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  1. Wrapped this up. Really enjoyable. What GITS 2045 should have been.
  2. About to start watching Spriggan on Netflix.
  3. I was actually looking forward to the chest locking mechanism early but at the same time since the 25 doesn't have to support the same weight as the 29 does with super parts; maybe they ruled it out.
  4. I thought I saw one commenter say theirs was fine IINM.
  5. Hmmmm. I was open to a mark up on 1/60 scale items but not a 1/100 transformable.
  6. I chose BBTS too. I wanted Amazon but they had sold out, restocked and sold out again.
  7. Thanks; missed that post.
  8. I want/ need that VF-0S! Will it be available for US release?
  9. Awesome news! I have not watched since Capaldi took over; now I'm back in interest and can't wait to give this 14th Doctor a shot!
  10. The 29 is superior to the 30/31 IIRC from threads past. The 30/31 would be a downgrade for Max in that context.
  11. I wish the nose was a full white. There's something about that color difference that I like (ie: Ozma's 29).
  12. BBTS Customer Service says the PO should be up soon. Between now and Tuesday I surmise.
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