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  1. If Bandai made a VF171 with armors & sharon stickers, then probably we could see a VF25S with armors & ranka stickers.
  2. i like that uncolored version, it would go perfectly with any colored valks.
  3. get ready sometime for YF-29 (ugh) Basara.
  4. If all of those are included them im sold, just wished it was Arbalest instead.
  5. i'd rather have MB Arbalest rather than a unknown no anime robot.
  6. Disappointed. I over expected too much thinking it would be like Abyss. Nice acting from Sandra, beautiful effects & cinematography though.
  7. I finally got to finished the anime, and by gawd Stig/Stick was a douchebag for leaving Aisha. I wonder how did the Americanized version goes.
  8. Hehe the DX is a giant. what about those Bandai Hi-Metals? They may be both a beauty but those Metal Builds are too pricey compared to a Macross DX, imo. Tnx for the pic
  9. Any collectors here of this deluxe diecast gundams? As a Macross fan or chogokin lover whats your opinion of this toy line? Im planning to get this bad boy but first Im trying to find a comparison pics of it next to a Macross DX Chogokin which I think will look good next to it (even though their scale would be way off) but I cant seem to find any.
  10. even though its fragile, floppy, fiddy & what not the SV51 is one big sexy fighter. as for whether will it get redone fat chance of that happening specially for a enemy mecha.
  11. http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/thread-212941-1-1.html
  12. i dont have it yet but based on the pics. changes & improvements: fast pack, much taller,higher crotch, black feet, less white cons: non poseable fingers, no riffle laser effect
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