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  1. Stellar work sir. You had me at ‘non-destructive boolean’. Now i’ve seen everything. Lol! Love what’s going thru your mind in these.
  2. Oh hell yeah. That’s the right stuff!!!!
  3. Ok, no top-stitching yet, but I'm finally liking the form on this back-pad. Going to hit that seat-pad next, then top-stitch evertything at once. Gosh, for cloth, this is the way!
  4. Ok, it's been a while. Trying really hard to get back into it with some soft-body 3D modelling.
  5. Holy Moly!!! Dude, that’s so awesome. Do you want my 3DS Max files??? I built this in Max 2018.
  6. Still alive and kicking. Dying to continue this, like you wouldn’t believe…so close, yet so far. Things at work have been crazy busy since covid, so just trying to let some dust settle before I jump back into the saddle.
  7. Sadly me neither - hoping to continue very soon - once i get some pesky work stuff out of the way. A great honour to hear from you Sir Rodavan. You’ve been one of my major Macross 3D inspirations for a couple of decades! True story. I always wanted to ask you if you would let me texture/render/animate some of your models, but was always too afraid to ask. I’m good at rendering. 😃 On another note, Alex Villareal says “hi!”.
  8. Thank you sir! I need to get back to this bigtime. Still need to add the side stick. And i want to add some carbon fiber seat backs under the padding. I’ve stared at it so long, that now i can see what’s missing.
  9. Have enough years passed yet? Asking for a friend. ;^)
  10. Bumping this thread to let you all know Im still alive. 😃 Can you believe this was my first post? I gotta clean these up, and also the instrument panel; so that I can send the models to Dodiano. He volunteered to make these in 1:1 for real! Physical prototypes!!! Just getting my pesky day job out of the way so that I can continue this jet. Talk soon! O
  11. Lol, yes pretty soon I’ll be showing the Itano Circus in 3d. I’ve thought about it long enough…
  12. Typically in engineering, you should not walk on any moving parts whatsoever. Imagine walking on your car’s steering or doors multiple times a day… The way I see it, that entire chest plate moves. And so do all the access panels, not to mention all those magic hands inside it. Also the battroid canopy shield is supposed to sit inside there too. But - I will probably remove some NO STEPS in order for to define where you CAN step! Of course, i can only do that when i determine the placement of the airframe. 😃
  13. See if this works: https://www.facebook.com/Olitech72/
  14. Hopefully end of next week for the next shipment. Had some ‘imperial’ entanglements to deal with. 😃 And appreciate the ping! Good to know my MW team is still operational and at the ready. We shall double our efforts! (Also follow my Olitech Industries page on facebook for quicker responses. I don’t seem to be getting email notifications on here like before. So follow me there for realtime updates)
  15. Soonish. I have a few new surprises in the works, but have been busy with vacation time and daytime work. End of summer is a busy time at olitech industries! Fyi, i started an Olitech Industries page on Facebook for those who need a quick 1:1 fix on the go. Slowly uploading content, so it’s a bit bare atm, but it’s a start. 😃
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