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  1. inb4 introducing the Plamax 1/72 weapon and decal set?
  2. The kit goes together super smooth. Like all other moderoids it's a softer plastic than bandai stuff so be careful with cutting and causing stress marks. This pic doesn't do it justice. It's BIG
  3. got mine from amazon via DHL. was 80 bucks shipped. My box was damaged but luckily the contents are totally fine. This box is 100% full of sprues and its as big as a standard master grade box but thicker.... gonna be fun to build
  4. just chalk it up to protoculture. I hope I look that good at 70
  5. Big plus of the Plamax outside having straight legs is that it includes a pilot and has options for open or closed door bays which are a minor PITA to close on the hasegawas. Minus is price (about 2x a standard 1/72 hase) and..... the fact that I'd never get to building it *looks at 5 large rubbermaid containers full of unbuilt Hase's*
  6. sonic birds came in from HLJ. the 40th anni sticker hit me harder than I thought it would
  7. Yeah sometimes it gets sent to spam for me . Here's the text of the mail they sent on 4/22 ====================================================== <Please note that this email has been sent from a send-only address.> Thank you for using PREMIUM BANDAI USA. This email is being sent to customers who have purchased the following item: METAL BUILD STRIKE GUNDAM -METAL BUILD 10th Ver.- https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2586599001001 METAL BUILD AILE STRIKER -METAL BUILD 10th Ver.- https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2586602001001 GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE WING GUNDAM EW Early Color ver. https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2590353001001 METAL BUILD LOHENGRIN LAUNCHER https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2593475001001 THE ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> MSN-01 PSYCOMMU SYSTEM ZAKU ver. A.N.I.M.E. https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2595913001001 METAL ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> GUNDAM TR-1 [HAZEL CUSTOM] &OPTION PARTS SET https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2596036001001 We must regretfully inform you that due to logistical issues beyond our control, this item will not meet its previously announced shipping date in April 2022. We are planning to ship in May 2022. We sincerely apologize for the shipping delay. We will contact you once a shipping date has been set. Thank you for your patience. PREMIUM BANDAI USA URL: https://p-bandai.com/us ---------------------------------------------- Sender: BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd 9F G-BASE Tamachi, 5-29-11 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 (C) BANDAI SPIRITS ======================================================
  8. wasn't there that new Mospeada side story that was announced back in 2019 (before the world went nuts) ? Wonder when/if we'll see news about. this more now that the main cast of Mospead has been done in Ride armor and Legioss form
  9. I know a lot of people ship by surface mail anyways so waiting for a local retailer makes no difference for them
  10. Arrived in NYC from Amazon.co.jp yesterday
  11. one day I hope we get Kakizaki (TV) so i can finally complete vermillion
  12. Think I'm gonna pass it's just another 29
  13. welp it's a good thing the stock visor is opaque 😕
  14. amazon.co.jp shipped mine. it came up to $170 US shipped via DHL. Seems the USD > Yen exchange is very favorable again
  15. thankfully it's global so not gonna be hard to get. That said... it's just another YF-29 and like its pilot, it's a grandpa with little to none of the improvements bandai has made in the 10 yrs since the first 29 was released.
  16. beautiful model. I really do need to build mine *Cries in eternal backlog*
  17. welp guess who's buying 3 valiants. I mean, who cares if they never saw action other than getting blown up. They look cool and I've always wanted one ever since I saw the garage kit decades ago.
  18. pretty much stopped EMS because it's about on par with DHL / Fedex prices for the items I buy and all the EMS i've ordered got stuck in LA for way longer that I'd have liked.
  19. waiting on the zeon f90 to pop up on P-bandai usa. instabuy for me
  20. the 1/48 VF-1 was pretty much 3/4 snap-fit already so I wouldn't be surprised if they took it a step further on the armored battroid at this point
  21. I know that metal build takes a lot of stylish liberties with the designs but dayam that Hi-Nu looks blegh. did they get the proportions wrong or are we too used to katoki's hi-nu :0
  22. luckily I only am out $300. It sucks that I never got any of my fastpacks but it could always be worse
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