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  1. Calling it now... Bandai will release this, it'll sellout and then they'll do a 2.0 in a few more years after milking the variants* lol.
  2. It looks like the bottom half of the front foot might slide forward and backwards to accommodate the transformation. nvm it was mentioned already lol 😅
  3. I've lost count of how many 31s I have... I really should do an inventory check.
  4. Sorry I didn't really bother to check the prices of the Valks because my logic was everything is already marked up (to prices you can probably find at other retailers usag, bbts, gp, etc.)... aside today I wasn't there for the Valks. Also it didn't really help that almost all of the displays and the product stacks had no prices listed/displayed. My friend had to ask the store employee the prices for the Store Exclusives NXEdge Hi-Nu and NG. And... the line to pay, especially the cash only register was right next to the DX Chogokin Display/stacks and people were standing/lined right in front of it.
  5. Got back from the visit to the TN NYC store about 2 hrs ago. The store space is maybe 1k square feet (not a big store) just enough to display their stuff and sell. They had the VF25F Alto Revival version and VF31AX Hayate on display and for sale near the register (towards the back). FYI they are allowing walk-ins but there is a wait. Reservation is not so much of a wait if you're close to the reservation time.
  6. I recall seeing one price listed for the VF171 and it was '30800jpy Now' for their listing, thus the reason why I didn't order with them and waited for Amiami later in the night. When AE gives the option for a 'Now or Later' option there's two prices listed. The 'Now' option is usually listed maybe just a few jpy less than the 'Later' option. This reflects mostly for the rest of the items listed on their site. Maybe someone who had placed an order with AE can chime in. Sorry to hear you lost your PO with AE 😵‍💫
  7. The 171EX Alto is definitely a WWM release. Probably not showing up in any of the US based sites yet since we're just finishing up the Labor Day weekend.
  8. Maybe time to make a poll to take some votes (unless there was one done before i cant recall, lol).
  9. ahh you're right! I stand corrected... I knew they were close and googled it. I guess I shouldve dug a little deeper than google's immediate results.
  10. Macross 7 also released almost a year ahead of Macross Plus.
  11. I may go just to see what they have on display (maybe pickup kid shf goku). I was originally mostly interested in getting the SDCC SHF Vegeta, Gohan and Raditz figures, but they've since been made available on pbus. I'm not expecting much since it's taking over the old Citizen watch store location. It'll be a small and oddly shaped (interior) storefront.
  12. The alto/first release afaik with my copies really had no issues other than becoming floppy and yellowing over time. The 171EX NM Plus Canon Fodder (Blue/teal) ver had the broken shoulder triangles (LER?)... pretty much all the black plastic used on that release. I think they corrected the issue with the subsequent releases for the Alto and Luxa PBJP Idol versions.
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