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  1. I must have done about 40-45 Aptitude tests so far, common in my profession for stuff like job interviews, etc. Not going to reveal the scores though. Still have to see GotG but last week on 'Disc Wars: Avengers' they had a crossover episode with the team. Was fun to see the 2 teams go at each other.
  2. The paints are good but fall under import restrictions that has the classified as HAZMAT, hence they can't shopped by anyone. Rainbow 10/R10 grid to get around it by packaging them with other items, but got found out and their overseas online shopping disappeared. Same counts for putties, metalizers, etc. My advise is to find a good local replacement, most modelers I know use locally sourced materials? And yes I could source those products and ship them, don't fancy the cops showing up, getting thrown in jail with a subsequent removal of my Permanent Residence and a 15yr re-entry ban
  3. I don't support Third Party products unless they are AM kits/detail parts.
  4. Just got my shipping notice from HLJ, kits will arrive within 24hrs. This batch is mostly kits based on Anime created by Hayao Miyazaki. 1/72 Gunship from Nausicaa 1/48 Savoia from Porco Rosso 1/48 Curtiss from Porco Rosso 1/72 Falcon from Future Boy Conan 1/700 Falco & Gigantic from Future Boy Conan 1/72 Soltic Roundfacer from Dougram Supplies.
  5. Agree with derex3592. Also hit an Arts Supply store for your brushes, I prefer to use Horse hair, red sable or Japanese calligraphy brushes. White, Red and Yellow tend to cover poorly and multiple thin coats are needed. Change the direction of the brush strokes for each layer. And if course let it fully cure not just dry between layers.
  6. I agree RG for me is a mix of MG and PG details and posability but in 1/144 and about 1/3-1/2 of the newer MG in price. Great in price, detail and saves on display space.
  7. Many companies have only limited/quantity licences, it costs money to renew licenses. Real question is how much are the third parties paying for copying someones work ie the licence holders or the people that invested time, money and effort to bring an official and licences product to us.
  8. Wait. Nothing you can do, you could try to go there and pick it up in person.
  9. Did a bit more work on the MK44 suits, still need to attach some parts. Group shot with Grosser Hund. Temps now during the day are in the 30-35 Celsius range with a 60% Humidity, not using aircon much to keep the electricity bill low. So low on motivation to get really stuck in. Some Vroom Vroom that I dusted off and are occupying the workbench now. Those kits use screws and can be as small as 1.2mm x 2.5mm. They will get an anime touch, pssst ....... And a juvenile visitor, those and some spiders can get rather large here. Got a few stray cats that also visit daily.
  10. Pics will still take a bit, I apologise. Having gone through my PW I will have a few scale and anime kits incoming next month. Anime kits included are from Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Porco Rosso, Future Boy Conan, The Fool Nobunaga and Dougram.
  11. Still on reading break, will do some work on models using clear colours and GSI Tire Black to simulate rubber parts later on. The clear colours will be used to do dashboard lights, simulate gold, heated and worn, stained metal, etc.
  12. Grrr, foiled again. Found out I got a ton of dried out colours, mostly metallics, blacks and base greys. Have to wait till money comes in on the 2nd before I can afford to go paint shopping. Still building with the colours that are workable on a few kits, will have some pics tomorrow. Birthday present for my son is 98% done but it will still be an all-nighter from 2nd to 3rd too get it ready for the party on the 3rd.
  13. I didn't enjoy his comedies that much, French/original version of Birdcage was way better. I think like many comedians he excelled in tragic or dramatic roles. RIP.
  14. I think I heard the wings are hollow from below. And those cannons .... Yuuuuck.
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