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  1. What's the cheapest you can get this guy for right now?
  2. So.. finally got mine. Immediately I knew it was dented because it was shipped in a plain soft cardboard box with no padding. Upon opening I found a large puncture hole.. Question to everyone, is the tape seal kind of not really there, or was mine previously opened.. anyone else buy from Planet Steel and get a damaged item?
  3. bbrain

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Got the AmiAmi confirmation, listed in my orders sections thanks everyone, it's been fun.
  4. bbrain

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    So... do I need this to sit with my VF-19 Advance?
  5. bbrain

    Hi-Metal R

    way too cool.. I may have to hold off one giving my brothers their VE-1's to copy this haha
  6. bbrain

    Hi-Metal R

    I am actually in the market for a couple of those.. the HM ones. did I miss any discussion of if the Hikaru Super armor is the same color as the Strike? If so I may need one of those as well =)
  7. bbrain

    Hi-Metal R

    Omg.. this is awesome. I am slowly getting mine out of boxes, moved everything in September and looking for some nice new shelving for the new house. Miss reading all the updates, you have really got into this full throttle, nice!
  8. haha dang.. enjoy Still looking for my Rey..
  9. I'm onboard with this, after it is deeply discounted all my old yamato's will get some option parts =)
  10. bbrain

    Hi-Metal R

    did you get a chance to shoot some pix with the B? Trying to decide if i want A, B, or both heh thanks in advance
  11. bbrain

    Hi-Metal R

    Repaint as a YF-19 or the VF-19A ? I think i need a repaint =)
  12. bbrain

    Hi-Metal R

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