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  1. Sure, NP: https://www.shapeways.com/product/K4YHFWF2D/bandai-hobby-action-base-to-arcadia-adapter?optionId=98078548&li=ostatus
  2. Noted. I counted 2-3 anti Cowboy Bebop/ keep it canceled; and their numbers aren't as significant vs the pro petitions. Despite maybe not carry weight with Netflix execs., I'm pleased with the initiative and I'll support it.
  3. 😕 1- The correlation is that things that people said would not happen; happened! Lets see where it goes. 2- Of course the context for each situation is completely different. Lastly: Netflix has created 2nd seasons for less popular shows.
  4. They said the Synder Cut didn't exist and/ or wouldnt be released. They said Macross would never come to the US. Your point IS valid, but that doesn't mean we can't approach from every avenue either! Stranger things have happened per above!
  5. On my 3rd full season rewatch. I still like it. It's not perfect; but it's good. There's a lot of either original or remixed music I wish were on the soundtrack.
  6. In follow up; I ended up with the Bandai stand and shapeways adapter. I'll be fine.
  7. A breakdown of Macross history including SDF Macross/ DYRL. There was a Kawamori message but ours got cut at Delta. It popped back on as he was signing off. UPDATE: we had 8 attendees in Asheville, NC.
  8. Ours went out right when they were going into the delta breakdown.
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