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  1. That batmobile is cool as heck! Will have to keep an eye out for one haha
  2. That blue looks a little off. I was never that excited about Bandai’s color shenanigans but that color is throwing me off 😂
  3. Wonderful display thank you for sharing
  4. Paid fedex shipping ($24) for my super parts!
  5. Same here but anything produced in china may take quite a long time to materialize.
  6. I wonder when this will finally be released. I think we’re going to be waiting a while.
  7. I have been picking up the yamato's here and there but PO'd an arcadia as well.
  8. Very nice! The low viz are some of my favorite. I will squeal if we ever get DX versions!
  9. Same here. I’d rather pay an extra $30 and call it a night; or just skip it all together to be honest. Once it becomes stressful I just ask myself why am I doing this lol
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