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  1. Jumping on the Metal Robot train for the Hazel. Who cares if I have multiples of every MG hazel I need this figure to play with while all my MG Hazels are just display pieces lul
  2. Bandai is doing MG Dom 1.5's , basically taking the Ancient Dom Kits and adding the New Joint parts from the recent P-Bandai MG Dowadge from ZZ gundam, and making it into a mainstream release. 5K yen a pop so they are pretty damn affordable, but still dissapointing outside of the new joints and hands it's the same kit
  3. the iota has those pylons as well so these new ones are extra
  4. Got my Iota today from the front desk. It was delivered yesterday by Amazon JP via DHL It is what I was expecting and yeah I'm still a lil meh about the green. Gonna have to paint the yellow figure later Sentinel added two pylons for the wings, but outside of being in the content list they are listed nowhere in the instructions. Future stuff in the works?
  5. that iota looks really nice though for some reason I can't help feeling that the green is way too saturated. I kinda prefer the more muted green from some of the older artwork.
  6. DAMNit Kato getting my money so I can have labors in-scale with my HGUC gundams rheeeee
  7. I am just happy to have an official vd-1d in 1/48
  8. just one month away for the greenies
  9. somebody better pick this up you're not going to find one with a better price
  10. My Brother In law got the VF-1D and after they sent it over via EMS it ended up totalling $400 because I had to give him a "tip" to take his wife to dinner too. Ended up being same as flipper prices but for a different reason
  11. Might as well write the rest of the novel of text on the nose. look at all that space without text?
  12. I actually enjoyed watching it but I am not a hardcore Godzilla fan.
  13. NY shpped all my Gundam AOZ stuff on time, but SOL for macross and gundam toys. I hit up NY chat for my dyrl and TV pack orders. same clueless responses as usual and then ending with "we'll have the team contact you by email" that I'd been getting for months prior. sad
  14. Schizophonic9 has his review up of the Plamax Sirbine LINK with many great pics. Tempted to go buy one now
  15. Duymon

    Hi-Metal R

    the lack of tomahawk and phalanx really has me sad Keep checking this thread hoping we'll see one someday
  16. because of boredom i subscribed to hulu and crunchyroll after a 4-5 year hiatus and have watched so many trash isekai harem shows that I think I lost a fair amount of intelligence. on the flipside, there's some really interesting shows like "86" and "Those Snow White Notes" that I am enjoying watching
  17. *high pitched screeching about staying on topic* Man I really hope we get some alternate colored non cannon GBP armors like the good ole arii cannon fodder one
  18. Patlabor is my favorite mecha show not about the mecha
  19. This big boi arrived with my amazon JP shipment. I managed to score one for myself and one for my brother for his bday
  20. I get the feeling that the claw arm is going to. be an optional piece included with the more traditional laser arm like in the artwork. otherwise that would be a hard pass
  21. Oh look it's Gundam Dougram : The Origin Truth
  22. Th Th Th Threadomancy time Dougram Story is going to be retold via Manga and will be done by the same dude that illustrated gundam Tbolt Manga http://sunrise-world.net/news/news.php?id=18684
  23. wow I'm happy we're getting more Patlabor merch but ... another Ingram and squadcars but now in 1/43 and also pretty pricey (7k yen for the ingram O_o)
  24. wow it just keeps looking better though I'm probably going to use the normie balloon hands just so my armored 1J can hold its gun
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