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  1. I'm still waiting on the last few, but here's issues 1-97 on my bookshelf/display shelf. It's a lot of space. (There aren't any hidden behind the SV-51 box)
  2. Yup, though we may get a DYRL version, rather than a TV. Chances are fairly low though, and won't be any time soon.
  3. I'm guessing they did the re-design with a different team than handled the original DX design? (internal vs T-Rex??) Just my take as a Mechanical Engineer. This sort of thing is a bit expected when you have new people working on an existing design.
  4. Hobby saw might work? Or grab an old SD kit and get the replacement parts there.
  5. Yeesh, about to poke them. Mine still reads as "shipment information received", as in it has a tracking number, but hasn't actually shipped yet.
  6. Just because they're in storage, doesn't mean there's no rubbing/moving/vibration.
  7. Pretty sure @jenius did mention styrofoam causing issues via friction wear.
  8. So, the strike packs just go on over the top, or do they need some disassembly?
  9. @davidwhangchoi I feel you, running out of storage space in my hobby closet (walk-in), probably going to start putting up some of my spares soon as well... Much as it pains me.
  10. Nin-Nin is not a new company, they've existed for a long time alongside NY, so the chances they're the same is low. Much more likely they bought the domain to use to snag NY customers.
  11. My girlfriend has started working on kits out of my backlog. Hope she ends up my wife some day.
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