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  1. If it actually is coming RIP my wallet I need to complete my YF-19 / YF-21 set
  2. Not gonna lie that tiny 1/72 standing pilot figure alone makes me want to buy the battroid.
  3. Yeah +1 to this. The 1/72 hase also has the messed up angle on the legs while the 1/48 fixed it.
  4. BBTS charged my Paypal today so I guess they're shipping out super soon
  5. a lot of us who got screwed out of fast packs by NY might pick these up as an alternative to movie packs on the aftermarket
  6. I'm getting super duper strong Airfix Vibes from that Box design 🤔
  7. Assembled one of the Valiants from my backlog. Build is unsurprisingly similar to the Ingram, including the ingram's grey frames. Articulation and size are the same as the Ingram except for better head movement range and a much better knee bend thanks to parts separation in the back. Not sure why GoodSmile is going with all greys instead of white for the Ingram/Zero/Peacemaker/AV-2 but whatev. Can't wait to nab some reactive armor ingrams in January
  8. At 13000 yen a pop they should've included an extra torso for Aerith with a katana sticking out of it. Just sayin
  9. So this takes place at the same time as Mospeada but the ride armors look way more advanced. I guess they're pulling off a Halo reach / <insert any gundam 1 year war side story> thing with Mospeada. At this point I'm just like... meh I'll buy them anyways
  10. dangit guys I got psyched there was new info when I saw this thread pop up back top
  11. The Valiants came in from amzn jp. can't wait to snap them up
  12. gonna order 1 for the collection just to support Hase, though I really do wish that Hase made brand-new schemes , not just upscales of previous 1/72 VF-1 reboxes. Depending on the decal setup (if they do both full blue/gold or if they just do the gold lines and you need to paint the blue) this could be a pretty easy valk kit to finish
  13. Duymon

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    How long until we get the M3 5000B's because I will totally get both of those, but we may never get those if we don't buy the funny green M7 5000g
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