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  1. That's one of the adapters I am most curious about using a service for as I printed them in 2 parts and glued them together myself.
  2. Looking at setting up the 1/48 adapters on shapeways. Who wants to be my guinea pig in ordering a few and testing them out on their valks?
  3. The laser etching helps the rubber washer grip. Compressive force from the rubber washer pushing out against the acrylic and hardware, along with added friction from the rubber filling in the rough surface of the laser etched acrylic "locks" it in place on multiple axis. I wanted to mitigate a need, or impulse to over tighten. It was never lost on me that if someone's $300+ figure fell off the stand I would be blamed.
  4. Cool. Hi. No worries, and no ill will. I dropped a ball, and someone else picked it up. 🕊️
  5. Interesting. Shapes are all eerily similar, but no laser etching or rubber washer at the joints. That saves a pretty penny as the laser etching process doubled the cost of getting the acrylic cut. The longer crescent moon arm with multiple holes was something I had thought of but I never went down that road specifically because of the laser etching on the joints increased cost so much per surface area dimensions. No laser etching, no downside. Do many people have these stands? Do the joints stay put? Anyone crack an arm yet from over tightening?
  6. Ah...yep. I put several years into Yetistand. It was enjoyable and sometimes rewarding, but very stressful. I doubled down on my career during covid and don't have the capacity to fire up Yetistand like it was before. It looks like my acrylic design was....flatteringly taken over and I'm taking it as a compliment? I understand I left a vacuum. Yetistand was not cheap to run, so more power to you and I hope your margins are making it worth your while. I question some decisions, and I don't know who is responsible for the archistand stuff, but I have had zero involvement with that project, and only recently became aware of it. Seems like the adapters have a bit of value in them. I have all of my digital files backed up for all of Yetistand. There are some intriguing questions in some old emails and dm's around buying all of my files. I don't think anyone is going to pay me what I think they're worth, but I am not against looking in to setting them up on a print on demand service. My only concern with that is quality control and tolerances. I took pride in dialing in the adapters as best I could. I don't know how well they will work if a service or other player prints them, and I don't know if they will care enough to adjust them to work as needed. Thinking this through.
  7. Looks pretty cool. Acrylic was the annoying part to get right every time, and the main reason I didn't keep up through covid.
  8. Just catching up. I didn't have access to this site for a few years, and I was looking up info on the Bandai YF-21.
  9. What the hell is going on here!?
  10. I've been looking at uploading all of the 3d files for the adapters to shapeways. Still no good solution for acrylic, though. I appreciate everyone's support. This was a hobby that got real big real fast. I have had to really buckle down at my day job this past year. Ideally I could find a service that lasers, print, and dropships it all just to keep it going. 9mm slotted acrylic is an issue for places. Bending the acrylic as well.
  11. Thanks, everyone. Also, to note, it is taking much longer to receive items from the vendors I use. I do all of my own 3d printing, but the silicone feet, hardware, rubber washers, and shipping supplies are all ordered in. The biggest holdup has always been the acrylic. I have been working with a company in California since the beginning, and they have always treated me well with revisions, updates, and dialing in tolerances. Getting acrylic from them historically takes 2-4 weeks. The current situation has been extending that unpredictability. Everyone's patience is greatly appreciated. If you have a current order through the webstore it will be fulfilled asap. If you want to order anything new, please pm me and I will let you know what stock/wait may look like based on a best guess for ordering anything I'm missing.
  12. I don't know when it will be back up. I am printing, and shipping out the backlog of orders that have already gone through. Big Cartel has made some changes, and it hasn't been a priority for me to rework the site to be compatible at the moment as I am spending my time keeping my day job afloat. If anyone is itching to order anything, or need assistance with anything YetiStand, please send me a PM and I will help you out with ordering without the webstore. Thanks everyone, and stay safe.
  13. Shoot me a PM. I have an idea of how to make this work for you.
  14. Awesome! Pretty fun to come out close starting out blind. Thanks for your help!
  15. Looks like fitment is pretty good. Thoughts?
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