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  1. Thanks! Sorry, it was a dirty trick to bump this thread, but desperate times call for desperate measures. LOL!
  2. Whew! You had me worried for a sec... Happy New Year Knight26!
  3. Wow! Zero reactions on the animation test. I know it’s only a WIP, but I didn’t think it was THAT bad...lol!
  4. Look what my cousin found - some of my grade 6/7 flipbooks! As per forum guidelines, these are only posted as they relate to macross. I love both because they are 2 sides of the same coin. I will properly frame by frame later, but for now, merry christmas! Best, Olitech Industries IMG_2404.MOV IMG_2403.MOV
  5. Ok starting to remove the chunkiness and sculpt the curves. Refining the turbine engines with battroid in mind. Going with a rounder leg like the drawings instead of the typical squared look like the models. Continually tweaking the base cage to get the right edge flow.
  6. Maybe a little. These are just blocked in for now. I did trace them from the Kawamori drawing to get the proportions, but will start referring to the blueprints for the next passes. Second pass will refine them and shape them out. I know they slightly taper in at the front, bulge back out around the shoulder centerline, then taper back down hard as they get to the bottom of the knee. I always loved that curve! Pengbuzz, regarding the legs, currently I have them as symmetrical down the middle. In reality, I will have to flatten the inside 'calf' to facilitate the arms in the proportions we are looking for. Look at the current front view. Once I flatten the inside leg, there should be a lot of room for thick arms.
  7. Back to the hangar. Upon closer inspection, the leg contours still look a little square. Nose cone needs some refinement. But overall a much better model compared to V1 - In the previous version, I got caught down that 3D-detail rabbit hole. Ok. Arms today.
  8. Refining the shape of the back fairing.
  9. Spending time on the topology to ensure perfect surfaces. This model will have "perfect" dna for digital or physical uses. =)
  10. Fake poses to see how the styling looks in the different modes. Also pre-thinking the rig. Need to add a LOT of 'wiggle room', but it is doable. Gerwalk VTOL Looking a lot like Bambi right now. That's a good thing! This shape feels really good.
  11. Topo looks really clean! Great work. Let's animate this thing. =)
  12. More refining and contouring the roughed in parts. Some hidden styling on the central reactor/thruster so the bottom of it contours to the leg thrusters. Also some hard surfacing and contour styling of the chest plate. Minor refinement on the wings. It's reeeeealllly hard to avoid the detailing at this point. All I want to do is start chopping panel lines, but it is taking all of my strength to avoid it for now - I want to remain focused on the shape of the overall plane, and how the different parts relate to each other - then style the crap out of them.
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