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  1. It doesn't seem poseable at all nor could you wear the armor for cosplays. Anyone interested? https://www.gunjap.net/site/?p=392538
  2. yea i think its like that for almost everyone.... the item page lists orders closed. EDIT*** was anyone able to secure an order with amiami? or did the site just poop? lol
  3. Weird I just checked again. Unless it was a small cancellation/re-opening at the time of your reply, but thanks!
  4. Aiyah... so it was here. Yea I guess it would be a proxy service fee, shipping difference and a slight markup for another 20$. I think its a bit safe to say that most gundam related stuff should probably make it to the US market one way other another in time. Try to save the proxy service options for Macross related stuff. XD
  5. Yea I know... -_-. I couldnt recall where I saw members saying they ordered it. But wanted to share as soon as I saw the news. A friend wanted to get it. As cool as it looks and during these times I had to pass on it. Plus about the same price I would probably lean towards the PGUnleashed instead. Annnnnnd I shouldnt be talking because I just bought HT Warmachine MK6 from Amiami at a really marked down price (235$ + shipping costs). I had to settle for ferry and couldnt justify spending 95$ on shipping via dhl when it'll just sit in my storageroom after it arrives, lol.
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