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Found 4 results

  1. Tochiro

    Macross 30

    New game project coming in 2013. Macross 30. Name is tentative. No details on game type or platform. Apparently Minmay is in it and the other characters 'meet' her somehow. All dialogue has already been recorded. UPDATE: ANN has the games tentative logo graphic: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-09-21/namco-bandai-games-to-release-macross-30-in-2013
  2. Most up-to-date version of (still in-progress) translation guide HERE. Photo-Translations of the game's menu screens are HERE. I've gone ahead and set up a web-version of the guide, which should be easier to access (and navigate) than the GoogleDocs version. Here's the table of contents (just click on the links to access). TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Game Information Controls Gameplay Tips MENU TRANSLATIONS My Ship Menu Town Menu In-Game Menu CHARACTERS & STORY Story Premise Characters Plot Summary (Spoilers!) SKILLS Auto-Skills Support Skills FIELD MAPS Yuria Archipelago Sierra Desert Madis Glacier STORY QUESTS Chapter 1: Planet Ouroboros Chapter 2: Harsh Cry of the Ancients' Servants Chapter 3: Fold Out Chapter 4: The Desert Land Chapter 5: Desperate Rescue Chapter 6: First Live Chapter 7: Havamal Madness Chapter 8: Sharon's Revenge Chapter 9: Voices Across the Galaxy HUNTER GUILD QUESTS Daoren (Yuria Archipelago) Vrlitwhal City (Yuria Archipelago) Yue (Yuria Archipelago) Leopold City (Yuria Archipelago) Bowen (Yuria Archipelago) Cleef Town (Sierra Desert) Moriconehill (Sierra Desert) Ramad (Sierra Desert) Raghbar (Sierra Desert) Jurgen (Sierra Desert) Urthr (Madis Glacier) Verthandi (Madis Glacier) Skuld (Madis Glacier) ITEMS & SHOPS Consumable Items Special Equipment Delivery Quest Items Blueprints Yuria Archipelago Shops Sierra Desert Shops Madis Glacier Shops SECRETS & EXTRAS New Game Plus Races Slate Locations List Trophy List Custom Music DLC Aircraft MISCELLANY Frequently Asked Questions Update Log Credits & Acknowledgments If you need to contact me directly email is usually the fastest way (mwulf.0079@gmail.com). However, if you're looking for basic advice/answers, you're probably better off posting your question here in this thread, so that other people can answer! (I'm not always the fastest option, ya' know?). --- Original Post:
  3. I got the game yesterday, it is the normal edition because of my budget and I don't need the extra contents in the LE. I am experienced with the PSP Macross Ace Frontier series, I didn't play the Trial Frontier and Last Frontier two games. Actually, the controls in this game has not much difference from the PSP series. I can still adapt to the PS3 configurations. So here is my first playthrough: 2nd Lt. Leon Sakaki, a mercenary Valkyrie pilot from S.M.S. Sepheela HQ. He's working on an assignment to turn in the YF-25 Prophecy to S.M.S. Ouroburos HQ. When he arrived the orbit, some unknown hostile Ghost UCAVs attacked him. The Ghosts are easy targets, just use missiles to take them down. After all the Ghosts were splashed, a deep blue YF-29 come to challenge Leon. It is definitely Leon's nemesis - Rod Baltmer. This enemy has a good evasion ability, and invincibility. Though you hit him, his HP gauge won't bulge a bit. Rod managed to damage Leon's Valk, but he spare Leon's life. The Valk lost control and fall down to the planet. (Intro movie, opening song: Planet Cradle by Haruka Chisuga) Leon had a nightmare, it is the unpleasant memory during he was in NUN Spacy duty. He suddenly wake up, and see a Zentradi girl stands right next to him. Meet Aisha Blanchette, the chief director of S.M.S. Ouroburos HQ. Aisha rescued Leon and recovered the Prophecy Valk. She persuaded him to run some errands in return the favor of saving his life. First, she gives you a VF-0D Phoenix (2-seater variant), the first Valk in the game. But you can only use it in Battroid mode. The quest is to retrieve 4 containers, return to the carrier when the job is done. When you on the field, you will see some golden yellow auras on the ground, these are the retrievable items like money, parts, crafting items, recovery items and ammo. And then Aisha fixed the VF-0D can be transformed into GERWALK mode. Same thing as the first job did, retrieve four containers again. However, a flight of Bandit VFs will show up and you have to fight them off. According to Aisha, those Bandits are goons of a "stupid" Bandit boss named "Ganeth". After the job is done, Aisha finally makes the VF-0D transform into fighter mode. Leon supposed to return to his home planet, but Aisha said the "Ouroburos Aurora" anomaly barred the planet to the outer space. It is suicidal to perform Fold Space jump. Therefore, Leon stays in Ouroburos HQ as temporary employee until the anomaly is gone. That's all I played yesterday.
  4. Okay, for those all played the game, please talk about your dissatisfactions about it in here. Here comes mine. 1. Why Roy Focker didn't featured in the game? He's an awesome Valk pilot! Why Artdink didn't put him in the game? Is it because Roy really dead? Or it will cause a "Time Paradox" if Roy in Zero and Roy in SDFM were both shows up in the Ouroburos event, just give us the SDFM's Roy, please! 2. What about the "Dark History" mechas? Where are the VF-4 Lightning III, VF-3000 Crusader, VF-5000 Star Mirage, VF-14 Vampire, VF-17 Nightmare, Fz-109 Elgerzorene, Az-130 Panzerzorene, FBz-99 Saubergeran, Feios Valkyrie and VA-3 Invader Valks? They don't included in the Valk family tree in the game! Is the DVD file capacity is not enough to fill in those mechas? Or those mechas are not remarkable in the Macross history? *Maybe VF-171 is considered as VF-17, but... 3. Dungeons are too small Well, cuz I haven't beat the game so that's all of my rant.
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