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  1. Ive had a change of mind and want to see reviews first. I had the Yamato 19 and 21 and loved them. I had the Bandai 19 Advanced and hated it. Seeing this 21 instructional booklet is giving me those 19 Advanced vibes.
  2. Pre-orders available on Amazon again with a Sept release date: TAMASHII NATIONS - Macross Plus - YF-21 (Guld Goa Bowman Use), Bandai Spirits DX Chogokin Figure https://a.co/d/0cpAH0Tq
  3. Personally I think Macross needs more exposure to widen interest for more product purchases and maybe lower cost in US retail. Toyark (IIRC) hasn't had a Macross news post since 2011. Toynewsi has no Macross mentions. Granted Macross is a niche product for a specific kind of collector; but so is a lot of other stuff today. The Disney+ offerings could help get the name out to a wider audience too; when it actually happens.
  4. I also emailed HLJ about it. This was their response from this morning:
  5. https://toyarena.com/products/bandai-dx-chogokin-macross-frontier-vf-25s-armored-messiah-valkyrie-ozma-lee-custom-revival-ver-action-figure
  6. So what does that mean for the one I just paid for from a retailer; a refund?
  7. With M7 coming to the US via Disney+, I hope an armored VF-11C will finally happen in 1/60 scale.
  8. Eknightmedia didn't charge me a $30 down payment when I selected PayPal as my payment method. Edit; they just asked for the $30. They didn't do this when I ordered 2x 29 Max variants last year, odd- but ok.
  9. https://www.eknightmedia.com/macross-frontier-vf-171ex-armored-nightmare-plus-ex-alto-saotome-use-revival-ver-dx-chogokin-action-figure-by-bandai-tamashii-nations.html
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