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  1. The engineering in the legs for the gear and exhaust nozzles is cool! - MT
  2. @Thom Thank you, Tom! @pengbuzz I hope you're feel better soon bro! @arbit Great sculpt Arbit! Can you tweak his glasses to have that HUGE 70's, kinda RayBan-ish look? The funny part is I don't believe most military pilots can fly with glasses. Today they have to have Lasik to correct their vision - last I heard for the USAF. - MT
  3. @peter Your collection of Yamatos and related ships is looking great! Your painting is adding realism to otherwise small kits. @Thom That Spitfire is looking great! Nice and smooth metalic finish too! @arbit Awesome looking Valk! Even with ordnance. Just don't sneeze! @Photogirl Your figures look good. Sadly, they're hard to see under the canopy anyhow. More work done this week on the mecha. The feet will have "achiles" actuators connected to the feet. So I made brackets with detailed bolts to "hold them down" and the hydraulic looking actuators to connect into them.
  4. @joscasle Great looking plane! Photography is tough. If you can't get the lighting and exposure right, you can always fix it in Photoshop (most of the time). The white back dropped Tomcat looks a little orange. You can filter that in Photoshop. Orange and blue are opposites. Blue will help filter that out. So will lightening it. @arbit What are you using for a camera and settings? It sounds like you have too much exposure. I usually use my cellphone for here and find it like low light better than too much. Its weird. @peter Looks like the shipyards are running smooth despite the whol
  5. That came out great! Just enough weathering to look realistic. - MT
  6. @peter Thank you! Your buddy's brake looks cool! It looks like a viper's head. @Thom Thank you! That's what I'm going for @arbit Your print is FAR BETTER than any of the other "stock" figures. GREAT sculpt and detail. He's got more hair peeking out the helmet than I have on my head! I think hand painting will cover up any bias marks. @joscasle That's a great "minty fresh" build! Nice n clean. @pengbuzz Your improvements look great! The landing pad is sharp! I did check out the other build and it DOES look cool. I've probably laminated hundreds of printed pieces to foam boar
  7. This is AWESOME!!! It's a bit of cockpit and model together. Brilliant! thanks for sharing!
  8. @peter Great looking models Peter! The finishes give them a nice touch. Can putting the Start Trek stuff and Yamato stuff in the same photo cause a rip in the space-time continuum? The lighting on the Yamato kits is cool. I like the way the engineered it. @arbit You've brought kit-bashing to a whole new level - digital! That's a cool idea and came out great! I've gotta start doing the same myself. Time to get into 3D. Both for my job and hobby. @Thom That's a cool kitbash; I like it! It doesn't look pieced-together. I redid the heavy unit's muzzle brake. The original was
  9. @arbit Sorry Arbit, your thread didn't pop-up when I made my last post, so I didn't see it until after the fact. That's awesome how your figure came out! Do they advise against sunlight to cure the resin? I know it can make a difference. The problem with all SLA prints is that they get brittle with age. Exposing them to light can affect that from what I've seen. @peter Despite a quick build, it looks good! @pengbuzz Thanks, Pengbuzz! Torching can make an uneven finish and then doesn't give you that nice deep black color that the acids can. I tried it before with disastrous results -
  10. @derex3592 You know, you can build that as the sunken version - it won't have to be as "perfect." @slide As far as I know, the steel is not hardened. It was originally rollers in an inkjet printer. I haven't treated them myself not seeing the need in a model. I used Birchwood/Casey Super Blue ($8.99 at Wallyworld). The instructions end saying to allow to cure overnight. You must do that. I rubbed it a bit after treatment, and it came off slightly. The next day the coating was on solid. I've read other places to boil it after finishing to ensure all the acid is flushed out. I've also heard
  11. Whet the heck happened!? I was a kid building models, and then all of a sudden, my oldest "child" has graduated high school! It's been a good, but bittersweet week! Where does the time go? Sorry for all the photos, there was a lot I got done between last weekend and this week. Progress is going well with the "Bobbsey Twins." I spent last weekend trying to up-gun the second unit. I originally built the 57mm cannon barrel in the last post, but decided to go with a 75mm cannon instead. At the same time (25 years ago) I was working on the original mecha, I got a bunch of Tamiya brass ammo on
  12. @arbit In all honesty, her proportions look fine. The real test is print something mechanical and check the fit of parts, like a nut and bolt - with calipers. That should help you troubleshoot. Going backwards is the only way to go! Reverse engineer it! A buddy and I back in the 80's had a Japanese VCR tape rental place near our homes. We would go to check out videos, and they only had the end of the series available. So we saw the series backwards. It makes things more interesting. - MT
  13. @peter Those Yamatos look great! @pengbuzz Cool Transformers design. Your Photo shopped photo looks great! Don't toss the model, that's what Photoshop is for @arbit Does she break dance? Congrats on a good print! I've got to get a 3D printer one of these days. - MT
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