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  1. Im hoping the polka dots for the shield is just a add on decal set like those featured in the MG Ver Ka HWS expansion set but it could also be that bandai will release a HWS add on set for this HI Nu
  2. Same opinion. Why do they have to paint it polka dot instead of leaving it white or painting it to match the original color scheme
  3. Yah am sad i miss this as i was in two minds abt this piece and the wing zero early ver Pretty tempted to get sheryl/ranka mic set too
  4. Definitely getting this over the VF-25 WWM Anyone noticed the color and emblem design and whether it has significance to max and millia?
  5. Yup sold out in Sg and i miss the PO when it open after pbandai reveal. Thus im hoping to get one at cdjapan, amiami or hlj if they open for PO
  6. Will wait for Max YF-29 instead if its ever released by Bandai
  7. Thats awesome. Now you need a custom acryllic chess table as the icing on the cake
  8. A VF-11B would be sweet with YF-21 and would finish the icing on the cake Yeah i would love a VF-2SS not forgetting a metal siren and VF-2JA icarus
  9. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/metal-build/52992-metal-build-gundam-seed-zgmf-x09a-justice-gundam-bandai-.html Still open but require upfront payment. Not sure if they are reliable
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