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  1. In case you can't wait, Amiami's got one of the Yammie version: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=TOY-RBT-0029-R I know a similar question was asked above, but is the Arcadia toy just the Yammie molds refined and revised, or did they create brand new molds that just necessarily follow similar shapes, lines, etc., as the Yammie one?
  2. Color separation and snap-fit assembly confirmed, at least according to HLJ. (Maybe this was already said somewhere, but first time I'm seeing it.) From their newsletter email just now: And from the item listing description:
  3. Can't help you there, sorry, but speaking of the Ra Cailum, I happened upon this at Amiami. It might be a decent alternative, though it is a pretty $150 or so pre-shipping. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-007777-R
  4. They have been getting into both color separation and snapfit recently... IIRC their MechatroWeGo kits were all/mostly snapfit and color-separated, as well as maybe another handful of small-scale kits the last few years. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it was all practice runs for this release.
  5. Dare I hope for a Q-Rau/Rhea? Gotta get me my Pixie Squadron!
  6. Question for anyone who got one: How does the 3D-printed one that... Xigfrid? lemme check... cooked up way back when compare? If one got that when he first made it, would this be a worthwhile upgrade? EDIT: In case you missed it, here's the first relevant post (progress is made further down the post):
  7. This is the one that's basically just the MG kit with some diecast? Or...?
  8. The YF-29? Yes. The VF-25? Supposedly, it's undergoing atmospheric performance evaluation on Earth.
  9. Is it weird that I find the WWM VF-25 way more befitting Max than this YF-29?
  10. Dunno about Singapore, but in the US it's P-Bandai: https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2590353001001 Actually just found the Singapore P-Bandai listing, but unfortunately seems it's sold out: https://p-bandai.com/sg/item/N2590353001001
  11. Shoji Kawamori himself is holding it close to the chest until his video message at the Dec. 14 Macross Plus showing, at which time he'll tell us all to look under our seats and - GASP! - it'll be waiting there for us, special commemorative toys with individually signed boxes!
  12. kajnrig

    Hi-Metal R

    How are the proportions on these? The VF-0S especially looks a bit off, but I'm not sure if I'm just seeing things. There were also prototypes shown way back when for a bunch of stuff from the sequels, right? YF/VF-19s, VF-11s, etc., all of which became vaporware?
  13. Is this supposed to be "Max's VF-25F"? Mainly due to the blue and the skull. The WWM I'm assuming means something like seti suggests, World-Wide Macross or so, and the 021 maybe marking the year 2021. Or maybe it's a personal tail code of his...?
  14. Which IIRC isn't explicitly a canon publication, correct?
  15. I did. I forgot there was a dedicated thread, so I just wrote about it in the General Movies thread. Tl;dr: I found it mildly better than the two worst movies (Quantum of Solace, Spectre), but not nearly as good as the two best ones (Casino Royale, Skyfall). The side characters, especially the new 007, not getting much to do was pretty disappointing.
  16. Got two tickets for myself and a friend, and hopefully some more will RSVP and join in the next few weeks. I've been wanting to see this in theaters for such a long time. I hope there aren't any glaring issues with the presentation - stretching and/or cropping to fit widescreen screens, bad subtitles, etc.
  17. Apparently people have already watched it despite a Nov. 19 premiere date? Was there something like a media early-access showing or something? Well, regardless, impressions can be found here. Seems generally positive:
  18. Wasn't expecting this today. Steam had a livestream discussing Deck development, hardware deep-dive, and more. Video link should skip past all the initial waiting:
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