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  1. This is depressing.. Hopefully the demand for this thing is so high that they consider another production run like they do with a lot of their TWE items.
  2. Glad you got a good one! We're one for three here. If I can't get that Metal Structure Sazabi I might just buy this as a consolation prize.
  3. That was an April Fool's joke. A pretty good one at that but as the poster above me stated, Feb 29 isn't a real day and not a leap year.
  4. The MS Nu was offered by Bluefin and there was availability on toy dojo and bbts. I was able to acquire one at bbts and one was available for several months at toy dojo at a mark up after initial sale. However, the funnels were tws exclusives.
  5. Where did you buy it from if you don't mind my asking?
  6. Make sure you open and and see if all the parts go together. I bought this a few years ago and one of the main cannons was broken and I couldn't even put the thing together because nothing fit right. - Right cannon broken out of box - left arm wouldn't peg in - right leg wouldn't peg in so statue wouldn't light up. I'm tempted to try again but I'm very nervous about it. My experience here:
  7. I also compared the weight of the Bandai DX and Voltron in case anyone was interested. Voltron: 5 lbs 0.4oz Voltes V: 3 lbs 4.2oz Combattler: 3 lbs 9.8oz
  8. Just got my Blitzway Voltron! So far, I haven't seen any QC issues on mine. No breaks or cracks. Hope others have the same experience!
  9. @carlsylar already has his and I’m 99% sure he has pics ready to post. He’s just not allowed to post anything until after July 30th.
  10. On the other hand I have mixed feelings about who's bringing this to market. I loathe Toynami, am indifferent about Harmony Gold, but MoShow kicks ass. It will be interesting how this plays out.
  11. I like the modern take. It's also larger at 9.5-10inches tall. I'm in if the quality is good and is more durable than Sentinel's.
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