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  1. Yep, it's just not gonna look all that great in Fighter mode. Aside from the gap, the size of the feet are way too big for Fighter mode. There's no helping it aside from replacing them entirely (which the engineering suggests will be easy enough to do, to be fair). And if you're going to replace the feet, you may as well get rid of the unsightly hinges on the tail fins as well... and slim down the legs and arms... and scale down the shoulders slightly... and make the wings bigger... You know what, I think I'll just leave it in battroid mode.
  2. Ooh, that's quite nice. Very much how I would have liked the RE/100 model kit to look like. I really like the sculpt of the arms and shoulders in particular.
  3. This is confirmed 1/72? It's not a re-release of their 1/100 kit?
  4. I think the advert says a 40th anniversary OVA + movie Bluray and DVD will go on sale 9/28. Along the left it indicates Amazon Prime streaming begins October 3? I'm assuming it's Japanese market, not the US/UK releases that were announced this summer and have yet to get firm release dates. Might be a bit of a toss-up, that. You see more and more Bandai kits in local stores nowadays, but it seems there's still some sort of legal snafu keeping OG Macross from making it here. Probably HG will demand that it be rebranded "Robotech" on the box art or... something. They included waterslides AND stickers with their Frontier and Delta kits. Come on, Bandai...
  5. They went about it basically how I expected them to do. Focus on battroid mode, Gerwalk looks slightly funky, Fighter looks very funky. I still would have preferred just three standalone renditions, but I'd be lying if I said my interest hasn't been piqued...
  6. So Japan is getting another Frontier BD box set release, set for March 24, 2023: https://natalie.mu/comic/news/495389 Does anyone happen to know if this is related to the US/international releases of Frontier/Plus/7/etc.? Or do all of these still remain frustratingly unknown?
  7. What's the in-universe history behind that scheme? IIRC it's to commemorate the 5,000th VF-1 unit produced?
  8. From my experience, EVERYONE is having trouble being "reliable" nowadays. And this isn't necessarily a pandemic thing; Bandai were already cutting back on their allocations of product to vendors prior to the pandemic. They were expanding their customer base to international markets and making increasingly varied products, without substantially boosting their production capability (ie still making everything out of their Shizuoka facilities). Production runs of X kit were probably cut back significantly so that they could retool in time for production run of the following Y kit. HLJ for me is still by far the most reliable seller, though with Gunpla specifically, Bandai has made so many significant strides into the US market that HLJ has been rendered kind of moot... for current, new gunpla-buying purposes, anyway. I tend to go for slightly older kits, which Bandai reproduces for their domestic market more often, and which HLJ can more easily get their hands on than domestic sellers can do. For new products, USAGundamstore has been decent for me... but again, that's about as decent as someone else who regularly shops BBTS, or Amiami, or etc.
  9. I'm debating whether to do exactly that for my nephew's 1600AF build. Maybe wait until the new 3D vcache chips come out, see it get another good price drop, and swap it out alongside a BIOS update. It makes me slightly upset that his is the only Ryzen build in the house; the other kids' are recycled Intel computers. One of them has even greater need of an update, but he's of the age now where he wants to work and pay for his own stuff, and he's dedicating more of his money to fixing up a car. Maybe I'll get him some parts for a Christmas gift...
  10. Considering the "punishment" he received, I'm not surprised at all. Child sex abuse just isn't quite the faux pas in Japan that, say, smoking marijuana is.
  11. Digging into DLSS 3 some more, it seems it IS basically the same type of interpolated frame generation tech that already exists - it renders two frames, then generates one or more frames that get inserted between those two frames, then outputs the result. So while strictly speaking there ARE more frames being sent to the screen, in practice the game will actually be LESS responsive as you'll always be playing one or two frames behind the real game time. I suppose that's where Nvidia Reflex comes in, as it'll presumably minimize this delay. Still, input latency and responsiveness won't actually be any better than if you played with the frame generation turned off. I imagine in fast-paced competitive shooters players will eschew the tech, but it'll probably be nice for leisurely games like Flight Sim.
  12. Aside from artificial segmentation reasons, I have to wonder if there are actual hardware reasons for the exclusivity. The "frame generation" part, which seems to be basically all that sets it apart from DLSS 2.X, seems... iffy. Frame interpolation has always been a double-edged sword; I'll be interested in seeing how it compares to other, non-AI methods, and how configurable it is (ie whether it can be turned off entirely). Looking at some of the slides/graphs, I noticed there was a lot of typical Nvidia number-fudging to get those results. Basically, there were rarely if any actual just straight up head to head performance comparisons. The "4x performance" claim in Cyberpunk 2077 especially and immediately triggered my skepticism switches. And sure enough, when you look at the fine details you see that the base 30-series data is using DLSS 2.X performance mode versus the 40-series using the DLSS 3.0 "frame generation" interpolation. This sort of stuff is exactly why I don't pay attention to Nvidia press releases, announcements, etc.
  13. Yeah, if these power draw figures are anywhere near what the rumors claim, tomorrow's high-end PCs will be demanding more wattage than a frickin' microwave... running for hours on end... every single day... From what I've heard, AMD's Radeon 7000 cards will be more focused on power efficiency, but even then their "7900 XT" or whatever it will be called will be drawing up to 400, 450 watts as well, so... I mean, I guess if it can get 85%-ish of the 4090's performance at 70% the power draw, that's certainly better than not, but still. Yikes. Did Nvidia have anything actually interesting on show?
  14. Came across this while perusing Metal Gear remake rumors: a Subsistence-style third person camera mod for Metal Gear Solid 2.
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