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  1. You know that us Canuckle Heads always gets screwed up in the arse @Paco Grande regardless of what we purchase or use (Lego, TFs, 1:12 or 1:6, etc). I’m not totally going to stop buying Macross related items, or anything else in regards to my other hobbies, but being very selective in what I get. I’ve got too much stuff in storage right now and I’m going to thin out when I get a chance to.
  2. Codpiece is too big according to some commentators on various hobby forums and also the tusks as well.
  3. Charge now, ship 4/6 months later (if both warehouses are jammed up to the ceiling).
  4. @Test_Pilot_2- I’m actually holding back in getting the Orinthopter as I’m still waiting in the supposed UCS Tie Interceptor to drop on May 4th. I do concur on some on the Technics pieces used (by multiple reviewers) can be changed to a more suitable colour and not an eyesore.
  5. Sounds like another Toys Wonderland/Comic Santorum fiasco @grogall based in your case. Hopefully that’s just an isolated case, but caution must be taken regardless of what other people say or what’s been posted.
  6. Say the name three times and hopefully that he shows up.
  7. It's getting a re-release non PF edition
  8. Edit: Fatboy's review on Snake Eyes
  9. There’s a leaked photo of Snake Eyes that’s been surfacing (one of many). Pruneface does look very good if you have seen it lately. Edit: Here are some pics also floating around
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