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  1. @pengbuzz It's Mini Me Rex Smith!!! Great sculpt fixes including the helmet! Aahhh, synth music of the 80's!😁 @arbit Your Guld looks awesome! Nice details in the suit too. - MT
  2. @pengbuzz That sucks about your figure. Can't tell you how many times I redid something to make it more accurate. It will be worth it to you in the long run. I'll take a look for one! @nightmareB4macross I think you're doing a GREAT job at keeping it accurate, but adding the bells and whistles we WISH we had on ours in our youth. I bought mine in my late teens. When I said it was for my "nephew", the lady behind the counter was like, "Sure it is!" She knew I was lying trying to not look like a geek - which now its cool to be😁 At least I looked cool with my spikey, jelled hair. Now I need more hair🤣 - MT
  3. @Urashiman That Valk looks COOL! Nice 80's throwback - without the SEAMS! I'm surprised they went "cartoon" style with that sculpt instead of lineart accurate. COOL all the same! Cool little figure too! @pengbuzz Your Street Hawk looks awesome! Only YOU could take a toy and make it look COOL like dat! Did you mean a Hasegawa air crew truck? Do you still need it? @nightmareB4macross Your Chunky Monkey mods are brilliant on that ole' ABS baby! They make it look MUCH better. You'll have the ultimate version when you're done! @SteveTheFish "Hey, hey, my face is up here!" 😄 Beautiful eyes on Asuka! Looks like a decal, but its' not! Sorry guys, been busy with real life stuff, but still working on a couple fo aircraft designs for the ship. I'll post when I get something worth posting. - MT
  4. Cool! It looks like they over-did the parts number, but the detail looks great! - MT
  5. REALLY COOL!!! - MT
  6. @pengbuzz I knew it! Somebody's on an 80's kick😉😁 @joscasle That looks cool! Not something you wanna stare at for awhile, it might start looking like it's moving on its own! - MT
  7. Awe, and here I thought you made some cool wall-mounted stand or something - that's cheating😁 - MT
  8. Thanks for the link! Lots of other PL cool stuff there too! - MT
  9. Oooh, yeah, no stand! I was in such a hurry, but I knew something looked different! - MT
  10. @pengbuzz AWESOME BUILD -AND- ORIGINAL stand to go with it!!! Bringing some nostalgia back to life! - MT
  11. Thanks for posting! -MT
  12. Thought this was funny! Check out the last name and call sign. Also some good closeups of a "Rhino" in flight. Check out the weathering on the nose too!- MT
  13. ...And over $300 for that awkward of a sculpt AND wheels on the feet!? I get what Jenius said and where they're maybe coming from, but if I was a little kid and got this, I'd be singing the Sesame Street song "Which one of these is not like the other...?" At that cost point too! Wait, I already said that😁 Maybe I'm just to much of a realist - as much as I like "campy" things. - MT
  14. Sorry guys, I've been busy lately with not much time to get on the boards. @Urashiman You've got some great valks and I'm glad to see the builds with your son! @SteveTheFish Like Urashiman, you're pretty prolific with your builds! It's great to see Macross getting some love! Thanks for sharing the Quadluun box photo too! Sorry about the Chromebook! Especially since so many parents are ticked off about the way Goggle collects, or really spies on user's data. @electric indigo Your build looks great! SMOOTH finish as usual too! @pengbuzz She looks AWESOME! I love the magnetic pieces to arm her or not. Lots of hard work to make a specially rare and COOL bird! - MT
  15. Thanks for posting! They made that Valk with shooting fists!? I think they got their series confused!? Talk about shooting someone "the bird"🤣 - MT
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