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  1. Thanks to Corrinald I'm able to scratch off a bucket-list valk to complete my DYRL Skull Squad.
  2. I did... pisses me off that it can't be included as it has been the premier Macross news site for the west for the better half of the last 20+ Years. I also finished up with a big F**k you to HG... I couldn't let it go . I also repeatedly hammered them on the DX YF21.
  3. scand

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Macross 7 valks are the shiznet!
  4. It was about 155 when I had it in may cart at HLJ.. I was under the impression it was $160 when I pre-ordered on BBTS, Not $169 ( checked last night). Still not gonna sweat over ~15 bucks and I'll support a US based importer so I can continue to get more Macross in the future.
  5. Only 1 though... It's the same price with shipping almost from BBTS Almost... Think I'll wait it out.
  6. Yeah... I gave up on waiting. At this point I'll take an HMR parts-former.
  7. It’s been 15 years almost since I sold my first one. Now I have a 21 back in the collection. This one still looks brand new… 50 bucks on yahoo auctions JP. Articulation leaves a little bit to be desired but it will work…
  8. I've been collecting various Macross Toys over the better half of the last 25 years. For whatever reason I skipped these. Totally solid and good enough to get my kyun kyuns on!
  9. scand

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Awesome, I don't even know what it's from but I'll take it. It looks like something from M7. What are it's origins?
  10. It's a little chunky in the proportions department. But other wise it's a cool toy.
  11. Yep, already hit NY 2 days after shipping notice. Things are moving along again.
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