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  1. Okay, because I'd be up all night if it was the other one, and now I'm only PROBABLY gonna be up.
  2. ...okay, let's be clear, it's NOT a reissue of the VF-31A Kairos, it's a preorder for the VF-31AX... Kairos Custom? Siegfried?
  3. As long as Messer doesn't come back, I'm fine with whatever happening to whoever.
  4. Very true, I'm just having some self-deprecating fun to cope with the pain. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply I was talking about you specifically. I meant "we" broadly. I didn't see the P-Bandai notice until the next day, at which point it was already long sold out. XD This is true, but given how quickly this preorder sold out, and how many additional runs the Japanese preorder already has scheduled, I have very little doubt that we'll be getting additional preorder openings here as well, at least somewhat negating the rarity argument. I don't know how many Bandai can and/or have to produce at a time, but it seems like there's enough "leftover demand" to justify at least one more full run. Like, say, they can produce 1000 at a time, but there are something like 1500 customers still willing to pay. With the Nightingale, I don't know how much they produced... but I also don't know the demand for it. However much "leftover demand" exists, they've probably estimated that it's not enough to justify another full run yet. Like these mass retail runs get 5000 units made at a time to distribute to all the retail outlets, and now leftover demand is only something like 2500. Objectively more than for the TG Fluegel, but not enough to justify another run. What are the terms being used right now? "Just-in-time manufacturing" versus "just-in-case manufacturing"? If they did another 5000 units and completely satisfied immediate demand, the 2500 units left over would be readily available and they wouldn't have to worry about customers haranguing them on social media and the like for more more more, but there'd be extra costs involved with housing and keeping track of those extra units and blah blah blah etc.... I can see why they might wait a little, if only to maybe get some sort of better gauge of how much demand there actually is...? I dunno, I'm no economist.
  5. So we're all complaining about scalpers in that Hobby Japan thread, then turn right around and pay $150 like it's nothing, then complain about how much scalpers scalp.
  6. The price also suggests it's a prepainted figure. Though FYI, 1/120 is pretty small, probably the size of your hand. A model kit of that scale would typically be around $15 to $30.
  7. Oh believe you me, I have many, MANY of those. (And I mean actually, it would be incredibly easy to swap those FS winglets and canards for those of the Kairos, or better yet, to scratchbuild them and save me a kit. But STILL, Bandai, would it kill you to give the fans what they want?)
  8. Ah, I see. It seemed to me you were saying the story of the Westwood games were better than the story of this show, hence my confusion because this show obviously hasn't come out yet and its story is unknown... unless you have some privileged information. I gotcha now.
  9. I haven't seen anything in the model kits section about this... Are you sure? Bandai never released a 1/72 VF-31A Kairos model kit. If this indicates that one is on the horizon, I'm very excited. If not...
  10. Is this going to be an actual show, or...? All I know about it is that it dropped a certain same-chan into the background.
  11. A couple basic questions because I still plan to watch it despite that goofy clip I was shown a while back: 1) Mouth animations as in when they're speaking dialogue, or just in general? 2) If for spoken dialogue, were they animated to the Japanese or English dub? 3) If animated for Japanese, did you watch in English? And vice versa.
  12. Yep, very much this. In the case of Bandai's hobby division specifically, which is the original context of this whole situation, not the collectible toys market that most people here are thinking of, they have a massive catalog of injection molds going all the way back to the late 70s, spread across a relatively small number of manufacturing facilities. They can't simply expand to new facilities in China, say, because they still need those limited-number molds to make the actual kits with. They could make new molds, but that would be incredibly expensive, maybe prohibitively so. As much as I dislike that they don't regularly have this or that legacy kit in stock, I temper that frustration with the knowledge that to a certain degree, they simply CAN'T produce the variety of kits I want at the speed I want. This as well. Tying it back to the hobby industry, if there's a kit that I really really want - like, say, early 1/100-scale kits of a subject that have largely been supplanted by newer, better-selling versions of it - that hasn't gotten a repop in a long time for whatever reason(s), or just is no longer in production at all, then I don't really have room to negotiate on price. I paid something like 2-3x "MSRP" for this, and I'm... well, I'm not "fine" with that, but I find it an easy enough pill to swallow. I have zero doubt that they maximized production on the HGUC Nightingale, and that the demand is simply overwhelming. They do engage in artificial scarcity regularly, though, which is why I see their (I think they own HJ??? maybe, maybe not) canning of an employee to be little more than, dare I say it, cynical virtue signaling. I think this is one of the key issues that need figuring out. "Regular consumers" are having to compete against automated bots and the like, and there's only so much they can do; the onus now is on the manufacturers/resellers to try to detect and cut out scalpers... if they really want to cut them out at all, that is. To a certain extent, they're content with (and/or maybe even need) the existence of the scalping market. Scalpers driving up the price customers have to pay for products slowly trains customers to be comfortable paying more for arguably the same, which eases tensions for the manufacturer if/when they push up their own price, etc. That's a pretty cynical and limited-view perspective, but... alas.
  13. You didn't like the ending of The Witch? I think it was understated but rather effective. I'm in agreement about Hereditary, though; I wanted something sliiightly more dramatic to happen.
  14. Exia w/ GN Arms Exia w/ GN Arms Repair Exia w/ GN Arms R2 Exia w/ GN Arms Repair Trans-Am Avalanche Pack ....... They'll find variants to milk, don't worry.
  15. This is the same production company that bankrolled the likes of The Witch, Hereditary, and Midsommar. Wat? is their modus operandi.
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