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  1. Hey people, it's been a looooong time since I've been here, hope everyone is doing well. I sold off all of my collection to get into cycling and one of the buyers of a Roy lost his gunpod, would anyone have a spare lying around that they might be willing to sell ? Would be very grateful ! Anyways, thanks for looking into this boring post, stay safe, and V 1 rotate !
  2. Hey, You might want to try the modelling section here. Maybe someone with a 51 can replicate that part with resin using a mold. Good luck !!
  3. A huge thanks to ralliart209 for the great deal on the Hikkie VF-1J Easy to work with and super nice. Arrived on time and in awesome condition for me to take him back home !! 2 thumbs up !!
  4. No worries, I'ts just a hotel. I actually live extremely far from there. Thanks for the concern though !
  5. Bend the tip back (in battroid mode), and apply a hairdryer to it....do this very slowly, it will get rid of the white stress marks.
  6. Hey bbrain ! Can You send a pic of what You have ? Thanks
  7. Hey people, interested in trading a Movie v2 VF-1A MAX for a movie VF-1A Hikaru. Figure was purchased without box, comes with everything shown in pic. Everything is nice and tight, although never transformed by me. Shoot me a pm if You have a Hikkie lying around please.....Thanks MW !! Ps, rainbow canopy is intact !!
  8. Try IPMS/USA The international plastic modelers society. They have a bunch of forums and You can try asking there if someone in Your area is willing to do what You are looking for.
  9. Is there any possibility that this mold gets made in non-canon colors, green, purple, yellow... I know most people here prefer anime accurate , but if valkyrie factory offered having your vf-1 made a la nike id would be awesome. !
  10. Like to bet on it no, but the valks that don't pass Qc to be sold as genuine arcadia products be thrown out seems ulikely to me.....maybe they make profit just selling them as KO.
  11. That beast head somewhat resembles the decepticon logo outline lol
  12. If they ever get their hands on the VF-4 mold, they should start pumping out Max and Milia, Just my 2 cents
  13. I personally think they are both one and the same. Those that pass QC are sold as legit, with their respective boxes , stickers and manuals....whereas the lower QC are passed off as KO and sold as such at a lower price point. Anyhow, I really don't care, as long as they look good, I dont transform any of mine, just leave them in fighter mode.
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