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  1. Ended up with an extra XL Cerritos (two different people putting in a group order at the same time, derp). Gotta say it looks pretty good.
  2. Honestly, I just muted certain repeat offenders, makes this topic much more pleasant to look through.
  3. The wings are from the 31A Kairos (base model), which predates the 31 Siegfried.
  4. The Warning are great, looking forward to more from them.
  5. The model is absolutely not perfect transformation, it's a parts-former. Which frankly is a godsend, given how much anime magic the YF-21 uses as fuel.
  6. Kairos will always be the best. Paintjob and profile. Only issue is it still has the drone charger pod, despite having no drones...
  7. I've actually got 3 spares with intact head laser I've been meaning to let go. Only opened the box to check for laser breaks. Not sure what to ask for them these days what with jpy exchange rate and current international shipping prices.
  8. If you do this, try to let it come back up to room temperature before separating. Cold temperatures will also make the plastic more brittle.
  9. I can comment on the Bandai 1/72 transforming kits. Skip the VF-1, it is a 100% awful kit, just do not. VF-25 and VF-27 are not bad, just be careful with the decals and transformation. Matte topcoat is a must. VF-31 is a good kit, but again careful with the decals. SV-262 is a real winner, honestly better than the DX Chogokin in a few ways, primarily transformation.
  10. Personally I see the size as a negative, I don't have the space for one. I'd gladly grab one if they were 1/12, and cost like $100.
  11. Don't suppose you'd be willing to share the files? That looks great, and much lower profile than the default Bandai stand.
  12. Honestly for most aircraft I just go with COBI, they do quite good work and aren't averse to military kits. Also they have a lot of very nice slopes and curves, which helps them get the shapes done well.
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