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  1. Anytime. Because of the artist chosen styles and shirt cuts; Redbubble is why "I do" anime shirts. Otherwise at my age I wouldn't. They're so subtle in their presentation unlike anime shirts from hot topic; that makes you look like a walking advertisement. Only a Nike/ Capsule Corp shirt I owned were ID'ed by some Dragon Ball fans. No one id's my Macross or Akira shirts in the general public .
  2. https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Macross-Delta-Leader-by-Mike-Brodu/130031888.1YYVU Mines is the triblend cut. I also have the Arad version.
  3. Not a toy but advocacting for my favorite Delta pilot on casual work Friday.
  4. It'd be cooler with ARMD 1 and 3 options to swap out the Daedelus and Prometheus.
  5. How much is this going to be?
  6. Eknight media sent a request for payment today: a Festivus Miracle!
  7. 5 people including myself and adult child in WNC. In rewatching both macross frontier movies in the movie theater; I realize how foolish I was to judge some of the over the top sequences of Delta TV show.
  8. Wrapped this up. Really enjoyable. What GITS 2045 should have been.
  9. About to start watching Spriggan on Netflix.
  10. I was actually looking forward to the chest locking mechanism early but at the same time since the 25 doesn't have to support the same weight as the 29 does with super parts; maybe they ruled it out.
  11. I thought I saw one commenter say theirs was fine IINM.
  12. Hmmmm. I was open to a mark up on 1/60 scale items but not a 1/100 transformable.
  13. I chose BBTS too. I wanted Amazon but they had sold out, restocked and sold out again.
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