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  1. 1/60 Yammie 19 Zola Patrol for 30k yen (opened, large damage to box, possible cracked body) https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1171749942&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en
  2. August 2, 4pm JST. It's either early morning or late evening depending in which time zone that your located in.
  3. Email Mezco then to cut off the "Mezco Flair" on the garbage that they're putting on the products and you're not happy with them at all @troyness. Just don't buy their stuff and problem solved to a degree.
  4. * Might be some still available on the For Sales list. If not, then it's here * DX Missile Set for 8k/9k yen https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1114620870&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en DX SSP for 18k yen https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1155430626&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en
  5. The heck?? I didn't know that your on Collectors Freak @Kicker773. So you end up posting the vid that was mentioned on that specific thread ( I also share that vid with @PsYcHoDyNaMiX just a few days ago). I might be making my appearance there shortly.
  6. Here's the rest of the reveals as I was at work for the latter three posts. Bio Goji might be possibly priced at $250 USD due to the electronic gizmos in him.
  7. I'll be most likely getting Mirage's 31ax. Arad's noggin on the 31ax still bugs the crap out of me.
  8. I keep pushing off on getting Mr. Banana Ears @Lolicon as it's either him or Ozma's are the two that I like the most. Hopefully that my slacking off will get one of the two sooner or later.
  9. Did you see the trailer for Delta Zetta Live @ValkAddict? There are some hints for some the colour schemes.
  10. @troyness - The pre-orders for Hayate 31ax will get announced, however I'll be waiting for either Arad's/Mirage's 31ax more. Will be waiting for the next VF-1 notice drop.
  11. Ha ha ha... Are you going with SS after all this BS thats been happing to the Hong Kong 1/6th re-sellers @Kicker773? If Sideshow wants my cash for Black Widow (Black Suit), then good luck in hunting for me up in Vancouver, Canada cause its not going to happen.
  12. Looks good from Mondo, however I'm out if the regular versions are more than $250 MRSP (like the previous versions of Hordak), however I might bite on Man-at-Arms only. Edit: No cape on Hordak as of now, however the side skirts on his hip side looks like he's wearing his pants up his waist.
  13. Who knows?? Maybe Bandai will do a curve ball and make a DX Max 1s.
  14. Its either FF or Dick Tracy for me as of now @Mommar. Spidey 2099 looks way off and looks like a golf ball or Micro fibre towel wrapped around him.
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