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  1. I’m sure they do, given the QA issues with the Ivanov and the delays with the YF-19 it would be pretty silly for them not to explore other options for manufacturing. Also not much point to owning the molds if you don’t take the option to shop out using them.
  2. I used a discount coupon on my Nora, and shipped it alongside some other stuff. $246.70 for the valk and $94.38 for shipping (valk, RG hi-nu, and 6 editions of hachette vf-1 strike pack).
  3. In my case I did combine it, since I had a larger sized RG Gunpla and a bunch of Hachette issues.
  4. Something like the metal robot damashii Gundam figures?
  5. Should contact customer service, because that's pretty awful.
  6. Same, for under $250. Gotta love that exchange rate combined with a 10% off coupon.
  7. Anyone have the P-Bandai product page link? Edit: https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000174718/ VF-31AXカイロスプラス(ハヤテ・インメルマン機)対応アーマードパーツセット
  8. Addendum: If you think it's out of their reach, you're wrong. They do love to jump and climb.
  9. That monster is looking good! In other news, Amazon Japan charged me for my Ranka VF-25 last night, so ought to be on the way soon. Gotta love that exchange rate, $70.67 shipped with DHL.
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