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  1. I see your point but I'm on the cusp of 42 and refuse to play the late night pre-order bull-crap anymore.
  2. Isn't this a ww release? We should see domestic at some point.
  3. Cancel 'em. HLJ just silently put you on a wait list for the next batch.
  4. Are they a Japan or US based company? nm, based in California. BBTS and other US retailers all have the release listed as November.
  5. I notice all of those 25's in the case save Alto are still extremely shiny.
  6. Doesn't bother me but it's only been four days since release. You'd better believe that last bullet needs to be a spoilers tag.
  7. Just like I suspected, wrong Storm. Finally made a decent un-masked Wolverine head sculpt though. Spiral looks fantastic. I'm baffled by the box set and non-box set versions of Mojo and Longshot. Still won't let us finish X-Factor, Excalibur or X-Force though... Instead we're starting a new version of X-Factor. I kind of like the flat colors on the Dark Phoenix over the shiny gold ones from the old box set however all of the black highlights in the hair but lack of wash on the body makes it look like the head sculpt is from a different figure.
  8. Meanwhile Amazon Japan is telling me since it's an international order it can't go out in less than 48 hours...
  9. I guess if people keep letting Bandai abuse them by selling out each time on p-bandai they'll never change their practices. I'm sort of the same way. Though I've learned to like the GM designs, I want MG versions. They're all older kits and ludicrously expensive.
  10. You have Stevie Wonder to thank for that. From the fact it's just Pastime Paradise and that Stevie would only allow Coolio to release his version if all swearing was removed, thus it could actually be played everywhere and become a bigger hit in the process.
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