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  1. Yes, it’s a clean break and the tail is fine. Will give Plastic Weld a try. Thank you.
  2. Here’s a picture of the break. Thanks
  3. Ugh my vertical stabilizer is broken from a drop It is the left side stabilizer if looking nose forward in jet mode does anyone have one for sale? I can use just the stabilizer or the entire “backpack” assembly if that’s what you have thanks
  4. 1. VF-1A mass production. Missiles show yellowing. Sticker sheet folded but unapplied. $100 shipped 2. VF-1S Roy. Some stickers applied. $90 shipped 3. VF-1A movie Hik. Significant yellowing in some parts of valk and some missiles. Sticker sheet folded but unapplied. $70 shipped All 3 for $250 shipped Can provide more pictures upon request. Original owner of #1 and #3. Transformed each myself no more than 3 times.
  5. Thanks @Corrinald for the deal on the Angel Birds. Toy is in mint condition and excellent packaging.
  6. Purchased from Mandarake as a store front item. I never transformed it. Will post pics tonight after work. $200 $175 obo shipped to USA
  7. My sv-51 is missing the larger of the booster fins. Anyone got one?
  8. Awesome sale from @warrhead. Purchased my first HMR. Love it. Thanks man!
  9. Please add @Vortech to the SSL. Sold a DX VF-1J at a good price and shipped the same day. Really good guy.
  10. Used. Transformed once. Box shows wear at bottom and where tape was originally used to seal box. SOLD
  11. Just to make sure I’m not doing something wrong, none of the DX VF-1Js on Amazon japan can be shipped to USA, correct? Every time I try to check out, I get a message saying that the purchase cannot be shipped to the USA. Kind of weird because I set the filter to international shipping eligible items and a handful of DX valks populate. But when I get to the shipping screen, I get the error.
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