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  1. GX-100x weapons kit came in. The box art is beautiful and the Miracle Drills are gorgeous!
  2. Hmmm. I think I might need this new Dangard Ace.
  3. Watched it last night. The Girl and Her Dog is definitely the best Predator movie since the original. I love how this Predator looks more....organic than the way they've been previously depicted.
  4. Ummm….I took it out swooshed it around a bit. That was a lot of fun. Haven’t transformed it yet so as far as I know it’s perfect!
  5. Amazon.com said they delivered mine today. I’ll find out when I get off work in 1/2hr. edit: Amazon has delivered!
  6. I want a secret tier unlock to be Serpentor figure. That would be perfect and we could recreate Issue 75 cover. Plus Serpentor stealing CC thunder would be a very Serpentor thing to do.
  7. If there isn’t 16000 backers then Cobra Commander doesn’t get unlocked. with 38 days left and at 15,300+ backers it’s getting unlocked.
  8. Gonna need a Stargate if I buy that Pyramid. Also can a mini-fig fit inside Optimus?
  9. Awesome, thanks! Gonna print that out and look for that Easter weekend. Probably going to binge watch Foundation then.
  10. This is why I've started a rewatch of Stargate SG-1. Overarching plot but every episode they're on a strange new world. So much fun. Hopefully this will be fun too. Where should I be looking for Macross in Foundation? I'm only 1 episode in but it's so beautifully shot I'm not paying attention to background easter eggs.
  11. Hmm....NT-1 Alex Gundam/Christina Mackenzie. Haven't watched War in the Pocket in forever but didn't she and the Kampher guy have that romeo/juliet love plot? I guess she was a side character since the series was about the (IIRC) Zeon guy and the neighbour kid.
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