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  1. I would upload it to YouTube anyways, set the video to private and share the link with Luna Park. I would think they should be able to help you from there after reviewing the video.
  2. Same.. only question is how. HLJ changed their search so I can't sort by order anymore which is really annoying. I completely missed out on Mazinger Z because it was so hard to find the correct kits.
  3. I knew @tekering was in Japan but didn’t know he posted videos on YouTube. By all means please post a link!
  4. Also, I had purchased two sets of GBP armor only from Nin-Nin and got them just fine and in good packaging. It's unfortunate that you didn't get yours.
  5. I got a full set from Okiniland which was highly recommended from everyone here. https://okini.land/en/24937-dx-chokokin-vf-1j-armored-valyrie-hikaru-ichijyo-bandai-spirits.html Okini shipped roughly a week after ordering but DHL was unusually slow to deliver to my address. (With delivery driver for ~3 days before he decided to finally drop it off)
  6. I just got my shipping notification from Nin-Nin 15 minutes ago.
  7. I also ordered two sets from Nin-Nin (completed order in late April). No message yet but I'm not worried. There were two orders for the TWE armor only. We might just be in the second group and will have to wait a month.
  8. Ehh.. The difference between Okini and Amazon.JP was only $17 (CA tax and DHL shipping), however, Amazon JP was not only more expensive but ships a month later. Anyways.. I caved and bought from Amazon JP when the FOMO kicked in and Okini stopped accepting orders.
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