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  1. Rescue is already on sale on TW but I can’t cancel the SS since it was free from all my points. Took a pic of this though.. Infinity Version is in the display case. Gonna use the Non-Weathered one to go with my GOTG display.
  2. Professor Hulk shipping next week. Crossing fingers the following are next before Thanksgiving: End Game Thor, Rescue, Iron Patriot 2, Weathered 85, Cap Marvel, then a break before Cap America 2012 and Loki then Back to Macross.
  3. Weathered Thanos will be joining Infinity and End Game… I don't usually get bad Guys often, but Ultron will be joined by these two:
  4. I had the complete line up of the play arts halo and FF then their freaking joints disintegrated. So I sold them all and vowed never to buy another play arts figure again.
  5. They’ve been saying that for years now. Still have yet to see a PO available. Bike scene got me reeled in for now.
  6. What’s the difference? Headsculpt and dog?
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