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Found 18 results

  1. Oh yeah! It's about damn time!!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v463/Gol...Ingram1and3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v463/Gol...Ingram1and2.jpg I am so buying 3 of these things!
  2. Up for sale this week I have some non Macross goodness. KOTOBUKIYA- Zoids Aggressive Geno Breaker C9.5 in C9.5 box $45 plus shipping Zoids Aggressive Blade Liger C9.5 in C9.5 box $35 plus shipping MEGAHOUSE Variable Action Cyber Formula Ishuzark C9.5 in C6 box (mushed corner) $35 plus shipping Variable Action Cyber Formula Fire Superion C9.5 in C6 box (tear in box) SOLD BANDAI 1/100 High Metal L-Gaim C9.5 in C9.5 box (RARE to find one this clean!!) $45 plus shipping 1/24 Dennou Ghokin Tachikoma C9.5 in C9.5 box. SOLD Hi Metal R
  3. Howdy folks, I'm looking to acquire some toys for reviews on my website. I have lots of good stuff I can offer up for trade as well as cold (actually room temperature) hard (well, crumpled) cash. Since I would like these things for my website, the more like-new they are the better. Macross 4) Takatoku 1/144 Collector's series VF-1S Focker 5) Takatoku 1/144 Collector's series Tomahawk 6) Yamato Gnu Dou VF-1 toys Robotech 1) Matchbox reissues of the 1/144 Destroid toys (all variants) 2) Matchbox Bioroid 3) Matchbox Bioroid sled toy 4) Matchbox VF-1 toy (for 1/18 scale
  4. It's not quite Macross, but Patlabor the Fanzine is now available. Featuring nearly 50 pages of art and text, including work by MW'ers Renato and Exo! if you're a fan of Patlabor or just like reading about old robot cartoons, it's worth picking up. You can buy it here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1180585
  5. FOR SALE: Kaiyodo 1/48 Ground Defense Atlas Resin Kit - CUSTOM SOLD This vintage Patlabor resin kit is hard to find as it is, but with its custom prep-work it's now in the rarest of catagories. The original kit comes with a SOLID cockpit area - that you can try to paint like glass. THIS version has the area hollowed out, controls fashioned for the inside and 2 custom pilots made. You get a clear vacuum formed canopy, WAVE red and clear lights to replaced the resin chest array, and a sensor kit for the top antenna. And that's not all - the gatling tips were badly formed so you get a se
  6. FOR SALE: Rare Kaiyodo 1/48 Ingram Units 1 & 2 - Stars of 3D Cover These Ingram kits are VERY hard to track down due to the popularity of the modeling 3D book they made famous. I DO NOT want to say how much I paid for this pair of mint kits in case my wife stumbles across this post (let's say its around double my asking price). They appear unopened, and boxes undamaged after all these decades. Kaiyodo 1/48 Ingram Units 1 & 2 PAIR - $279 + $14 SHIPPING PRICE DROP - $199 for BOTH - ! That includes Shipping On eBay
  7. FOR SALE: Kaiyodo 1/48 Pickel-KUN and OVA Command Car Resin Kits These are very hard to find vintage Kaiyodo kits. I watched for 5 years before a Pickel-KUN came up on Yahoo auctions. Kaiyodo 1/48 Pickel-KUN - $129 + $12 SHIPPING On eBay Kaiyodo 1/48 Command Car Van - $69 + $SHIPPING
  8. FOR SALE: 1/24 Patlabor Command Vehicle - Completed Toy Version - Priced to Sell Just $39 + $12 SHIPPING SOLD
  9. MOVING - This Sale, Part 3, is good through tomorrow 5pm Est. time. You must PayPal me the funds by 5pm Eastern time this Wednesday night, the 24th. -- After that - I will suspend all deals until my move is complete. I'm on straight shooters list and can provide multiple references if needed. ( some items from part 1 have been revised and prices lowered here ) 1. Yamato Bubblegum Crisis PRISS Limited Metallic Version + 2 Sets of Boomer / Police Guys PRISS SET: When you see her you will spend a half hour scratching your head as to why Yamato would do the other bi
  10. MOVING - Last day in current house is THIS Thursday. Temp storage space almost full, scary to put these high end collectables in there anyway. SO - Jump on these very rare pieces if you have the financial means. I'm on straight shooters list and can provide multiple references if needed. ALL items listed in Part 1 of my sale get an automatic $50.00 discount if you PayPal me the funds by 5pm Eastern time this Wednesday night, the 24th. -- Otherwise, it might take me a week or so to get the family situated before I can complete the deal. The goal for me is to downsize as much as possibl
  11. Just want to find a good home for these DVDs -- PRICED to SELL Watched once - in great condition - All DVDs, box cases as well. For anyone ever curious about this series - here's your chance to get it cheap . . . $29.99 + $14.00 Shipping
  12. Only the web site is revealed. http://patlabor-nextgeneration.com/ Source: Kotaku Japan http://www.kotaku.jp/2013/03/patlabor_live_action_movie.html
  13. Yes, you read right. On April 13th there will be a Parade/Event in Kichijoji & Inokashira Park. Parade(Cosplay incl.) starts at 12:30 till 14:00. On the northside(rotunda) will be a 8m Meter 1/1 Replica of a Patlabor, I think it will be the prop from the upcoming life-action movie. Details at http://www.kichijoji-event.com Worthwhile a visit methinks.
  14. UPDATED: 9/27/2013 Updated with items sold and PENDING. Hey all, Been a long time since I have been here so.. Life step in the way as I have gotten married and now baby Godzilla is running around. As most know, I have an extensive collection of Macross including a large amount of Yamato 1/48s as well as some 1/60s plus ton of other macross stuff. I also collected lot of other stuff as well. Right now I am reducing my collection by getting rid of extras as well other things I collected that no longer interests me. Prices do not include shipping is not included unless noted. For now here is
  15. Looking for any of these (used, mint or VG, all accessories + boxes): Yamato Patlabor 1/24 Unit 2 Pit Road Patlabor COMPLETED Command Car WAVE Patlabor Helldiver Bandai Spec Dragonar 2 and 3, Falguen Megahouse Yellow Atelier Sei Linna - Green Robot Spirits L-Gaim Mk II
  16. I'm looking for these CM's figures, I will get them all if you have the lot but my main priority is the 1" crew members and so on. 1. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2, Division 2 2. The Type 98 Command Car 3. Noa Izumi(Ingram 01's pilot) 4. Badrinath Harchand(Griffon's Pilot) 5. Ingram 01 with revolver 6. Ingram 01 with Shotgun
  17. Alright well as much as I hate to do this, he's gotta go. For sale is my 1/24 Yamato Patlabor Inrgam Unit 1. The figure is used but in excellent condition, all acessories are included, right down the revolver bullets. All the lights work, the battery inside has juice, everything is included and everything works. I also have set of 1/6 scale weapons that I've been using to display with the Ingram, the Ingram is roughly the size of a 1/6 scale human figure so the weapons fit perfect. The guns aren't canon, but they are pretty badass and detailed, included is a working bolt-action rifle, smg with
  18. Lots of stuff for sale, will be getting pictures soon but wanted to throw the list up here. There's going to be a lot more coming, this is just a preliminary. I am on the SSL, long time member, lots of eBay feedback too. I prefer Paypal but also will take money orders. Buyer is responsible for fees. All prices negotiable within reason. Contact by PM or by email vostok(dot)7(at)gmail(dot)com. TRADES. The only trades I am looking for at the moment are the following: - Bandai Macross Frontier VB-6 Konig Monster (prefer regular version) - Bandai Robot Damashii Queadluun-Rea Pixie Squadro
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