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  1. @Robin-11 check it out. Looks like they tease a few more at the end of the video.
  2. Also, standard release DYRL version (for possible re-release) vs Premium Finish Version for those who've forgotten courtesy of www.anymoon.com
  3. How’s the build quality of the sky x studio version? I’m tempted to get these but I went for Blitzway’s version instead.
  4. https://gundamit.com/pre-order-solomon-1-100-mg-rx-78gp02a-gundam-physalis-model-kit_p4677.html
  5. It's a great quality figure. great weight to it and the joints are super tight.. almost scarily so initially. I mainly just took it out of the box, added the cape and posed it. I did not try out any of the hand or weapon accessories. There was a warning in the instructions to not swap out the hands when it's cold and to use a heat gun/blow dryer prior to attempting to do so. I took that as a hint that I might break it. The getter beam belly opening gimmick also doesn't quite function as intended as it catches on something internally. Not sure what's going on there. I don't think it's as good as the Boss Borat figure that just came out though.
  6. I just received mine from BomBusBee about a week ago and that's with a 2-3 week shipping time.
  7. I need an update on this thread please! Amazing work!
  8. Yeah.. Pose+ releases are generally in the $400-$700 range.
  9. Nice! How long did they take to get delivered to you? I can’t wait to see what your display looks like when complete so please share when you do!
  10. Pose+ is making this Alpha. Judging by other pose+ offerings you can count on the quality and price being high. I would assume this will cost around $400-500.
  11. That’s the RG Zeta. It’s such a hand grenade that I’m surprised you actually have it posed. I could barely stand mine up because everything moves the second you touch it.
  12. MoShow has a great track record for delivering high quality robots with excellent articulation, materials used, and diecast content. You can check out ShowZ for the products they've created and check out YouTube for reviews. https://showzstore.com/products/?Narrow=462
  13. That Alpha will stand over 12 inches in Battloid mode. I’m sold. Pose+ has impeccable quality but at a very premium price.
  14. Where on facebook? I miss Yeti Stands and wish I has the option to purchase them again. I don't care if these are copies either so long as the quality of the material matches the original.
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