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  1. My proxy has shipped my 2x Armored packs (just armored pack, not combo). No estimated delivery date yet though, hopefully will get here sometime this week.
  2. About the only thing I can think of to make them better (stronger) would be to do low-volume silicone/sand mold or lost-wax casting. Would still end up costing more compared to 3D printing though.
  3. Looks like my proxy got my add-on sets in, forgot I'd ordered 2. Should be here later in the week, if they ship out soon.
  4. Well, estimate for delivery is Oct19-27th, so probably slow shipping. Says release is on the 25th.
  5. Yeah, the one that ships to the US, no idea how it's shipping but shall find out soon.
  6. Well, that convinced me to get the pack on Amazon Japan... The box looks damn nice with the windows and fold-open!
  7. Man, kinda wish I'd managed to get a set, and not just the TWE armor.
  8. Glad that did the trick for you.
  9. That's an impressive as hell collection. I am jelly.
  10. Btw, found out Good Smile is also making a plushie, already out of stock on HLJ, but Amazon Japan still has it. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/gp/product/B097PHWMTH/
  11. Could always try the superglue trick, or kiki's "fix loose joints".
  12. Going back to WW2 command variants for armored vehicles were not uncommon, but usually they just had additional communications equipment I believe.
  13. Ok, the carrot gunpod amuses me far more than it ought to.
  14. Managed to snag the one thing I really wanted: The plated MG Epyon
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