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  1. If anyone has a spare please PM me! This set looks great! Even in box.
  2. The extra head with the grey goggles is on the Armor side of the box. The head is on a ball peg so it's easy to swap out. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  3. You guys are right though... there's too many re-releases for Metal Builds and I'm just as tired of it as you guys. I even passed on the latest Astraea despite it's sexy black paint job. I own enough variants.. We need JUSTICE! .. or any new UC or Super Robot metal build that was teased some time ago.
  4. The irony is strong with this statement. Is this sarcasm? I am on the macross forums right? How many VF-XXAJSD do you have in how many different scales? I'm genuinely curious. Anyways, if this were transformers there would be multiple 3rd and 4th party companies falling all over themselves trying to release a product at half the cost that the official company (Takara/Hasbo) ever would and a significantly higher quality to boot. The competition for your money is fierce in the TF market. I'm only now realizing that and it's made buying anything else 'feel' over priced.
  5. It's a KO that costs $1100 USD and it still needs to be painted? Hard pass for me. Maybe send this to LEK so he can do something with this.
  6. Usually these are sold with just one WoL set (2 wings) in a separate box but the listing you linked to has 2 sets (4 Wings). It looks impressive but it doesn't 'feel' impressive. I've had a few close calls almost dropping the damn thing. It's a lot of weight distributed over a large space all on one small peg in it's back like any typical metal build. That peg is made of dense plastic.
  7. Yes. Slightly over 2 ft tall and 2 ft wide. It’s a pain to display with the quad wings of light attached to it. In all honesty this is my least favorite 1/72 Gundam that I own. The wings of light have a wow factor to them but the Gundam itself is average. The stand sucks because sometimes I just want my Gundam to stand there with support. This stand doesn’t drop low enough to do so.
  8. Far too many hoops for me to jump through. Pass. I just hope the Sazabi Metal Structure gets a PO date announcement from this show.
  9. I think someone here mixed and matched a VF-1J head, MAX VF-A body and back to the VF-1J legs.
  10. Meh.. they'll probably just rebrand and we'd never know it. "NY closed?! Good riddance!! Hey everyone check out this new shop call YN!! They sell macross products too!"
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