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  1. Where on facebook? I miss Yeti Stands and wish I has the option to purchase them again. I don't care if these are copies either so long as the quality of the material matches the original.
  2. Update to one of my favorite displays. Strike Pack complete with a few pilot figures from Jada Toys (that also happen to come with a car)
  3. Anyone else buy these Jada Toy Cars just for their pilot figures?
  4. https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/mobile-suit-gundam-chars-counterattack-msn04-sazabi-metal-structure-action-figure/blfbas61361
  5. That’s Brandon of Supreme Collector and yes, all of those Sazabi’s are going to someone. Good guy. I’ve purchased from him as well with no issues.
  6. They're absolutely killing it with the Metal Robot line with all these UC and Wing releases. I just wish they gave the same kind of attention to the MFFC and Metal Build lines instead of releasing the same mold over and over with tiny changes to colors, decals, and an exclusive accessory. It's getting old.
  7. I wonder if this is some kind expansion or evolution to the 30 minute mission gunpla line. Seems like a lot of elements are re-used like Lego and just painted over to look like the mecha of choice. Looks interesting and fun.
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