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  1. Just as a heads up; the stand was coming from China @ Calibre Wings and it's still being processed through customs.
  2. Classified Snake Eyes on the White Knight Batmobile. Why not.
  3. Personally I'd like the SVF-26 Cavaliers: VF-1A's to be done by Arcadia. Along with an updated VF-1S low vis.
  4. Considering it's my last movie on earth: it actually gives me a little bit of everything in one movie. I get anthropology, space travel, intrigue, tethering to an older existing movie universe; but is strong enough to be viewed as its own thing, great cast, action, drama, etc. It's dynamic enough on its own though- I love watching Covenant straight after; that I don't need the follow up.
  5. Sure, NP! Vid link too (convinced me to try for an Arcadia VF-1S);
  6. I'm trying this: https://www.calibrewings.com/router-style-display-stand-version-2-0
  7. And 2021 turns to be the year of world peace is moved forward by a few meters more!
  8. So I got the part and then realized that the plastic areas around them are also cracked. As of this moment repair seems useless. I'll revisit by Friday.
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