned as the 6 month PayPal dispute period elapsed, but the DHL confirmation came through and the item is on its way....so, seems they are OK from my extremely limited experience
  12. Doesn't seem that Okini Land has gone live yet - https://okini.land/en/26528-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-use-bandai-spirits.html
  13. AE crapped out on me during checkout HLJ also froze up HS was gone as soon it refreshed CDJ blocked me out Got desperate and ordered at Luna Park...confirmed
  14. https://okini.land/en/26528-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-use-bandai-spirits.html Seems they don't have theirs for sale as of yet
  15. Still keeping my hopes up….YF-21 in 2021!!! Just makes too much sense for Bandai to not do it. But then again, that may be the very reason of why it won’t happen, too logical….
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