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  1. HMR Spartan for 7k yen (opened, box damaged) https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1165359662&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en
  2. Where's the giving back to other members about finding stuff for grabs here? I think we lost a sense of community here...
  3. How in the world are you going to "Swoosh" around the HMR Monster @BroTaku79 (plus @Saburo has one already so what's the point in having two Monsters that are hogging the space in the photoshoots)? As for the Koeing, you technically can @leeboo1211, however its more of a display place as you pose it and forget it. I'm going to give it my best guess... Arcadia SDF-1 (can either be the non-PF or PF version).
  4. Isn't Beer/Liquor and Tobacco sponsoring banned in some countries around the world if I recall? Now it's Real Estate, Life Insurance, Auto Manufacturing, Sports Brands, Clothing Company et all that does it now. So it may have to be changed to make it properly adhered.
  5. Got enough ammo to deter oncoming Zentradi (and some hidden sneaky surprises)?
  6. There is no way that this DX 1j Full Set will be like the DX YF-29 Alto Full Set @leeboo1211. The GPB Armour itself is too big and bulky (and we're talking about the same size of the Yammie 1/48 GBP unit itself).
  7. Or Bandai can sent the entire DX 1j + GBP in a shoe box and save the extra $$$ for other big ticket items.
  8. @spacemanoeuvres - I'm guessing the packaging for this beast will be possibly the size of the DX YF-19 Full Set or the DX 31s Arad + the Silpheed Armour boxes combined. I can tell you that the DX VF-1j + GBP set will be around the same as the Yammie 1/48 GPB versions (however the chest on the Yammie 1/48 GBP units sits on top if the collar bone notches and prone to be easily knocked off when handled the wrong way). Edit: I have the Yammie 1/48 Stealth 1j with the SSP and also the Low Vis 1a with the Urban City Cameo GBP that I can do the comparisons when I get the Full Set at hand o
  9. Snagged another grail for my collection. Yammie 1/60 1s Max non-weathered for almost 29k yen (with DHL shipping). Slight box fade, sticky hands and rainbow canopy intact. If Bandai does one in for the DX VF-1 line up, you know that I'll be on it!
  10. There's boat load of info in regards to EXO-6 Star Trek stuff on Collectors Freak Forums @derex3592. Go to General Collection subheading and then scroll down to Star Trek EXO-6 figures (or to something to that degree). I go on there on and off and also another 3rd party 1/6th site that caters to TBLeague, Ace Toys and other 3rd party offerings.
  11. Just thought of another reason of the huge wrists. To pound the snot of incoming Zentradi support troops.
  12. That is the only reason I didn't pick it up as the armour is not to my liking @Mommar. I doubt that Mezco would make a "Gold Team" version of Bishop down the road.
  13. There's a Captains Line for EXO-6 @derex3592 that Nanjin/Schubert Tam is aiming for. So you might want to hold off until a proper TNG Picard is done, however its your call.
  14. None for the 51 to get to get the PF treatment yet @funkymonkeyjavajunky , however we all know that Arcadia stuff gets the PF treatment in due time. A PF Ivanov would be interesting as its already in black. PF Nora (and CF if green light is given) will pop out more.
  15. I think we'll all get the answer in October/November when the solo GBP Armor unit is out @peter.
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