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  1. Do you really think the gimmicks has relation with the sale prices? certainly should but I think actually depends of many other factors
  2. Apply this gimmick would be incredible to all future macross releases (including Bandai)
  3. This guy not looks like a masterpiece to me (except for the ridiculously high price) the exposed connectors in the leg and the cat ears in truck mode are unforgivable and more when the 3rd party companies are doing a much better job shame of you Hasbro shame of you
  4. Amazing job!!!!!!!! we need more pics
  5. Thats right we try to keep the paint work at minimum
  6. Why the hell Hikaru is lying down in the fan racer? Once again Yamato did better and like happens with this line Bandai try to divert the attention of their mediocre work with the tampo
  7. more pics https://www.instagram.com/dislexicons/
  8. One of our first buyers (a long time ago) finally started to work this bird https://zh-cn.facebook.com/pg/dislexicons/posts/?ref=page_internal
  9. Thanks to Xigfrid we start with the first orders of the third batch if are interested send me a PM
  10. In my dictionary what are doing Hasbro/Takara is called involution is not possible that can't overcome oldest releases or 3rd Party products even when this last has less resources and infrastructure
  11. Thanks to Pink.s for do a review in their blog amazing photos by the way enjoy it https://pinkcloudy.tistory.com/category/Forever Macross
  12. I just read about the demand that Hasbro has done to Wei Jiang and the menace to all the Chinese factories If instead of spend all thats resources in a lawsuit they should invest it in improve their own products and maybe the 3rd party companies would not have the success now have Personally like a Transformers Fan that I consider myself think and like much more the 3rd party offer to say nothing of the absurd prices that Hasbro are handling in the last masterpiece releases The only thing what are going to achieve is that support even more all the 3rd party companies that offer
  13. Yes was modeling in 3d, printed and copied in resin
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