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  1. Mine just got in and the boxes are surprisingly small.
  2. Both shipped. Hopefully it gets here by Friday or Monday.
  3. Is HLJ gonna be offering replacements?
  4. Thought it be a little more heavier with the lining. Having the regular and the re-release version, seems like we’re only paying for the different box.
  5. This still on point for the 24th. Wallet ready.
  6. This is great news, not so much for my wallet though.
  7. Damn I think I need to buy a 3d printer now
  8. Nope I don’t do the customs. A few members on here did it at one point. Will probably start to them soon now that I’ve been practicing with airbrushes.
  9. The one he’s referring to is a custom, 4th from the left. The second one from the left in this pic is the one your referring to (Yamato): Close up on the differences. The Yamato line up: (Knocks on wood after checking his Weathered Roys). I believe those cracks occur if they are exposed to heat or warmer temp. My Macross room has always been cooled throughout the year. Yamato Weathered Roy, Hikarus w/ weathered FP: The rest of the old pics. The J- Men: The Bushmen: The Cavalier: The Autobot: Size Matters: The Packaging Light them up… FullSizeRender.MOV
  10. If your referring to the 1/72 and 1/65 versions that can be arranged 😁
  11. The weathered 19 is the last of the line I hope to join the line up. The I would have every single YF19 Yamato, Arcadia, Bandai has ever produced. When that gets released I’m definitely going to take a pic.
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