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  1. Thank you for finding that out. I’m a colon cancer survivor so things like this always hit me pretty hard. Especially when it was someone you grew up watching. And I agree. He will always be Batman to me.
  2. So sad. Does anyone know what kind of cancer it was?
  3. I like that they got the same woman to play Cortana as the game.
  4. Very true. I actually served with a DASH. And the story definitely happened. 😂 good guy though. Knows everything about every bond movie. My favorite: HAMBURGLAR. Because he looked just like the HAMBURGLAR from McDonald’s.
  5. I just got back from Fallon and saw the Pete Mitchell jet. They still have it there. Heard lots of great stories about the filming and Tom Cruise at the O’Club. Looking forward to seeing this too.
  6. So basically the same cast, animators, and maybe directors from Castlevania. Interesting.
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