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  1. I think using historical accuracy as a barometer for film quality is barking up the wrong tree. Just take Scott's previous historical epic, Gladiator. It's nowhere near historically accurate, yet it was a massive hit. From all I've heard and seen of Napoleon, it seems he was hoping to strike success using the same formula, but apparently the character drama just isn't as compelling as before, and thus can't sustain the movie when the holes in reality start to show themselves. The Woman King being lashed for deviating from historical truth was all well and good, but the movie itself is otherwise a fine if predictable movie. It felt like a lot of the criticism applied a double standard to the movie. It was okay for other historical movies before it to deviate from dry historical truth, but for whatever reason it wasn't okay for that movie (and this one) to do the same. So... yeah. I don't think historical accuracy is necessarily the issue; I think, like is usually the case, the storytelling just isn't up to snuff.
  2. "If you want this MG kit, then SLEEP WITH THIS PILE OF PLASTIC MODEL PIECES FOR MY ILLICIT SEXUAL THRILL." Hm... no yeah, that checks out, carry on.
  3. Partly for me it's a bit odd to see the forward-swivel Gerwalk joint being utilized in Battroid form; typically whenever you see Battroid animated/drawn, it always has that joint closed and swivels forward using the hip joint instead. Artists might curve the thigh forward, blend the top and bottom halves together to get a more dynamic forward bend while keeping the vents relatively parallel to the body. This rendition is mechanically correct - or at least mechanically correct as far as this kit is concerned - but it's just not what has usually been done when depicting this subject this or similar ways.
  4. VFG Makina preorders are up, at least the JP ones. HLJ - https://www.hlj.com/macross-delta-vf-31a-kairos-makina-nakajima-aos06524 Hobby Search - https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/11040184 Amiami - https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-162689
  5. Oh, is the FA-78 a Sentinel design? I thought it was just an Okawara MSV that's been reworked over the years.
  6. Anyone got an idea what the weapons are based on? So far I'm getting vibes of Glock G17? I dunno, the thumb hole, wooden stock, and long length extending past the screen makes me think of the WA2000, but it has a mass and overall silhouette that makes me think more of a sci-fi AK. Gives the impression of some sort of revolver. Sci-fi Chinese meat cleavers? Probably a high-frequency blade of some sort. They always are. Now that I get a good look at it, it seems the same gun as in Michiel Huisman's poster. From this angle it definitely looks more like just a "generic sci-fi carbine rifle." I don't know, but it definitely looks really front-heavy and probably a pain to wield. Another generic sci-fi rifle. For whatever reason, my mind went to the Marines' assault rifles in Aliens. This is the most obvious so far, a barely dressed-up Kriss Vector. I gotta say, looks like he's swinging around a dick and balls.
  7. Try clearing your cache/cookies?
  8. Check out the shipping on them. HOO BOY SHE A CHONKER
  9. I wonder what if any parts will be shared from the YF-19. They're superficially similar, but pretty much every single aspect of the design is altered in some way for the VF-19 that I would be very surprised if ANYTHING transfers over. Maybe... the arms? wings? feet? Regardless, this and the 1/72 prototype have got to be good news for those who like the design.
  10. Amazon.co.jp link already???: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0CLGYYLPJ There appears to be a second one that includes a post card set???: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0CLGXWMQB I dunno, if someone could clarify why the two SKUs and/or whether these are legit at all...
  11. "Japanese and English subtitles included..." Was Zero among the raft of announced American releases? I recall Plus... 7 and its derivatives... 2 got that Kickstarter preview recently... Frontier and Delta + movies??? If not, might pick this up and add to my sudden collection of import Blurays. (Watching the Plus and Frontier movies for the first time in decades in my living room, even without subs, was damn near cathartic.)
  12. That was my thinking as well. A "Full Set Pack" of the YF-21 would consist of only... what, the FAST Packs and Fold Booster? Maybe a similar fold barrier punch effect? I was always under the impression that the YF-19's extra ordinance is only due to that one artwork of it all laid out being so iconic. The YF-21 doesn't have such a depiction IIRC. That said, I do think a DX should include at least the FAST Pack by default. Especially on these two prototype VFs, the "Super" parts are so minimal as to be a foregone conclusion. It was actually really disappointing to see the YF-19 WWM release be SO stingy by not including them.
  13. kajnrig

    Macross figures

    Ah, yes, I suspected you might be in a different market. Those are all JPY prices converted to USD; you being in the Euro zone(?) would change the prices somewhat. Hobby Search is pretty reliable; Amiami and HLJ are both solid choices, too. I don't know much about Hobby Genki, I think the reviews around here have been generally pretty positive as well. (Note that all of those are Japanese-native stores.) BBTS and Kappa Hobby would probably not be ideal sources as they're located in the US. I'm unfortunately not well-versed on European hobby stores.
  14. kajnrig

    Macross figures

    IIRC the Hobby Genki price doesn't include international shipping (same as all the links above except BBTS), potentially making it the most expensive option. Of those Japanese stores, HLJ has the cheapest price on the item itself, but again, international shipping might make up the difference in cost. BBTS has a fixed $4 shipping cost for the item, so the final price should come out to $354 + tax. I took a gander at Kappa Hobby, and they have the item on preorder for $338.88 + tax and free US shipping: https://kappahobby.com/products/macross-frontier-sheryl-nome-tsukuyomi-ver-1-7-scale-figure-shibuya-scramble-figure The rough USD prices, from lowest known cost to highest: HLJ = $235 + international shipping Hobby Search, Amiami = $255 + international shipping Hobby Genki = $275 + international shipping Kappa Hobby = $339 + tax BBTS = $354 + tax
  15. 2002, but yes, looks to be for the most part, except for the updated hips that first showed up in IIRC the Armored VF-1J. They're lookers, but yes, they're rather limited in articulation. That said, IIRC it's a little bit better than what's depicted here, and what's depicted here doesn't do the kit any favors.
  16. Which reminds me, how difficult would it be to convert the Q-Rau to a Q-Rare/Rhea? I imagine it'd "just" be a matter of replacement parts for the forearm cannons and a new backpack upper shell with a rail for a shoulder-mounted cannon., but there might be more going on I don't recognize at a glance. I want to say the proportions are different, too, maybe the backpack as a whole is smaller on the Rare/Rhea...? (EDIT: Hm, yeah, seems the backpack has way more going on than I remembered. Fuel tanks as well, accent details around the missile launchers, and definitely seems it's smaller overall, bottoming out at the top of the thighs rather than at the knees.) Also, that version of the SVF-41 Black Aces is 1/48 scale, correct?
  17. Yep, Bandai are really cutting back on domestic-for-export allocation, it seems. At this point you should just order any Bandai stuff locally. Or I dunno, I see a bunch of these pop up on Yahoo Japan after their release. If you can get a good deal, you might still save some money going through a proxy, even after accounting for Japanese domestic shipping, international shipping, and proxy fees, given the exchange rate. You would think Bandai could make international prices more competitive while still making a decent profit, but the jacked-up local prices dictated by them still don't save you anything compared to just trying your hand on importing a kit or two yourself. It's frankly a bit ridiculous.
  18. I looked at a couple reviews and unfortunately it seems like they had to completely redesign the underbelly fuselage to accommodate those hardpoints, to the point that they don't bother including the original non-hardpoint parts in the Kairos SP kit. It's a shame, because I agree, mucking all of that up just so you can mount some dopey fish-plane things is a dumb idea. I'm just glad they didn't make that mistake with the VF-31D Skuld kits that released beforehand. Sure, the fish-planes have to be mounted on their own stands or something, but the original depictions of them were literally as sport fish being caught by the Skuld anyway, so... yeah, makes sense they wouldn't have any way to connect to the VF. That in mind, it's only more bizarre that Aoshima then turned them into like... drones or Bits or what-have-you.
  19. I did end up seeing The Creator last night on a whim. It's not a MAJOR cliche fest like I feared... but also, it kind of is? But also also, and I think more importantly, the movie doesn't know what it wants to be about. It's supposedly a movie about the struggle between humanity and AI, but it doesn't really know how to properly frame AI (in a speculative fiction way), so "AI" becomes functionally just another racial makeup of mankind... except when the movie remembers they're robots and treats them as such... but then it just as quickly forgets that in order to score cheap drama points. That lack of focus paints much of the story as kind of an allegory for and condemnation of Bush-/Obama-(/Trump-/Biden-)era US imperialism, but that doesn't seem fully intentional. Again, it doesn't strongly commit to the idea just as it strongly doesn't commit to any other idea it's working with, so the allegory/criticism is surface-level at best. All this, of course, set against the backdrop of it also wanting to be a Hollywood blockbuster, which I think is ultimately where the fault lies. It makes what I feel are too many sacrifices of narrative depth for the sake of hitting arbitrary "big-budget war epic" story beats. I had this issue with Rogue One, too - another Gareth Edwards joint - where they took what should have been a relatively small-scale story and unnecessarily blew it up into this big military operation to no real benefit. I'm not saying it had to be Ghost in the Shell, or Blade Runner, or Ex Machina... but I AM saying it makes me want to watch those instead.
  20. Ah, gotcha. They looked bigger than 1/20 in the picture, or maybe the Bandai figures are smaller than I remember...
  21. Indeed, ファイター = fa i ta a = fighter What's the difference between the SDFM/DYRL schemes again? IIRC the DYRL schemes all follow Roy's Skull Squadron theme, just swapping out the color striping? And the SDFM schemes are either white with color accents or inverted on Max/Miriya's -1Js? Or am I misremembering all that? Also, this is especially off-topic now, but I wonder what's with the figures on the side of the first pic. IIRC those were Bandai prize figures released way back at the beginning of the show. Are Max Factory perhaps intending to re-release them as model kits? They've been doing the same with other figures lately, too, notably of Asuka and Mari from Evangelion (and Power and Makima from Chainsaw Man).
  22. Where are you seeing that? I haven't gotten any of their email newsletters for several months now for some reason, including sales announcements and the like, and I don't see it announced on their store page.
  23. I was scratching my head thinking surely that's not true because I didn't remember that being the case on the Alto kit... but sure enough, the CF kit comes with new wings with the pylons molded onto the undersides. I don't know why that revelation triggered such a reaction of disgust in me. What do you mean, you don't want customers to drill holes into the wings and glue the pylons into place!?!?!? Looking at the scans on Hobbysearch, the CF comes with both the bare wings and weapon-mounting wings, so I suppose it's still not out of the question that a standalone add-on kit simply includes that extra wings runner.
  24. That sucks. It seemed like it would be very predictable, but I was holding out hope the story would clear a similarly high bar as the effects.
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