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  1. VF-1X - Just a modernisation of VF-1S VF-4 - This Valk has no reason to be rejected! Or maybe it has no optional equipment like "Super Packs" or lack of variants? VF-3000 - Too many consistencies with VF-1, and it had never mass-produced due to design flaws. VF-5000 - Just a "Poor Man" Valk for the border colonized planets. Though it featured in Dynamite 7 OVA. VF-14 - Lose to VF-11 in the competition, mass-produced but not popularized in UN Spacy. It became Fz-109 Elgerzorene used by Varatura Armed Force. VF-17 - Too expansive and hard to maintain, VF-171 is better than that. VA-3 - The role is limited for a Attacker Valk. A real VF should be multi-role. Feios Valk and Variable Glaug were created by Zentradi rebels arsenal. Sorry guys, I never know that the Roy issue was already determined. Anyway, Ozma is better than him cuz he survived the Vajra War.
  2. It has. There are Super Pack (TV), Strike Pack (DYRL) and Double Strike Pack (Game Original, the Twin Laser Cannon one) for the whole VF-1 series in the game.
  3. Okay, for those all played the game, please talk about your dissatisfactions about it in here. Here comes mine. 1. Why Roy Focker didn't featured in the game? He's an awesome Valk pilot! Why Artdink didn't put him in the game? Is it because Roy really dead? Or it will cause a "Time Paradox" if Roy in Zero and Roy in SDFM were both shows up in the Ouroburos event, just give us the SDFM's Roy, please! 2. What about the "Dark History" mechas? Where are the VF-4 Lightning III, VF-3000 Crusader, VF-5000 Star Mirage, VF-14 Vampire, VF-17 Nightmare, Fz-109 Elgerzorene, Az-130 Panzerzorene, FBz-99 Saubergeran, Feios Valkyrie and VA-3 Invader Valks? They don't included in the Valk family tree in the game! Is the DVD file capacity is not enough to fill in those mechas? Or those mechas are not remarkable in the Macross history? *Maybe VF-171 is considered as VF-17, but... 3. Dungeons are too small Well, cuz I haven't beat the game so that's all of my rant.
  4. Special Attack = Cross + Square Group Special Attack = R1 + Cross + Square Supporter Skill = Circle + Cross
  5. Nope, the Valks stats in Mac30 are totally different from PSP MAF/MUF/MTF series. But the customization system is still the same. The order of the customization menu in Mac30: Body--->Gun Pod--->Melee--->Weapon 1--->Weapon 2--->Weapon 3 and you can buy customization points by spending money.
  6. That's the only thing I feel disappointed about this game.
  7. Some blueprints should be the prize of some Vanquish Races.
  8. The problem of installing pack is solved. Story walkthrough: Mina decided to be a Valk pilot, Aisha gave her a VF-11 Thunderbolt, and assigned her and Leon to a simple container picking mission. They spotted an adult Vajra drifting around the mission area. Don't attack it, it is a lv 27 enemy, focus on your container search and retrieve job. That is all of the Chapter 1 story. Chapter 2. Aisha received an request from Lilong, she wanted them to sweep the Vajra threat, and spotted a "Knight" in VF-25 Messiah Valk who was protecting the Vajras. When Leon's team arrived the place, they engaged the Vajra. And then A VF-25 Messiah came and fight Leon. It's Alto and Sheryl. Alto didn't believe everything on the planet, and feel hyped up when he's fighting, until Sheryl spoke up. Alto stopped the hostility and go with Leon. He explained that Vajra is not human's enemy, somebody was controlling them with implanted machine. And the couple were attacked by unknown enemy when they arrived Ouroburos. Mina felt excited to see Sheryl. When Sheryl touched Mina, Mina fainted again and Sheryl felt strange. Thoughts on Valk: -VF-0 Ghost VF-0D--->VF-0A--->VF-0S------>VF-1A -VF-0S(SS) SV-51a YF-29(30th) When I applied the Ghost Booster on my VF-0S(SS), the speed is going faster but harder to rudder the plane. Finally, I got the DLC YF-29! It's quite weak because it's consider as a "beginner" machine. Until you upgrade it.
  9. One question: How can I install a optional pack into my Valk? I had developed a VF-0 Ghost Booster Pack, but I don't know how to install it.
  10. You have to obtain a rank 2 blueprint to do that. My gameplay report and story spoiler: Go inside the dungeon and fight the "Dyrus", the dungeon guardians. In the last room of the ruin, a stronger Dyrus is the boss, you can't take the chest boxes even you defeated it, because the plot force you to quit back the mothership. After Leon defeated the boss, the boss self-destructed and created a reaction warhead class explosion. Luckily the couples are alright. And then, Leon found a chamber, he opened it and a girl dropped out. So this is how Leon met Mina Forte. Mina showed up she got amnesia, so Aisha and Leon decided to take her outside for a Valk joyride, and then a shopping walk in the city of SDFN-8 Vrlitwhai Kridanik. See if this can help with her amnesia. (There is an Exsedol Plaza in the Macross Frontier armada, and a Macross-class Battleship named Vrlitwhai? These two Zentradi men are celebrated as heroes after the Space War 1!) Suddenly, a group of Bandits in SV-51 invaded the city airspace, they were going berserk and making messes. Leon sortied and fended off the bad guys. Those bad guys were actually bank robbers, they didn't realize what had they done and just planned to rob a bank. Went back to the mothership, Aisha wanted to run an another exploration in a Protoculture ruin, she believed there would be a piece of hint about Mina's memory. In the end of the dungeon, the crew discovered an giant artefact. The artefact glowed and do something to Mina. Mina knew about her identity, she is the "key" to activate the Protoculture ruins. Mina felt shocked after she knew the truth, but Aisha and Leon comforted her. Whatever Mina is, she can still being herself and friends forever. To be continued... Thoughts on Valkyries: I crafted a VF-0S (Skull Squadron Custom), a VF-0 Ghost booster pack and a SV-51a. VF-0S (SS) should have better anti-ship capability because the secondary armaments are Rapid Micro-Missiles and Nuclear Reaction Missile. I haven't tested out the SV-51a yet. This is the development chart I got (or estimation): -VF-0 Ghost VF-0D---VF-0A---VF-0S----------VF-1A/D? -VF-0S (Skull) -SV-51g(DD)? SV-51a---SV-51g -SV-51g(NP)?
  11. Moeflyer

    Macross 30

    Is it the DLC YF-29 in Ranka-Sheryl Paint Scheme?
  12. GameFAQs can help you, I think someone will post a walkthrough for you soon. My status: I completed a main quest about to supress a Zentradi riot. The truth is the ruin made Zentradi miners gone berserk. Go to the ruin entrance under a big tree, and kick those Zentradi ass, that's all. After that quest, it's time to meet Mina Forte.
  13. I completed my Hunter Guild's test quest, now I can fly freely and crafted a VF-0A and VF-0S. Still not quite get used to the GERWALK control. Nope, it can't do that. You can only play in 3rd person view only. For the flightstick stuff, you can give it a try if you have it. BTW, something I want to tell you guys. You can put your music into the game and play them as the game BGM! Just upload the music files into the PS3 console hard disk, start the game, go to "Option-->Custom Sound", click "Album", the game will search them for you. And then, enjoy! It supports MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA and ATRAC formats. Now I'm thinking about should I put AKB48's songs into the game...cuz I'm got a crash with the AKB0048 anime series. Will it be too cheesy to do that because their songs are unfit with the Macross universe? Damn...I got addicted to those "Sirens in the real world"! Yak Deculture!!!!!
  14. I use Type A cuz I'm experienced with PSP MAF series.
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