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  1. The second movie of the series was screened last month and beat the Delta at the box office in Japan.
  2. Max Factory introduced the VF-1S and others on YouTube after the Wonder Festival. From 4:38:00.
  3. I found this picture on the official website of Good Smile company. http://whl4u.jp/wh27/gallery/#/images/63
  4. Max Watanabe is assembling the VF-1S to exhibit it at the Wonder Festival.
  5. Feb 9. 「激情のワルキューレ」 Reboot of the TV series. Reboot of the battle scenes. New songs. 3rd concert at Yokohama Arena on Feb 24& 25. Something collaborating with The Sky Tree. Details unknown.
  6. At the venue now. So many people are waiting. I saw Save and Tochiro and talked to them a while ago. They can see the attendees in front of the stage. Well, I'll just listen to the music and voice, and it's OK for me.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Such post is worthwhile for me to tell the members here about some news not translated into English. Yeah, I talked to a Japanese fan about it recently; we wondered if The Next is the new TV series i n 2018 or not. If not, it means Kawamori-san has to handles with 3 different projects simultaneously. IMO, it's impossible. The NEW PROJECT BRIEFING of The Next will be broadcast on Niconico on Oct 17. I have to watch it and confirm what it is.
  8. I went to All Japan Model and Hobby Show and hear the announcement directly from Mr. Hatanaka, a Bigwest staff. He, Nozomi Nishida, and Hidetaka Tenjin were on the stage. October 9 is a Monday, but a national holiday in Japan. So many fans will come. For your info.
  9. I like the design. Looks like the F/A-18s of the Blue Angels.
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