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  1. How are we pricing the VF1J original release now ? With buying the GBP set i have my original sitting around. Has it dropped back to retail levels due to the double pack or is it higher because it was a first run
  2. Were display stands supposed to come with the call factory vf-1a Kos ? I got milia recently and it didn't seem to come with them
  3. Heads are coming along. Gun strap.... I dont have my original to hand, what material is it ? I could easily remake them out of thin leather. I have a vinyl cutter that would do it just fine.
  4. 1t prints are in, lots of errors in the 3D but these have now been fixed and back with the printers. pics attached, the hands hadn't been cleaned up so look sketchy. Ignore this. so any comments on scale, proportions etc would be welcome
  5. First set of 3D hands sent for print. 1/48 posed hands, 3 different poses.
  6. What were the option parts ? Currently compiling a list of all the things that have been discussed.
  7. if someone can provide the measurements i can put one on shapeways for you
  8. Update with pics so I know which part and ill see what I can do
  9. I did figure, but just wanted to clarify Thanks, will update accordingly
  10. They will be printed, not casted. I'm looking at picking up a printer for myself but for now do have access to one. The samples I have seen from it are pretty good, I have never been impressed with Shapeways fuzzy looking prints and these have been much better. After seeing them, I finished up my replacement head and will be getting it printed in a week or so. If I'm happy with it then will start working on other projects. Just wanted an idea for what pieces are needed
  11. 5 !!! I don't even have 1 !. I would like to find one thats already pre'damaged to work on replacing parts to test them
  12. If you can put up the art work I can most certainly turn them into Stickers. As for the VF-1XX, can you show me a strip from the comic end result ? Looks like a modified VF-1S ?
  13. After just finishing up a few bits for the Transformers forums I was looking to recreate some of the bits that keep these guys from living a long happy life. I have a 1/48 Cannon Fodder and have always hated the head so have knocked up a VF-1J Style head for him and it's off to the printers next week ( pics will come ) With that said, what parts are in need of being recreated. I know the 1/60V2 shoulder joints are shoddy and I know Shapeways has some but will redo them anyway. Ideally I'd like to help by creating one area we can all go to get replacements Already on the list 1) Replacement heads (with Antennas) 2)1/48 & 1/60 TV Style hands. 3) 1/60v2 Shoulder hinges Anything to add to the list ? Also to add. I will be able to do pre cut sticker sheets on clear, matte or gloss Vinyl. If anyone can provide high resolution scans of any sticker sheet that would be needed.
  14. after a 1/48 gunstrap any on offer, also are they all the same ?
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