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  1. I bought new stuff from them through WarBricks (California) and was able to get missing parts shipped directly from Cobi for free. One of their ships (HMS Warspite) was missing like 10 parts.
  2. Just sitting here, waiting until the US distributors I ended up going with actually ship... And hoping no broken head lasers when these show up...
  3. FWIW, I was able to contact Arcadia and get the replacement leg shipped to my Tenso address quite easily, with basic google translated emails to them directly. And yes, I did explain I was in the US and bought through a vendor that couldn't help me directly.
  4. Well, guess I'm still not regretting getting a couple Yamato 21s. I do like the new legs on Bandai much more, and hopefully this should pose much better (the Yamato is a floppy spindly mess when it comes to posing)
  5. FWIW, the VF-25 and VF-27 are not bad at all. The 31 is even quite good, and can pose without a stand even, and is fairly solid in all modes. The SV-262 is actually really good, better than the DX figure as far as transformation goes.
  6. I see you skipped the Bandai 1:72 transforming VF-1. That was a good call, it’s awful.
  7. Well, I'll give it a shot through my proxy, given the amount they're going to charge on the US P-bandai store will probably be well over $300
  8. I have a set if you want to borrow for a comparison. Since we're in the same area.
  9. I built up transforming VF-27, VF-31, and SV-262 kits (and the craptacular VF-1), and would definitely take a 1/100 parts-former over 2 of the 3. The SV-262 is just great, however.
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