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  1. Yeah, I think that's precisely it. This is a kit designed to match the Bandai approach vs the hardcore scale aircraft modeler audience like Hasegawa.
  2. The more anime-style look of the battroid is great... but it only comes with stickers, right? Not waterslides?
  3. The quality suffers, though. A lot of the Moderoid kits feel like they were designed in the 80s with a lack of poly caps and design choices (specifically the knees) that make painting more complicated than they should be. I don't mind the prices, but the design choices need to improve. (started the MADOX-01 kit a couple nights ago and got tired of it after 30 minutes or so, which is my usual Moderoid experience)
  4. Noticed some folks on Japanese twitter have been saying preorders are also filled for the YF-19 on some shops, so might want to grab a pre-order when/where you can.
  5. I don't remember exactly, but it was either Tamiya TS-32 Haze Gray or AS-26 Light Ghost Grey. I think the former.
  6. It's Tamiya AS-5 Light Blue (Luftwaffe). Isn't as much of a blue eggshell color as you see in a lot of Orguss art, but I think it looks pretty good. And yeah, a lot of it doesn't quite match up. I debated using an older 1/100 or 1/72 Battroid kit to get closer to that anime/lineart proportions but it'd need a ton of work.
  7. I've wanted to kitbash one of these for a while and have been putting aside kits for it for a while. Ended up using a 1/100 Wave Super VF-1S for the legs/arms/back, a 1/100 Wave VF-1A for the head, an old Bandai 1/100 Strike VF-1S for the fast pack, a 1/72 Orguss Tank for the shoulders, and a 1/48 Orguss Tank for the chest, pelvis, gun, and hip pods. Feet were made with styrene on top of the existing Wave kit feet. Abdomen was the knee pad from a HGUC Marasai or something. Sizes and detail on the old Orguss kits are really weird. The 1/72 kit seemed sharper and had decidedly different detail than the 1/48. The 1/48 chest was a bit too big (or too small? I honestly forget now), so I sliced it down the middle. The round piece where the UN Space kite sits was a generic Wave piece. The lineart for the Orguss-Valkyrie is kind of vague in a lot of places, so I took some liberties. The forearm missiles were swapped for generic Wave tubes because the lineart makes them look more like guns. The lower chest and pelvis in the lineart don't really match either the VF-1 or Orguss, so I just kinda make it up and tried to maintain some of the same detail (like that small detail bit on the left hand side). More generic gunpla parts used in the hip pods to better match the lineart. Used the the old Bandai 1/100 fast pack because it was easier to pair two external sides (ie with boosters) than it would have been to cut out the internal structure on the Wave parts. Briefly considered either scribing more panel lines in the older model kit parts or filling some of the panel lines in the newer Wave parts... but both of those seemed like a lot of work I didn't want to bother with. When it's all painted, isn't as noticeable as I'd thought. Haven't had the time to get better pictures done, but it turned out alright I think. Ended up using mostly Tamiya rattle cans for painting, Mr. Hobby Weathering Color for panel lines.
  8. Yeah, it's odd. I contacted customer service and they said they haven't even received it yet, should get it next week. Probably smart to order off Amazon.jp.
  9. Anyone else pre-order this from HLJ but not have their order process yet?
  10. As impressive as this build is, the quality of photos and modeling tips in this thread is staggering! Resin kits can be so different than normal plastic kits, guides like this are always awesome. Well done!
  11. Great catch! I double-checked original Japanese text and it definitely said Toyama, so that mistake was on our end. I've fixed it in the article. Thanks for letting me know!
  12. I recently published a translated version of Kawamori's interview in the This is Animation: Macross Plus Movie Edition book on Zimmerit.moe: http://www.zimmerit.moe/macross-plus-shoji-kawamori-interview/ AFAIK, this hasn't been translated into English prior. It includes some interesting insight into the creative process of Macross Plus (and 7) and Kawamori's thoughts on... Robocop.
  13. There's one on Yahoo Auctions right now: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/l517280346
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