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  1. they should just disconnect the bar when shipping in battroid form, like it's supposed to be
  2. I found a use for the extra Hikaru pilot figs I had after getting some GBP sets (and yes you have to slightly trim the backseat pilot legs to fit)
  3. Because I want to build unit 101 and 102 in both super a standard configs
  4. Can't believe I ordered 4 of these :0
  5. I'm at the point where if it's not 1/48 I don't really care. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib 1/48 Gerwalk and Battroid
  6. Not entirely sure if it's the cost of the bundle or that many people went just for the standalone armor set, but these Combo packs are pretty damn easy to get near MSRP
  7. So, now that VF-1J combo packs are popping up for around 32000-ish on Mandarake, I wonder what effect that will have on the Standalone VF-1J Prices (between 34000-42000 on Mandarake) other than to go down
  8. Because I've had orders for bigger items ship from DHL for cheaper. It comes down to Anime-Export being a smaller store and not having the same cushy volume discount contracts like HLJ / Amazon / etc have I put the armor on my existing 1J so I didn't check the included 1J with my combo pack. Seems to have a little worse QC, with a few parts with flash / nubs that I'll need to clean up
  9. Finally got my combo set from Anime export. Sadly the shipping was 7100 yen all the way to the east coast by DHL. Went together smooth cept for that crotch gap everyone else is getting below the nose cone. Still waiting on my payment request to pop from Ami Ami, if it ever happens lol
  10. Still waiting on Shipping quotes from both Anime-Export and Amiami for my two O_o
  11. The Metal robot stuff generally is 1/144-ish scale and not stylized like the 1/100 metal builds, at least from the ones I've handled recently. They do feel pretty good quality and heavy, like a lot of the non macross hi-metals do
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