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  1. Really hope they will reissue the VF-0A with ghost in premium format as my PF VF-0S is lonely by itself
  2. Nice. This one of my fav full armor set along with GPB
  3. Tks for the info shared. Will be picking up the VF-25F and VF-25S revival versions as a backup for my old renewal vers in case they discolored over time
  4. Hi guys. May i check for the VF-25 and YF-29 revival versions, is the matt finish spray painted on or it was molded in matt plastic? Thanks
  5. The fluroscent yellow markings dun gel well with the main yellow stripes. I rather they leave them as white or greyish markings
  6. Are there any links to get the limited edition as im keen on the acrylic display?
  7. Lets hope bandai takes up the torch and releases them under the DX line
  8. Im not sure if im the only one who feels this way but i like the chogokin mighty strike freedom sculpt better than the MB strike freedom as its more anime accurate Question is why bandai decided to release this variant under the chogokin instead of the MB line given the fact that anything related freedom is an instant sell out
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