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  1. And 2021 turns to be the year of world peace is moved forward by a few meters more!
  2. So I got the part and then realized that the plastic areas around them are also cracked. As of this moment repair seems useless. I'll revisit by Friday.
  3. I actually regret not getting the modern version. Definitely do it. Next one is supposedly Midevil Spawn.
  4. I'm optimistic for the Synder cut. The passive aggressive bashing is just bullshit from either the general public or Marvel/ Disney fan base IMHO. It's whatever. Haters gonna hate:
  5. Not DC but Mcfarlane and easily fit in the DC Multiverse: Kickstarter Spawn
  7. I'm gonna find out at this stage.
  8. I'm gonna give this a shot. Thanks!
  9. Hi all. Age has caught up to my last 29B and I can't find the replacement part on Shapeways. Can anyone help?
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