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  1. Just finished watching the live version. As someone who watched it when it aired, then on DVD then when it was released in bluray I’m okay with what they did. It was fun and I liked it. Not going to repeat what everyone’s already says about Vicious and Julia. Faye felt more brat than sexy bad ass. Could have been the directors intention as a friend said she was great in Jurassic World. Guess I’ll have to rewatch that. After watching No Time to Die I think Ana de Armas would have been a great Faye. Twist ending has me hoping for more Ein. Ein needs to shine if they make a season 2.
  2. Sweet! Alley Viper! He was my anti-Snake Eyes as a kid. He's got the cool visor, the shield, the gun. IIRC he was also an asshole in the comics that the regular Vipers hated and left him out to dry. Also BATS. Amazing. Now I have to search for some of those Cobra Island guys. Ugh. I hate searching for exclusives.
  3. Oh I know Japan is good but right now the two powerhouses in women’s hockey are Canada and USA. In real life there’s no way in hell Japan is beating either of those two. Those two should have been the mid season and final boss games. I agree that whatever puts more butts in seats and gets more women playing the game is good. Friday night beer league shinny, the ladies can out skate half the guys. The ratios still ~10:2 guys though.
  4. All that really matters. Dr Evil: Sharks with fricken lasers!!
  5. Watched the first few minutes of PuraOre! Died laughing cause they showed the Japanese girls dekking and out skating Team Canada and winning with a five hole shot. Man whatever they’re smoking I want some of that.
  6. Forgive sure. Lock. Nope. Too funny. 🙃
  7. Episode four they go to hell. Five they go to heaven.
  8. Woohoo! The metaphor Aliens are back!
  9. Maybe someone from their first batch canceled on them and I got that one. Maybe your order is allocated from an incoming batch? Dunno what to tell you, first time ordering from them.
  10. LunaPark just shipped mine and I bought it today. Can’t wait for it to show up.
  11. Just placed an order with Lunapark. It went through so I hope it ships. Now I just need a TV Kakizaki …
  12. Singular Point isn’t a Godzilla story. It’s a Jet Jaguar story (finally) and as goofy as he looks JJ kicks some serious tail. I want some JJ toys Got enough Gs I also enjoyed the after credit reveal.
  13. Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway. Just showed up on my Netflix.
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