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  1. The way Hasegawa could steal all my money is if they made 1/48 battroids because building an army of 1/48 battroids at ~$50 usd a pop would cause hasegawa macross backlogs to explode
  2. If anyone still needs this Amazon.co.jp has somebody selling it for ~131 usd shipped at this time https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/HI-METAL-Fortress-Macross-Valkyrie-Die-Cast/dp/B0BRX6H6GL/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1P48J0FOUAOP3&keywords=vf-1j&qid=1684680903&sprefix=vf-1j%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-1
  3. Really looking forward to those econo ingrams. I actually even went out and bought both color sets of the hercules and boxer just to support the line. really hope they bring out more schaft stuff like the saturn and phantom. surprised the brocken hasn't been announced tbh
  4. If anyone is still on the fence for the Moderoid Hal-X10 it's 35% off right now at usa gundam store. Really fun kit. I loved building mine https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/patlabor-moderoid-hal-x10-1-60-scale-model-kit
  5. Good smile is great at getting you to buy the same kit 3 times
  6. Reactive Ingram is an amazing kit. With the included parts you can build - Reactive armor units 1-3 movie 2 - Standard armor ingram 1-3 movie 2 - Standard armor / decommissioned ingram 1-3 movie 2 (no badge, license plates or patlamp) - Unit 1 - 2 from tv or movie 1 - Unit 1 - 2 from Patlabor WXIII. (special WXIII glove sprue and shielded unit 1 faceguard included.) you will need to repaint unit 2's back headplate for WXIII ver. Basically, Outside of lacking TV unit 3 parts this is the ultimate av-98 kit imho
  7. Isn't that just the ancient soft-vinyl kit again? That sculpts been around forever
  8. lol yes I am, and even if they only did Stick's blue one I'd probably buy 3 and enjoy masking and painting the other two 💸
  9. the Legioss'es were all 27,500 yen retail so I'd imagine these Treads are going to be even higher by quite a bit. Now having to buy 3 of them might break $1000 USD including shipping ☠️
  10. oh snap I probably should have checked that thread. was just watching the macross channel today and was surprised to see it lul. If a mod sees this guess they can nuke the thread
  11. It's Finally Happening! Though no clue why the promo shows 3/24 as the initial announcemnt date since they just made the announcement today. No release or preorder dates as of yet Just saw this announcement on the Macross Channel
  12. If anyone still needs these AE has em for ~$100 US after currency conversion https://anime-export.com/index.php?product=65377
  13. The two patlabor models I'm looking forward to most are the Ingram Econo's from Goodsmile that were previewed at wonderfest. The build should be nearly identical to the ingrams. Hope they do more Schaft Enterprise labors next like the Brocken, Saturn and Phantom
  14. If any of you still need Metal Build Eva weapon packs they're 40% off at BBTS https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/167024 EDIT : https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/186592
  15. Duymon

    Hi-Metal R

    More Pics of next month's release from Taghobby
  16. really happy about the M&M 1/48 set getting repopped. Free reaction missiles never hurt
  17. They could lure me back with a fuggin TV kakizaki, and M & M VF-1J's to complete my TV collection but noooooooo Bandai has to be weird
  18. Finally snagged one that was missing a shoulder piece for a good discount. Added my non canon armored packs
  19. Plamax is the only real outlier. Decals on airplane models is pretty much standard practice
  20. If I recall he might need to get normal pilots because the F-22 is an oddball that can't mount the standard JHMCS used by the USAF. Something about clearance/ space issues which would require a different sytem for HMDs
  21. Great for everyone that missed out. Doubt these will be insta-sold out like the DX'es
  22. Looking at the snapped up models It doesn't seem like these guys have more detail than the Bandai 1/60th; they just don't have all the gaps and holes that the 1/60 has to facilitate transformation. Anyone got one in hand to compare them side by side?
  23. If it actually is coming RIP my wallet I need to complete my YF-19 / YF-21 set
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