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  1. Loks like 100Mega answered my question in the AX Hayate thread. This pic has the super parts on and it looks like it just ports into the slot with nothing else holding and it just rotates. That seems like a precarious option for the armor parts, hopefully it’s a modified version of the old part with the option to fold the boosters down. That would hold a lot better.
  2. That guy is largely not accurate anymore. You’ll have the occasional stuck joint but nothing like what Neca used to be like.
  3. The previous wing attachments were done really well. That new attachment looks like how the lil drakens fit on the 262/31 mod. I.e. crap.
  4. If they can make a proper, good, TV SDF-1 I'll buy it. Unless they want to start making 1/60 enemy Mecha. ThreeZero are better at fixed posed type Robots.
  5. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    It's interesting they're making it a set. Like they just want to get the damn things out of the way.
  6. I still don't know why they never demo these things in Gerwalk. It's hard to tell but it looks like they're using fixed pose hands on the demo unit there.
  7. I think he's just showing the release date.
  8. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks like I just got Bandai'd. While dusting off my Macross cabinets I went to move one of the HMR Regults. The knee joint no longer holds, the body falls and one of the mini-guns on the bottom of the pod snapped off.
  9. I'm not so sure about that. In the trailer the Boosters on Hayates Valk are clearly rotated like the newer packs function. In terms of the toy they might be able to make a minor change to the attachment point but essentially keep the rest that same. It looks like the configuration is the same. The missiles are on the outside and the boosters are stacked on top of each other so the whole pack hasn't been rotated so it's likely just a modified mounting point.
  10. Were only four of them armored in the latest film?
  11. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    Is this response in relation to a 1/3000 SDFM SDF-1? Because acquiring one from Japan might not be difficult per se, but the TV version is more popular world wide. There's a reason why Arcadia hasn't made one yet, because Japan doesn't want it. If there's still a perceived barrier to release to the rest of the world for SDFM then there will never be any additional demand for and SDFM version that can be applied and it won't get made.
  12. People have been speculating because the VF-0 is a "Roy" version that they can't release the HMR version here. I wonder, because there's nothing tying the design to the original series, if they would get away with releasing the SV-51's and the other 0D's and 0A's because they don't have any of those markings or name associations? Unless the Kite holds up the 0's.
  13. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    I don't recall HMR's ever being that difficult to come by. My one issue with things still being Japan-only is that we're never going to see a 1/3000 SDFM SDF-1 at this point.
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