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  1. i am expecting shipping to be 60~100 ish a pop via fedex / DHL. It'll hurt especially if SAL/ EMS alternative is still not available in the fall
  2. amazon.co.jp roys are dropping a bit. using amazon's built in currency converter I was able to get this item shipped /w dhl to the US for under 300
  3. At this point I just don't care about tampo accuracy and will just throw my spare GBP set on a DYRL valk after I paint all the missiles Yellow
  4. it's best to wait until release. preorders may open up again and/or macrossworlders may unload their extras they may have obtained on impulse. buy local from MW sales boards
  5. ah man it sucks AE couldn't fill all their orders, but at least they gave a refund quickly I guess if you got the emails ur safe
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