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  1. Sweet, I guess after how well the Klan VF-25 sold, they realized that actually using Macross characters worked so much better than randoms. Can we get a Cathy armored VF-25S, or a Sheryl tornado VF-25F next?
  2. Interior closet in California, with the doors closed, stays more consistent temperature than the rest of the condo.
  3. No issues here. Heck, the fun of those closet shots are the reactions.
  4. Oh, I’ve got time now, finished my job hunt and have something lined up for my imminent layoff. Now the only thing standing in the way is general hoarding desire, though the prices on those YF-19s is mighty tempting. If I could actually get it.
  5. Well, I guess the 3 spares I have in my closet were worth holding onto?
  6. What the heck is going on with YF-19 prices?? https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/closedsearch/closedsearch?va=DX+YF-19&vo=&ve=&auccat=0&aucminprice=&aucmaxprice=&slider=0&ei=UTF-8&f_adv=1&fr=auc_adv Apparently they're actually selling that high these days. Last I looked it was like ¥28,000 for an unopened one.
  7. I built it. Not a fan, very floppy, can't hold together in battroid at all, horrible posing (can't a-stance at all in Gerwalk). The other Bandai 1/72 transforming kits are great, but the VF-1... The best thing I can say about it is that it does in fact transform.
  8. Guess it's getting reprinted, originally came out a bit ago.
  9. Because they schedule the production capacity for most of their releases. They decide an amount to produce which they’re sure will all sell without sitting too long (which the retailers like) and then produce that many, and schedule the next production shift for something else. We aren’t Bandai’s customer for normal releases, the retailers are Bandai’s customer.
  10. That's just the explanation for her weird abilities, the punchline is the rest of the cast reacting to her using them.
  11. Bofuri I think is it's own special type of comedy alongside say One Punch Man. It's not so much about the main character, as it is about the reaction of the rest of the cast/world to the main character.
  12. Realistically, when you have things that big moving around they probably have locks or brakes to hold them in place.
  13. Yup, it's a matter of opinion. I like the extra leg, chest, and backpack bulk on the armored VF-25. Though fighter is the best mode for it, looks like it's from an old SHMUP arcade game.
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