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  1. This big boi arrived with my amazon JP shipment. I managed to score one for myself and one for my brother for his bday
  2. I get the feeling that the claw arm is going to. be an optional piece included with the more traditional laser arm like in the artwork. otherwise that would be a hard pass
  3. Oh look it's Gundam Dougram : The Origin Truth
  4. Th Th Th Threadomancy time Dougram Story is going to be retold via Manga and will be done by the same dude that illustrated gundam Tbolt Manga http://sunrise-world.net/news/news.php?id=18684
  5. wow I'm happy we're getting more Patlabor merch but ... another Ingram and squadcars but now in 1/43 and also pretty pricey (7k yen for the ingram O_o)
  6. wow it just keeps looking better though I'm probably going to use the normie balloon hands just so my armored 1J can hold its gun
  7. i am expecting shipping to be 60~100 ish a pop via fedex / DHL. It'll hurt especially if SAL/ EMS alternative is still not available in the fall
  8. amazon.co.jp roys are dropping a bit. using amazon's built in currency converter I was able to get this item shipped /w dhl to the US for under 300
  9. Almost lost my coffee when I ran across this on Twitter
  10. At this point I just don't care about tampo accuracy and will just throw my spare GBP set on a DYRL valk after I paint all the missiles Yellow
  11. it's best to wait until release. preorders may open up again and/or macrossworlders may unload their extras they may have obtained on impulse. buy local from MW sales boards
  12. ah man it sucks AE couldn't fill all their orders, but at least they gave a refund quickly I guess if you got the emails ur safe
  13. Official Zero Peacemaker pics WOOOOOO https://www.mechasmile.com/news/978/
  14. haha for some reason my cat only goes after zeeks because he thinks he can chew on the tubes
  15. I am gonna stick with the normal colors. Titans stuff all looks great
  16. Still can't paint yet due to the crazy weather. In the mean time, yeesh the MG Advanced Hazel + 2x Hrududu is big O_o
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