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  1. I told myself I would only get the Makina, Reina, and Kaname ones... but then I saw preview pics of the Freyja and ended up preordering one. And now I'm already committing to 4 of 5 members, I may as well finish the group, right? After all, it only makes sense. Aye yay yay...
  2. I think my one big gripe with the show - otherwise I feel for it about as much as I feel for anything Star Wars, which is to say, very little either way - is that they've decided to stick with the Prequels depiction of the Jedi as opposed to just, y'know, changing them to be more interesting. With this being Wuxia Star Wars and all, I'd have expected them to pattern the Jedi after the Shaolin monks of the big screen, from which they could have drawn all manner of varied tropes: the overly strict headmaster, the down-to-earth teacher who looks out for his students, the perpetually drunk one, the mischievous meat-eater, the entitled bully, etc. The Jedi of the Prequels was always a half-baked idea (much like a lot else of the Prequels), one that I'm disappointed to see persist. You can have a cast of pious monks who are still characters. This insistence on everyone being emotionless... it's such a detraction, I don't get why they don't just ignore it. Otherwise, I think it's alright. I think they could have undercranked the fights a bit to make them punchier, but they're alright. The edit on this three-second sequence (starting at 0:12 in case the timestamp doesn't stick) struck me as particularly bad - the first shot has her in the air, foot coming down from above, the second shot shows him defending a kick coming from below. I had a laugh at the whole edgelord Mae challenge thee to a duel pose. It was obviously meant to be a ridiculous display, which it was, and it illustrated an aspect of Mae's character, that being a bit of naivete and greenness. Yes, it's a bit stupid, the show as a whole is a bit stupid, but... how to put it? I sat through all four Ip Mans. I can sit through this.
  3. For my part, this is basically everything I'd ever wanted from the franchise: wuxia-flavored Star Wars. Even the lightsaber whip is something that kid me yearned for, impractical as it is. Here's just hoping they can manage to bring the Force closer to its Taoist, amoral roots as well (though I don't foresee that happening). Of all the recent Star Wars fare, this has managed to excite me the most.
  4. PG Inle plz thx u ok id settle for a hguc Inle thats ok too
  5. Oh, I didn't see the big honking sticker sheet/decal sheet on the previous page. Yikes.
  6. Oh for sure, after that initial shock I went right back to what I always do and pretended not to pay attention as I added to cart. Looking at the runner layout, I'm getting a decent idea of what the VF-22 will come with, I think. A1 will probably omit the intake covers and include extra yellow parts for the hand guards and a clear red visor for the head; A2 will omit the clear green parts and include the pearlescent red fighter mode canopy glass. B1 omits the fighter mode belly. C1 and C2 include color duplicates of part E-5 (the shoulder exterior accent). D has new cockpit parts for both fighter and battroid, as well as the new head and gray copies of the intake covers. E remains the same, meaning you'll be able to build two gunpods if desired, but also meaning the trigger finger hands will have to use yellow stickers for the hand guards. (I foresee a pretty extensive sticker sheet, actually.) F1 won't exist as the two parts on it are the YF-21-only side skirts. F2 will be new and include the VF-22 side skirts and the new fighter mode belly parts. And then of course there will be extra runners for the neon green effects parts and stand (the latter of which really should have been thrown in from the start of the line; or really just any basic stand at all would be appreciated). One general question I have, having finally snapped my YF-21 together today: Can someone tell me what the difference is between part A-3 and C-23? (The shoulder insert part, with the black hole details.) I haven't tried swapping them for one another, but from a glance it seems to me they're identical. On the subject of HLJ, I'm in agreement that it's an issue with Bandai: Kotobukiya, Plamax, etc. Even manufacturers who have made similar in-roads into the stateside domestic market - namely Kotobukiya - I can still get their stuff through HLJ (or Amiami, or Hobby Search, etc...) if I so desire. It's literally only Bandai who make it a pain. If they did something as simple as offer a parts replacement service or... something beyond mere access to their products, I'd be able to justify their stinginess. But alas... IIRC this practice was a result of Bandai's previously unpredictable but "regular enough" re-printing schedule. Especially when their product lineup was relatively minimal and, probably more importantly, demand was easier to keep up with, they could dedicate more time to small batch re-production runs of older MGs and HGs and so there was less of a need to, say, announce to distributors and customers their production schedule sometimes months ahead of time. They would announce special re-runs of super vintage stuff, but otherwise you could pretty safely bet on a kit being restocked at least every other year or so. Again IIRC there was word fairly recently, ie in the last five years or so, of them investing in new production facilities either in Japan or in the States, which would help alleviate some of those bottlenecks.
  7. IIRC the RVF-171 and -25 have distinct radomes. A kitbash wouldn't look 100% right... but it'd be close enough, I think.
  8. Link: https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2723567001001 Incidentally, that is REALLY starting to feel like a ripoff... is what I would say if I didn't just now check the regular YF-21 price and see that it's $50!?!?!?. Sheesh, I've tended to ignore pricing decisions for the most part, but even I'm a bit sticker shocked.
  9. As this is being distributed by All the Anime, am I correct in guessing this is limited to the UK(+EU?) region, and that prior US-specific shows/distributors are still as they were when announcements were made... last year? 2022? 2021? in the previous BD release announcement threads?
  10. Y'know, Daniel Craig seems to really like this role, and it's doing pretty well for all involved, so good for him.
  11. Is that confirmed? At least 3D model-wise, I thought it just reused the Alto -29 model. The -29B has a different... head...? This is the first I've seen it referred to as the B variant. I've only ever seen it referred to as a plain ol' YF-29.
  12. I think it was one or both of you I spoke to a while ago (probably around the time the Hasegawa Armored Battroid was announced) about the anime-style hands and how they bother me, too. I had to come to peace with the laughably and literally sketchy lineart hands by headcanoning that they're "traditionally" mechanical hand skeletons covered in spongy and/or expansive materials that can squeeze into a small form factor for stowage. But just imagine the intricate mechanisms and tolerances you would have to design into that to make sure that they don't reliably catch on anything and tear while going through repeated transformations. Or maybe they do, and that becomes an infamous design flaw of the VF-1. Mechanics complain en masse about re-stuffing filling and duct-taping holes after nearly every mission, and it becomes standard practice to replace entire manipulators instead. At the height of the problem, otherwise perfectly useful hands are being tossed every two or three sorties. Penny pinchers realize that nearly 15% of the NUNS procurement budget is dedicated to purchasing or refurbishing manipulator units. NUNS and Northrom get into a tizzy over it, it becomes a whole political scandal that sacks a prominent chicken down company and several generals, and all future VF designs are mandated to follow strict manipulator design specs. General Galaxy and the YF-21 lose Project Super Nova because, as one GG engineer puts it, "our wings could look like anything, but the brass could only see balloon hands." Indeed, the gate of history turns on small hinges.
  13. Given the YF-21's shape changing materials, it may actually not have any external hardpoints (aside from gunpod and FAST pack mounts). Still, more dakka can never hurt.
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