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  1. Do you got a pic of the mospeada figure and the stress mark?
  2. Thanks to @locidm for easy transaction. Picked up a Yamato VF-1A build kit. All good.
  3. Thanks to @Corrinald for an ways transaction. All good
  4. Thanks to @Jasonc for the easy transaction. Got my stuff. All good
  5. Made a purchase last year that I never gave a shout out to the seller, thank you for the easy transaction @Duymon good experience (yes I know it's almost a new year lol)
  6. Great buy experience with @sqidd He was informative, upfront about condition of item, received item quickly, good communication! Thanks again @sqidd
  7. I need 4 pairs of TV series VF1 Valk hands for my Yamato 1/48 DYRL Valks. Any one got any or know where I can get some? Please let me know, thanks in advance
  8. You can always ask the guy who makes the Yetistand to design one for you. Sometimes he does that
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