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  1. Hint: 2 comparisons shots with the 29 (DX VF-1a Max [58:43] and Granddaughter's 31ax [1:01:18])
  2. What about a new 171 (that was shown in the series), 262 Ba, Arad’s 31a, etc.. Did you also forget those @brouken?
  3. Now the next question for @twich.. Are you going to stop at the DX 1j & GBP combo after getting it or are you going to get more if your funds allow you to? You know that we’re all enablers here and we want to see your diversity of DX VF-1 valks to grow in size.
  4. * Disclaimer here guys: I'm not the one saying this quote below, I'm just typing out something that I've read about on a certain Macross item". * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ As someone on another Macross thread in his own words wrote this: "I expect better quality as I'm paying $$$ for an expensive top of the line product, but instead I'm disappointed with floppy joints, things falling apart, quality control is trash and a useless die cast valk. I can get a KO with better quality and at half the price". ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's say it got into a very heated discussion after that and it got derailed for at least a couple of pages. In my mind, almost everything out in the world as a certain shelf life and a fiscal life span as everything is improving/upgrading, plus there's bound to be flaws and issues as time goes by.
  5. Just announced on Hot Toys Facebook 42 mins ago - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=hottoys&set=a.459335689563782 Timothy Olyphant: The Marshall
  6. From Toyark on Friday - https://news.toyark.com/2022/09/23/hot-toys-neon-tech-iron-man-with-suit-up-gantry-484246 "Is the same Malibu Stacy, but with a new accessory".
  7. borgified

    Hi-Metal R

    Magazine Scans for HMR VF-1s Hikaru with Supers (I still say is a tribute to Roy).
  8. Looks like a figure from the Frazetta Continuum will be finally be released. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=516556547140475&set=ecnf.100063584020430 Possibly that other long delayed licensed stuff will get released..
  9. Hmm.. I think a comparison with Max’s and Rod Baltmore’s 29 (sans Supers on both) will show up eventually. Special request - Can anyone switch the figure of Max to Michael (from Frontier) for a photo op? Bonus if Basara can be added to it as well.
  10. As teased on Collectors Freak - Star Trek: Voyager thread.
  11. I have a feeling that @Lolicon will end up panel lining and painting the all landing gears a white upon getting the DX Max 29 Full Set.
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