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  1. Nice one. Yeah I’m studying it. I’m used to the stroked version too, but this austere ‘spartan’ look is growing on me. Reminding me of badass japanese zeroes. I’ll post both, then we can all do a proper comparison.
  2. Starting to fear the bones. Obviously tv/dyrl mashup!
  3. Oh come on now. Now is not the time to get chicken. =D I took a page from the Hayashi playbook. I may remove one or two to create a pathway.
  4. More refinement/scaling of the decals. Man, this new way of adding decals in Max is soooo much easier and fun than the traditional method of unwrapping and painting everything in. I can use much higher resolution artwork than previously used, without killing my vram. I can also place it anywhere on the surface and adjust as necessary. Some closeups and a wireframe at the end to show what I just described above. The rectangular boxes are the decals. 😃 So nice to be able to zoom in without any pixelation!!! This is the way.
  5. Hey everyone, How would this look: CDR ROY FOCKER “SKULL ONE” Thoughts?
  6. Hahaha, me too if you can believe it. I always have an idea what it should look like, bit when i hit ‘render’ I’m always blown away. ”Epic Level” will be when I Shuichi Hayashi all the textures and shaders! Here’s the phases: 1/ modelling (this is where we are) 2/ textures/shaders (calling this the Hayashi phase) 3/ rigging (making it all work mechanically) 4/ animation (this is where the true magic will happen) I will release the protoculture between Phase 3 -4. This is the way
  7. Setting up the decal placements while i continue to model the rest of the plane. Probably too early, but i wanted a sneak peek to see what it would look like. I know there’s a typo on Focker. For the final pilot rank/name insignia, I’m going to go with “CDR ROY FOCKER”. I guess he has no callsign…?
  8. Yep! Actual uncollapsed 3d files with textures, lighting and rigging intact. Totally modifyable. I want others to do some cool-ass crap with it. The VF model should level the playing field, and let all artists do some magic, no matter what level they are at. Once the protoculture is released, it should reculture this planet. =D This is the way.
  9. Hi There, For now, I will only be giving away the VF-1 complete (including flight sticks, ip, cockpit, etc.). The city model is a collaboration with other artists, plus many Kitbash assets, therefore I cannot distribute it. Maybe specific pieces, but not the whole thing.
  10. Wowowow!!! I really love this one. You rock!!!!! I’m super duper grateful. Thank you!
  11. Of course, my friend. This is the best part.
  12. On another note, i need help perfect hirez lineart for the tv sdf1. Orthos would be perfect. can you help?
  13. That would rock! However, i have been combining details from both tv and dyrl. Not exactly pure canon, but every detail will be scrutinized and rendered in full glory.
  14. I totally agree! secondly, thank you for that modified masterfile drawing that you posted at the beginning - where you widened the legs in the bottom view. Im going to roll with that when i flip this bird over.
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