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  1. Mallfish's quick crappy look on Robert Battinson
  2. So how does this look in official Pengroid mode? Now this YF-21 looks like Rob Liefield designed it with a itty bitty nose cone, stubby neck and super hyper roided out extended body.
  3. Ghost Toys? A Blatant KO version from we_studios from what I read on another 1/6 website. Their other 1/6 product is totally dumpster fire.
  4. Like seriously… Scammer Toys Wonderland/Comic Santorum is getting innocent people to shill for their company? If anyone doesn’t know: Figure Frenzy Universe is doing reviews for them.
  5. How many iterations of Tony Stark that one needs to over take the world? Maybe there's not enough...
  6. One of your wishlist valks has been crossed off for now @Graham: DX 1/60 VF-25s Osma with Armour . A DX 1/60 VF-22s repaint might be next @Uxi as the DX 1/60 YF-21 will be released shortly. As for the other wishlist items that we have for Bandai, let's keep on pestering Bandai and hopefully that it will get done.
  7. Looks like that we're all going to see CW/RoTS figures getting the green light. Waiting for a proper Ventress to be done (not the SS version).
  8. $112 USD, November 2024-January 2025
  9. Don't forget that the N-Ger and Q-Rau are also bulky compared to the VF-1 (which the YF-21 is based on the Zentradi technology and the real life Northrop YF-23)
  10. As usual, since Terry is the SS rep, he gets to an early unboxing and quick look at the figures before any of the general public gets their grubby paws on them when it gets officially released.
  11. https://www.mezcotoyz.com/one-12-collective-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-deluxe-animated-series-edition $400 USD, delivery date unknown
  12. Yep... Pimp Daddy Destro and Supreme Coco upscaled from the Classified GI Joe/Cobra lineup with a 3z twist.
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