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  1. Kicker773

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks guys. It’s been a Macross II kind of day today.
  2. Kicker773

    Hi-Metal R

    Anyone else know what stand to use to utilize the other accessories (pods)?
  3. It will be version 2.0 for me since I have one already which is a custom run a few years ago.
  4. Quick one before dinner. Probably gonna post the DSLR pics on Instagram..
  5. I do..focused more on Macross plus, but now that the VF19s are mentioned I didn’t think to include it on the list
  6. Yes and yes. But I have to be careful not mixing the bootleg ones with the Bandai ones.
  7. Starting from Yamato 1/60 YF19 only. 5 x 1/60 Yamato original 2 x 1/60 Yamato with FP release 2 x 1/60 Yamato renewal release (lighter version) 2 x 1/60 Yamato Weathered Version 2 x 1/60 Yamato Birds of Prey 2 x 1/60 Yamato Double Nuts 2 x 1/60 Yamato 25th Anniversary 2 x 1/60 Bandai VF19 Isamu 2 x 1/60 Bandai YF19 5 x 1/60 Arcadia Release 2 x 1/60 Arcadia 40th Anniversary 2 x 1/60 Arcadia Premium yep definitely too many.
  8. Was gonna display all of the YF19 that was released together, then it dawned on me that it would include the VF19 as well. Including the really old ones. Not sure if my table is big enough to hold all of them. YF19 1/60 count 30
  9. I don’t have a 3d printer but if this or a version of this is available for purchase lmk.
  10. Mine just got in and the boxes are surprisingly small.
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