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  1. I might bite on the DX 25g Full Set when the prices are reasonable for me and upon review. It's way overpriced up here in Canuckle Land as you have to either pay Provincial Sales Tax and the GST (Goods and Sales Tax) or the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax and the Provincial Tax) on top of the price of the item itself.
  2. Literally everyone is itching for a DX YF-21 @Sokeijon, but Bandai is known to p*** people off and sweep it under the rug. Ask that same question years later Banda will say: "We never teased it or shown the prototype at all. It's all in your imagination".
  3. Another DS9 episode: “If Wishes Where Horses” type of scenario? I’ll wait and see if a possible DX 21, not going to have very high expectations, but staying mellow for now.
  4. I have no explanations why HT has been doing usual things in their overall product lineup, but I guess it's Howard' Chan's call. Review on AugToys Paul (Regular version) in Mandarin. Possibly still up for pre-order on Oneesixthkit.
  5. borgified

    Hi-Metal R

    Is that Kikaizi’s last meal shown? If so, I just lost my appetite. 🤢
  6. From Collectors Freak via FB (Huang Wu) Due in July, AugToys Paul Atreides. Edit: InArt’s version is still in process (Arakis Suit version).
  7. Its grey feet @davidwhangchoi. Cancel your pre-order anyway and save your $$$ for something better instead.
  8. $115 USD (I think? Correct me if I’m wrong).
  9. Note: I actually got this tid bit from a one 1/6 forum chat thread.
  10. FYI: If anyone is temped to pre-order or get any 1/6 figures from Toys Wonderland, avoid them totally. They have been screwing around with various customers orders and charging high s+h prices.
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