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    Terra is my nation, Deep space is my dwelling place, The stars my destination
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  1. oOo I don’t typically go for these kinds of figs but it looks nice.
  2. Dang; rest of the world slackin on holidays haha
  3. lol I usually do that too. I only use fast shipping if the store makes me haha
  4. Or like many of us: spend the time, come up empty handed, then spend the money anyway lol
  5. I’m debating whether I should get a good night sleep and just pay my late tax haha
  6. Paid for shipping at mykombini. 4,700JY for fedex *shrugs*
  7. It’s clearly trash. Anyone who wants to get rid of this garbage valk just ship it over to me and you will never have to lay eyes on it again
  8. Yeah. I’d be happy to have another go at the 31A
  9. There was one on manda for 8,000JY last week. Can find them for similar prices on yahoo auctions. Always tempted to get one since it’s on of the few 1/48 Yamato’s that I do not own. Need one more low viz woodland and then maybe I’ll pickup an angel bird or two
  10. Oh gosh. I’m too old for this po madness bull crap lol
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