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  1. I have been picking up the yamato's here and there but PO'd an arcadia as well.
  2. Very nice! The low viz are some of my favorite. I will squeal if we ever get DX versions!
  3. Same here. I’d rather pay an extra $30 and call it a night; or just skip it all together to be honest. Once it becomes stressful I just ask myself why am I doing this lol
  4. Oh me oh my. That’s one pretty bird!!! The Valkyrie ain’t bad to look at either haha
  5. Finally received my combo pack from Luna Park yay
  6. Dang, I forgot to ask for a DX VF-11 as well. Doh
  7. I asked for a DX YF-21, DX 1/48 Cannon Fodder, and to complete the HM-R line.
  8. For sure, I sent an email and they responded the next day. You can @ them here JIC.
  9. Happy day, Luna Park finally shipped my combo pack. Should be here by the weekend, yay!
  10. Hot damn, absolutely beautiful! I believe I tried to find one of these 10 years ago. I wonder what they go for now lol
  11. Yeah there’s one on manda for 32,000. Go go go!!!
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