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  1. scand

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Awesome, I don't even know what it's from but I'll take it. It looks like something from M7. What are it's origins?
  2. It's a little chunky in the proportions department. But other wise it's a cool toy.
  3. Yep, already hit NY 2 days after shipping notice. Things are moving along again.
  4. I have no problem waiting for infinity to get here. I can just dream about it untill then.
  5. Is there still a backlog on EMS still? it appears Buyee pulled the DHL option and is now back to EMS.
  6. Any news at all on this front, Vaporware? Pleasant surprise sometime next year?
  7. I'm sensing a shelf-warmer. Hopefully the wings will stay in place on this one.
  8. The Valk was $249 including Buyee service fees, Shipping was like 58 via DHL.. Roughly 310 is was I paid. Amazon's Global shipping would have been much less. On a side note, I got the valk in not even 3 days using DHL.
  9. Just bought one from Buyee.jp... that would have saved me 40 bucks.
  10. is there an HLJ/Amazon.co.jp page yet?
  11. Happening tonight or tomorrow night?
  12. They got back to me within about 48 hours.
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