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  1. Place looks like it’s running again. Time to go kick some tires.
  2. Interesting. I’d go with blood red myself.
  3. I don't live in the States where you get cheap shipping and don't have to worry about custom fees. I might not be saving $100 but I'd definitely be saving near $50.
  4. Seeing how this show is under the Nickelodeon banner I expect plenty of cast being slimed.
  5. If this means HG stops making it expensive for me to get my transforming robot planes then I’m all for this deal. If it means they get to stick their logo on the box but I save $50-$100 hell yes. I would love to buy the 1/48 VF1D from a local store.
  6. FT Phoenix is the best MP Skyfire currently out there and I'm glad I have it. BUT if I would change anything it would be the upper body and the head to be more inline with what it looks like in the lineart or the toon. I expect TT to nail the toon bot and toon alt.
  7. I was hoping for someone to KO and upsize WFC Jetfire so I could swap out FT Phoenix but I'm excited with an official MP Skyfire. Hopefully better articulation, better plastic.
  8. Nothing I really wanted to watch this season....until hey World Trigger is back?! Gotta do a rewatch cause I don't remember the specifics of the series, it's been....4 years?
  9. Just finished a rewatch of Torchwood from S1 through Miracle Day. I need more Torchwood. What I loved about Dr Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Chronicles running concurrently was that Dr Who did the Scifi/Alien world exploration. Torchwood did the Earth/supernatural stuff and SJC appealed to the kids. Also had K-9. Then there'd be the big (kinda) crossover where they'd all show up on Dr Who to save the universe. I think Class was supposed to be the Teen tie-in but that never went anywhere. As for the rumours that she's leaving...well whatever happens happens. New Doctor or n
  10. Man that would suck. Barely got to know this Doctor and they’re just finding their groove. Well let’s see where this rumour goes. I’d like to see her at the helm for three seasons before a regeneration
  11. That’s what I’m hoping for. I think it was a few weeks back but on Twitter JB was hinting at going in for something. No way it was for RoTD.
  12. Watched it yesterday as well. So glad something I like is back. So good to have a new episode of Doctor Who.... and Jack! I’ve started rewatching Torchwood because of him. Speaking of think I’ll go watch the werewolf episode too.
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