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  1. Enjoy folks! If you guys want, stay tuned for the pre-order announcements.
  2. Here's a thought @sqidd. Why don't you create a thread for all the Macross valks's head sculpts page and have further discussions on it? I don't think it's made yet, however you love posting on this website right?
  3. You all know Bandai's response right guys? "Keep on dreaming as it's not going to happen". Unless they finally cave in at the last minute and give us something.
  4. Your never out of the game @Sildani as your Agent Smith (Matrix) or Elrond (LoTR) in disguise and have everlasting life [in which you multiply to create havoc to Neo and foretells the prophecy of your daughter Arwen when her hubby passes away]. Based on the info on Haya Haya's 31ax, it took one week from announcement to pre-order madness and for sure Mirage's 31ax will follow in the same suit. Take a quote from John de Lancie (Q) with a twist: "May the provider of your DX Mirage 31ax, have mercy on your soul" as you know that it going to be a blood bath to get a pre-order in. I'm going to join in and see if I can get one.
  5. Phtt… Who needs sleep anyways @spacemanoeuvres. We can tap into your mind to control your computer and other necessary to get a pre-order for Mirage’a 31ax a la Matrix or like Guld’s mind control on his YF-21 before taking his life to distroy Sharron Apple’s drone in M+.
  6. I not surprised as no one even looks at the past posts and jumps to the most recent done. if you took the time to read past posts @kajnrig, you would know that Mirage’s 31 ax has a newer noggin.
  7. Typical HT thing.. Re-issue the stuff that was done before (Iron Man, Batman plus Whip Flash) When are they going to do Pattinson Bats for those that want him in that suit?
  8. We did drop warnings about Nin-Nin on previous DX pre-orders before you got into this game @Angesdad when the DX 31 pre-orders where just starting (possibly before that), plus a Google search about Nin-Nin's reputation should have been done before hand before loosing close to $550 CND down the drain. Hard lesson learned nes pas?
  9. You want? Go and get it. https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/marvel-yelena-hot-toys-909646 $270 USD, to be out Oct - Dec 2022
  10. I think EMS will be suspended to Canuckleland for quite some time longer @Angesdad. Why are some people still getting their Macross fix via NY (as your crap out of luck on older DX releases) and also on Nin-Nin?? We've been dropping warning signs to everyone here while some people are still simply just ignoring it, sealing their fate and getting torched by flames.
  11. @Paco Grande - Even collecting 1/6th figures is just as bad as getting one Macross DX honestly. It can either skyrocket (HT Endgame Scarlet Witch on Fleabay for $1,500 USD) or have stocks sitting in the shelf (HT Endgame Black Widow at $250 USD also on Fleabay). These are just two examples as other characters are different, plus supply and demand. Paying 32k yen for the DX 1j + GBP combo set on pre-order was over my spending limit, however I couldn't pass over one of the famous valks in the Macross series (still in the box after getting it delivered, will get it opened eventually.)
  12. I'm sure that the other seller wasn't NY... I think it was from Wish that offered it @f-valk.
  13. For the next Macross pre-order madness: I guess it's pick your poison on which supplier to see which one will self destruct on your own specific pre-orders.
  14. That's HT modus operandi (and Bandai's DXes as well .) - Rake in the $$$ with many variants of said character and hope that we by them all. What else is new right?
  15. I doubt that all that will get delivered to your place before Black Friday on-line sales starts to roll around @Kicker773.
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