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  1. I e-mailed Mezco about charging me for Superman almost three weeks ago and all they told me was, "hang tight."
  2. I hate how often you have to dust here.
  3. Arcadia did do the correct color. I have two of them (I also need to dust again...)
  4. Was this a "hey, they're available again" message?
  5. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    And if you don't live in those five cities?
  6. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    How are we supposed to buy these again?
  7. It's been two weeks since I was charged for Superman and I haven't had any movement there either. Meanwhile I could order it from BBTS and ship it tomorrow.
  8. It'd be cool if they had a full Manga that looked like this.
  9. I know they picked it up but it's a site exclusive. There won't be the usual piles of them like other regular Arcadia releases. In terms of leftovers because of the wait, I don't know. I had put in a FromJapan order when I saw they had extra online but looks like that won't go through anyway...
  10. This was an Arcadia site exclusive.
  11. I wasn't referring to the small number. But there is a final listing that has a full 38412. Looks like I confused one of the 4268's for 426800.
  12. Huh, that is weirdly low for the Premium Finish version. But they have three listings too... hmm?
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