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  1. My proxy order for Armor parts is listed at ¥17,600. Still having them packed, but I'll see what the total cost is once they're ready to ship out.
  2. I have a more recent COBI corsair, and it's quite nice.
  3. I'll agree $160 is overpriced, fortunately it's only that much if you paid the (ridiculous) USD price for it.
  4. Here's one. Just stickers, panel lines, and a few small paint apps. Next time I'd probably paint the whole visor, though the sticker doesn't look too bad.
  5. They're actually quite nice little kits, I've built some. Pretty detailed given the size, styling, and transformation. Look very nice with some basic paintwork.
  6. Everything's pointing to Bandai going all-in on Macross now that they can sell outside of Japan. My big question is if we'll ever see any Japanese TV/DYRL merch officially here. The TV SDF-1 and Max/Kakizaki VF-1A HMRs are hinting Bandai is also focusing a bit on TV not just on DYRL which is more popular in Japan.
  7. All of my yes. Be nice to have some out that take up less space than the 1/60 Arcadia ones (though the PF is staying, so pretty)
  8. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000181923/ DX超合金 VF-31AX カイロスプラス(ハヤテ・インメルマン機)対応 スーパーゴーストセット Had to set up an extension so P-Bandai.jp would think I was in Japan.
  9. I'm going to be honest, sometimes you guys pick out inconsistencies I literally cannot see. Considering the real source material is (occasionally badly) hand-drawn animation from decades ago, I'm happy if it just looks decent.
  10. I think I just got charged by Amazon Japan for these, guess they'll be hitting soon.
  11. I know of one Polish non-Lego company that does a very nice corsair.
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