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  1. Well, here is something I've been working on slowly: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/43647-macross-cygnus/ And here is my comic company site: http://www.excelcomics.com No problem, hope to see you do a good job on it!
  2. You welcome! That's pretty much how it is in the comic industry. And please make it a comedy! If anyone offers a good price, I'm game! I kinda did do some Southern Cross art when I did the art for "Robotech The Movie" comic adaption for Academy Comics. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We were just trying to pitch a short story based on what Antarctic Press was doing at the time. Kinda glad they botched the job and lost the license soon after. Cool! Thank you!
  3. So I saw the live action Ghost in the Shell movie earlier this week... It is not a good movie by all means. Even though I am familiar with the original property, I was never really a fan of it. I've always thought the manga was overly complex, and Mamoru Oshii anime movie was excessively slow and boring. I didn't really mind the idea that a big Hollywood version can simplify some of the themes and contents, but what was delivered on screen was just piss poor in it's conception. The movie started with a clumsily written opening text that poorly established the world, and then cuts to three expo
  4. NOOO.... that dreaded sinking feeling of Chuck's plane going to be P Bandai or worst yet NO RELEASE!
  5. Not sure if I am ready for a new TV show so soon after the meandering-fest of Delta. And part of the fun of Macross was always waiting about 5 years for a new series.
  6. Judging from the photos showing the sprue and parts, Hasegawa can easily swap out the wing booster sprue for a fold booster conversion like in Macross Plus episode 4! Come on Hasegawa! Do it! http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65836/
  7. In the past few months dealing with in China, we’ve actually gotten to a point of seriously discussing the possibility of a Captain China animated series. So my contacts in Asia is in the process of shopping for an animation studio and to get a budget quote for a 1 season series. The idea and possibility of using Japanese animation studio also came up, and an industry source told us recently that most Japanese studios when comes to TV series production only prepare scripts for 2 episodes ahead of schedule due to sponsorship demands, because quite often scripts are changed on the whims of a sp
  8. Thank god it is not a P-Bandai release. Now where is Chuck's VF-31E???
  9. The series director Kenji Yasuda admitted he and producer Eguchi Kouhei vetoed the idea in this interview: https://karice.wordpress.com/2016/05/29/p509/ and if you read the interview again now you'll find a lot of what he says is pure bullshit when compared to how everything ended up.
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