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  1. FWIW, the VF-25 and VF-27 are not bad at all. The 31 is even quite good, and can pose without a stand even, and is fairly solid in all modes. The SV-262 is actually really good, better than the DX figure as far as transformation goes.
  2. I see you skipped the Bandai 1:72 transforming VF-1. That was a good call, it’s awful.
  3. Well, I'll give it a shot through my proxy, given the amount they're going to charge on the US P-bandai store will probably be well over $300
  4. I have a set if you want to borrow for a comparison. Since we're in the same area.
  5. I built up transforming VF-27, VF-31, and SV-262 kits (and the craptacular VF-1), and would definitely take a 1/100 parts-former over 2 of the 3. The SV-262 is just great, however.
  6. VF-0S PF for $1000, or 0D? Wondering since I have a 0D PF I need to sell off (and a non PF). Need to reduce my collection for space reasons.
  7. Going to try my luck with a proxy order, which was $300 (pre-shipping) vs the $470 US P-Bandai would have cost after tax+shipping. [Edit] Proxy wasn't able to get an order, so looks like I pay the Bandai USA tax.
  8. Lots of us around here, maybe we should do a norcal Macross Convention one of these days?
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