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  1. I had the chance to meet him during some lectures at my university while i was living in the U.S. He had a great sense of humor and seemed like a very humble person. Although he did promise us that (it was 2007-2008) a Goonies sequel was very close to be done Very sorry for his death, when i was a kid i loved all of his movies and having the chance to meet him was like a dream coming true. I think it's really sad that my generation (at least here in Italy) grew up with his works and nobody has the slightest idea of who he was. R.I.P., you were a great director Mister Donner.
  2. Sure! That's not an easy question to answer though. Usually i have all my orders shipped via ems or airmail. Before covid it was 5-7 days for ems and two weeks for airmail. Now it might take up to one month for EMS and even 6 weeks for airmail. Luckily enough the last two parcels i received in june arrived pretty fast, one week, maybe 8 days(both of them were shipped via ems). It seems like things are slowly getting back to normal for shipping to Italy but i m crossing my fingers we don't get hit by another mutation of the virus. And i always tend to avoid Fedex or any other private carrier otherwise i know that, through them, i always have to pay custom(which in Italy is around 30% of the total price, item + shipping).
  3. Thank you! I really hope it is! That would mean i would probably get it before the august break, which in Italy it's always a bummer for getting parcels and mails.
  4. Do we have an exact release date for this valk yet? I m so looking forward to get my hands on it...
  5. They are in very good conditions. Transformed them few times and they still look pretty solid. Some of them yellowed of course, mostly the ones that were exposed to direct sunlight. Anyway the majority still looks great, especially the low vis ones and the three GBP armors. I guess my only complain is that many stickers are peeling off. But that's a good excuse to take them off completely and put waterslide decals instead.
  6. Oh boy, I can't believe it...i just received an email from NY saying that my order for TV super parts is in "preparation in progress"...Maybe they really did change something in their management.
  7. That VF-1J custom looks really beautiful!!! So many missed opportunities for Yamato in the 1/48 line....
  8. So i checked on my two VF-1As and they look the same of the pics that have been posted. Even the box is the same. I checked pretty much everywhere and i was only able to find the TV version. I switched pilot on one of them but for the rest I couldn't find a VF-1A with DYRL pilot or with any other differences compared to the ones i own. Sorry, i am confused now...
  9. What??? Where do i get one??? No seriously, are they still available on second market? What are the main differences from the TV version except for the pilot? Are there any pictures around??? Can't believe i missed that for so many years!
  10. For a moment i really hoped i missed something througout all those years of collecting...a 1/48 DYRL from Yamato would have been like a dream coming true(although on mine i did replace the tv pilot with a DYRL pilot).
  11. Wait, i do own a yamato 1/60 V.2 VF-1A DYRL and i love it...but i wasn't aware we also had a 1/48 DYRL version. The only one i have clearly has a TV pilot. Am i missing something??? Please let me know!!!
  12. In the pictures of "next item?" i don't see a VF-1A Cannon fodder DYRL version...Yamato never released neither... is it going to be a cursed valk??
  13. Thank you. I guess i will just have to deal with it then. Bye bye old yammie
  14. I feel embaressed to ask but since i am not ready yet to let my yamato 1/48 ARMORED VALK go do you guys think that i can switch head from the Bandai DX (grey google) to the old yamato version(white google)?
  15. Probably, but i am pretty sure that, like what happened with Roy, there is going to be a short second wave of pre-order(with a slight mark up) and it shouldn't be too expensive to get after the release. I feel the market (for SOC, DX, etc.) is somewhat in a down phase.
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