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  1. I just got back from Fallon and saw the Pete Mitchell jet. They still have it there. Heard lots of great stories about the filming and Tom Cruise at the O’Club. Looking forward to seeing this too.
  2. So basically the same cast, animators, and maybe directors from Castlevania. Interesting.
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  4. This show may still come back. Rumor is Disney and Lucasfilm hired Gina back. Didn’t think it was true, but then they nominated her for an award.
  5. The point she was making is that facism, dehumanization, intolerance, and hate are being made by those that think they are being righteous when in fact they are being anti-liberal and are supporting marginalizing others. Throughout history people in power have abused that power and persecuted others. With the amount of hate and bullying coming from some today against those they don’t agree with, it is not far off at all to conceive that people will not just lose their jobs, but maybe even imprisoned by the state (or worse) for their beliefs because society deemed them “undesirables.” American history is full of examples of people the majority didn’t agree with being treated terribly. Besides, the Nazis didn’t just start by executions. That came years later after those they deemed lesser forms of life weren’t even allowed to work in society. Remember the arm bands? Sadly, that is a fact of history and human nature and should be fought against. I believe that is what she was trying to convey and there is some really good stuff out there on the “good German” and how the people of nazi Germany failed to stop the atrocities that occurred.
  6. No. But was taken out of the tray and inspected.
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