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  1. might pass on this. The Arad version version is a different story though when it happen
  2. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    it will happen in the next decade or so haha. But yeah, I will be thrilled for an Armored Ozma bundle with similar or even better improvements than the one YF-29 bundle got.
  3. someone here recommended world trigger before. I watched it despite the bad adaptation and read the manga. fortunately, season 2 right now is really looking good. most of you guys already pointed out, but this current listing that we have is so far the strongest that I can remember. There are promising adapatation, sequels, etc
  4. upgrade shipping or cancel now. cancel while still within protection period if paypal is used
  5. Amazon JP and DHL to Philippines
  6. its nice HLJ has now cheap (relatively) DHL shipping option.
  7. Amazon JP finally took my money
  8. Non Canon Roy looking so good
  9. Ghost x-9 is sizeable, IRC. I dont think it can be an accessory but Bandai can prove me wrong
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