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  1. While the inaccurate landing gear toes are definitely a result of clueless CG artists, the way I reconcile this little detail is I like to think that the foot design is a left over from the bots former cybertronian mode. In the bumblebee movie the seekers cybertronian bot design is for the most part identical to Blitzwings earth design. So the 4 instances of landing gear on the feet is just something that carried over from their old cybertronian modes after the transcanning process.
  2. I can swear I see a blur tucked in the back of the display there as well.
  3. Damn, that really sucks. I have tons of hot toys figures and everything has always been top quality. Sorry to hear they dropped the ball so badly on this figure. Hearing this news makes me even more thankful for 3A's figures.
  4. Finally got around to building the Furai IDW optimus prime model. It was a lot of fun to build and a nice change of pace from building gundam and Star Wars models. Only really gripe is the lack of waterslide decals, It only comes with foil stickers. That's something they need to change. Fully painted with vallejo brand paint.
  5. Do you use acrylics for the inner frame as well? I use Vallejo Acrylics and from my experience the paints pretty fragile and always scraps off on movable parts of the inner frame. I keep hearing lacquers are really the only paints tough enough for articulated parts. But they kinda scare me cause I hear they eat plastic and of course are highly toxic.
  6. Anyone have any suggestions for a good place to pre-order this thing from?
  7. Well, crap..... I just bought a yamato 1/60th to replace the badly damaged one I already own and then this happens. I swear, its like the gods are toying with me, I put of getting an older release of a character or mecha design I like, so certain a new one is around the corner. And finally I give up, certain a new one is not coming, so I buy the older release at a stupid inflated cost, and then bam! The new one I've been waiting for is released a week later. That said, I am really happy to get a modern take on this mecha from Bandai, and will definitely get one when it comes out. (anyone want a 1/60th scale YF-21 Yamato BTW?) While they have had their stumble in the past on average I'd rather a mecha properties merchandise be in their hands than the hands of most other companies.
  8. Thanks, that makes it easier for me to find the will to actually toss out a lot of the boxes I've been hoarding. When figures come blister packed its of course easy to dismiss the packaging if one just intends to rip em open. I just find it hard to toss out resealable boxes, even though I am certain saving the packaging really won't impact the value of the toy if I ever decided to resell it.
  9. Silly question for you all. I suspect most of you save the boxes for the higher end stuff like the masterpiece line and 3A figures, but does anyone here bother saving the packaging on the mainline transformer toys that you can just go down to walmart and buy? Since hasbro started making more collector friendly packaging for the studio series figures I have been saving it. I guess its just my collector instinct to do so, even though I am 90 percent certain if I ever wanted to sell any of my studio series figures it really wouldn't make any difference in the price I'd get for them considering that they are all opened. What are your thoughts?
  10. GobotFool

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, I agree that Firevalk mold was pretty awful. The arms always fell off on mine. I all I can do is hope they don't try to salvage that mold to make a YF-19 and they just go for a completely new mold eventually.
  11. GobotFool

    Hi-Metal R

    You know, while I am glad they did make a VF-4 lighting as I really love the fighter design, I am honestly baffled by the fact that Bandai has never released more iconic valks like the YF-19 or YF-21 in the Hi Metal R Line. Didn't they tease as YF-21 Hi Metal R way back in 2010? Whatever happened to that?
  12. Its to get rid of the windshield wipers and maybe get that angle between the windows that exists only in bot mode.
  13. Looks like the robot chest is a set of faux windows. Not really a fan of the use of faux parts, even if it gives us cartoon accuracy. Still as a display piece it looks pretty good in bot mode at least.
  14. I like what I see so far. Humor doesn't seem so bad to me. Like JBO said most of the stuff that made me cringe in the previous movies was the toilet and sex humor. Honestly this has the vibe of a more family friendly movie to me, like say the Iron Giant, which is what I think Travis Knight is on record saying that is what he is going for. Also hopefully they will realize that the stars of the transformer movies are supposed to be well the transformers, not hot women, not the army, not annoying boys like Shia Lebouf.
  15. I don't know, that they were beyond bad?
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