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  1. Interesting, I see a commercial for The Orville and I get excited like I used to for Star Trek.
  2. In terms of those vehicles I don’t want a massive $350 thing. If they wanted to make a 4 inch Eaglemoss-like (but not so crappy) replica of the Blackbird, or Starjammers ship, etc… that would be cool. But none of that rises to the level of a Haslab Project.
  3. I can’t even think what else they could do that I would want. Vehicles don’t interest me. What else would be so prohibitively big? Fin Fang Foom? Gog (for the three of us who want a Revenge of the Sinister Six lineup?) At this point I’d rather get an Iceman figure with proper effects/accessories like from the Whilce Portasio era X-Factor.
  4. I can't imagine they're going to have anything I want this year. Plus they haven't been ingratiating their fans to keep backing. They run these campaigns all wrong too.
  5. I wonder, if we're seeing 19 production/shipping issues if we won't see something similar with this one too?
  6. This link doesn't work for you? https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/204738
  7. Looks like BBTS, Entertainment Earth, et al have finally posted their listings. $249.99 looks to be standard.
  8. If they integrated some of the tweaks for the 31 I'd buy that.
  9. Endgame Cap is hands down superior to the shf one. Garbage-tier hasn’t been a thing for at least a half decade. Bandai have been phoning it in for that long and attempting to sell you the same figure two or three times with slightly different accessories.
  10. Mezco and Mafex seem to be merging into one giant late delivery entity.
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