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  1. Oh me oh my. That’s one pretty bird!!! The Valkyrie ain’t bad to look at either haha
  2. Dang, I forgot to ask for a DX VF-11 as well. Doh
  3. I asked for a DX YF-21, DX 1/48 Cannon Fodder, and to complete the HM-R line.
  4. I completed the survey!
  5. For sure, I sent an email and they responded the next day. You can @ them here JIC.
  6. Happy day, Luna Park finally shipped my combo pack. Should be here by the weekend, yay!
  7. Hot damn, absolutely beautiful! I believe I tried to find one of these 10 years ago. I wonder what they go for now lol
  8. Dang I swear Luna Park is saving my combo pack for last lol Packing label created 09/13 and then 21 days of crickets.
  9. Still no movement in my tracking from Luna Park. They say it should go out this week *shrugs* Very surprised to hear AmiAmi is late with invoices etc.; they are my preferred retailer and I’ve never had an issue.
  10. Shipped a combo pack and stand alone armor parts from AE. $115 via economy; I think it was a touch spendy 🤑
  11. NE USA, I’ve never had to pay any fees. I think you have to declare a value over 3k or something before you can get taxed.
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