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  1. Finally polished off The Expanse last night. That's a heck of a ride. The fifth season started for me with some fatigue, but I quickly became engrossed again. Tokyo Vice a week or so before that has also been excellent, and I'm eagerly awaiting a second season.
  2. Thor 3 is definitely where Thor finally starts feeling like a full-fledged Marvel movie, but I do miss the classical meter that Kenneth Branagh imbued into the first film and the goofy juxtaposition of that against the modern world in the second. I'll be honest, I don't get why Thor Ragnarok continues to get such effusive praise. It's a good movie, don't get me wrong, definitely in the upper tier of the MCU, but I would hardly put it in the top 10... or maybe even top 15. Even compared to its two predecessors I'd personally put it in second place behind the first movie and impersonally wouldn't rank it that much ahead.
  3. Sigh... I must have been looking at different Exia kits or something, then, I dunno. grumblegrumblwfriggin' three Grades with different versions in each grade and some are pbandai and some aren't andgrumble grumble grumble
  4. Thanks for the insight. Gah, of course I should have looked at reviews as well! According to the wiki, the R2 internalizes the previously exposed cables, not eliminates them. The R3 I assumed would have kept that feature, but apparently it switches to a GN condenser instead of a true GN drive, which might explain the return to the older style forearms... but not thighs? Grumble grumble grumble... And the R4 uses a GN Tau drive... As for the back skirt armor, I chalk that up to stylization, as aside from the splash of blue, the shape of it seem to be the same. (Of course, the model kits maintain this difference in color... Gjrjdkeidhfjskeirbr )
  5. Aw, that's cute. Both the Monster and Makina. It doesn't look like she's the dedicated Monster pilot, though... which for some reason I figured she would have been. I'm down for one or more of these for sure. Very nice, unique riff on the design.
  6. tl;dr - The Exia designs are inconsistent. Does your MB Exia R4 have 1) GN cables? and 2) elbow guards? This might not be completely apropos, but I figured I'd ask here since it involves the Exia R4, for which only a Metal Build exists in physical form. I have a MG kit of the Exia R3 (that has parts to build the Exia, Exia R2, or Exia R3) that I'm converting to an R4 via a conversion kit (that appears to have recast some parts wholesale from the Metal Build), and I'm confused as to which certain parts to use. (The conversion kit is made with base MG Exia in mind, but omits some parts that it arguably "should" include.) 1) Can someone explain the existence or omission of GN cables between versions? The R2 supposedly does away with the GN cables (all of them, not just the obvious ones in the shoulders and thighs), but they find their way back in artwork for the R3, only for some to disappear again for the R4. (And obviously the R4 gets the one shoulder cable back again.) From the promotional images, the Metal Builds don't seem to bother to get rid of them between releases, beyond the shoulder/thigh cables. Is this the case? 2) Similarly, do the forearms change between Metal Build variants? The artwork suggests that the R2 gains elbow guards, the R3 returns to the original Exia forearms, and the R4 re-upgrades to the R2 elbow guards. Interestingly, the MG instructions tell me to build the R3 with the R2 elbow guards, indicating that either the artwork is wrong and the Exia R3 "canonically" is patterned on the R2 design with minor revisions, or the model kit is "inaccurate"... Meanwhile, the Metal Build pics I've seen indicate they do not have different forearms/elbows, and the R4 conversion kit seems to follow in their stead as it does not include the R2-style forearms. For reference, the inconsistencies in artwork:
  7. I sincerely hope there aren't any issues and I'll have unwittingly contributed to screwing over a bunch of people here. Yes.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. And on that note, I decided to check out the order page on Amiami and there was the prompt to checkout. Either the automated shipping request (if it is automated) didn't trigger - no email in my inbox or junk folder - or it's as @Lolicon said and Golden Week has delayed them. So if you preordered through Amiami and are worried about having not received a shipping request, you might want to check your account. Indeed. Even with the card fee, 29,039 JPY turned out to be something like $227 for me. This lopsided exchange rate is screwing with all my usual money calculations. Typically I just move the decimal over two spots to get the rough dollar amount, but nowadays that's overestimating by as much as... well, in this case, by over $60.
  9. tl;dr - Great experience over several years, but never bought a toy (certainly not a transforming one) from them. I've bought maybe... half a dozen? static figures (no toys) from them for a few years now, starting back when they were just an Ebay store without a dedicated website, and they've always done good by me, with responsive customer service. A quick google indicates it's been the same with others as well. There was apparently one incident where a customer thought they received a fake product and it turned out they misunderstood a sticker or something.
  10. I didn't pay close attention, was HLJ the only place to already charge customers for the Mirage 31AX? I haven't gotten a shipping request from Amiami, and I wonder if HLJ simply got theirs in early or something.
  11. Man, imagine if we got a 1/48 Monster, eh? 😄
  12. Any info/WIPs/reviews/etc. of the old B-Club 1/100 "Ver Ka" conversion kits for the HG Endless Waltz line? I'm asking on the off chance that someone here might have seen something in the wild or perhaps even worked on one. Google and Youtube haven't borne any fruit, and my Japanese is not deft enough to trawl the Japanese interwebs. There does exist a review of the Sandrock conversion kit by Henry McClellan aka vegeta8259, but nothing on the others. To be clear, what I'm referring to are B-Club conversion kits that allowed you to transform your HG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom HG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock Custom HG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms Custom HG 1/100 Gundam Nataku into their "first season"/"Ver Ka" predecessors (HLJ links for reference): 1/100 Wing Gundam Ver Ka 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Ver Ka 1/100 Gundam Sandrock Ver Ka 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms Ver Ka 1/100 Shenlong Gundam Ver Ka I've gotten another itch to get the old HG 1/100s again, and I wondered if it might be worth it to try and find one or more of these to work on. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  13. Given modern Square Enix's track record of success when it comes to maintaining their back catalog? I dunno about that. Who wants to bet on the FM1 and 2 remakes being horribly optimized junk compared to the originals? They couldn't get Chrono Cross to even match the PS1 original's performance...
  14. Just wanted to confirm: Was the Mirage pushed back to April from March, or to May from April? EDIT: I may be confusing it with the WWM -25, so clarification on that would be appreciated, too. Mirage = Apr 2022, from Mar 2022? WWM = May 2022, from Apr 2022?
  15. Lighting makes it look awfully pink... Which I think looks fine. Red or pink looks good. So long as it's not actually maroon.
  16. Can anyone summarize what happened Macross-wise at this event? There's this, the surprise Arcadia Destroid Tomahawk announcement, a notice of delay on the WWM VF-25 and Mirage VF-31AX... anything else? Or was the movie announcement actually all there was and the others just coincidentally happened around the same time?
  17. Look up "Gundam G-Frame." Basically hand-sized toys packed alongside a piece of gum. They're sold in packs of... 6? boxes to retailers, to put on display and sell each box individually. Typically, each Gundam came in two varieties in two different boxes (so three different Gundams per G-Frame pack/release): - one box had a fixed-pose frame plus armor - one box had an articulated frame plus accessories (usually weapons, shield, maybe a stand, etc.) Seems these Eva Frame are following a similar route, except it'll be - top half (the Eva 02) - bottom half (the Eva 02) - armor (everything else) - articulated frame (everything else) + a standalone options set to be used with the other releases?
  18. Those were my thoughts, too. The arms look especially stubby in the lineart. Just an awkward pose, perhaps... And speaking of female leads, would the pilot of the Stargazer count? Sure that "show" was all of... 45?... minutes or so, but I remember enjoying it way more than anything else Seed. Or is the Strike... Noir?... pilot considered the lead? I'm liking the name of the show, I'm liking the lead's design, I think the Gundam looks decent. It's got some THICCCCCC thighs, though... Feels really unbalanced, like the only day it DIDN'T skip was leg day. I'm not a fan of the clashing shapes, either; the upper thigh all linear, the lower all curves... I'd like it more if they blended into each other. As it is I keep getting the impression that it's running around with its pants down.
  19. So... "canonically," where would this variant fit into the Exia's lifespan? Probably some "00V"-esque prototype equipment thought up during the transition from Astraea to Exia but never put into production, a la Avalanche/Dash parts?
  20. Thanks for the clarification, @dero. That's a shame about Amiami/CDJ/et al. Seems kind of heavy-handed on Bandai's part... Wouldn't a cease and desist have sufficed?
  21. I have a bunch of legacy kits on backorder at HLJ, expressly because they're old and/or OOP and/or otherwise unlikely to ever find their way overseas. This new policy kind of really frakking sucks, if it is as it says and it applies to them.
  22. Bandai's "Hobby Next Phase 2022 Spring," including HGAC Shenlong. https://bandai-hobby.net/site/nextphase2022spring/
  23. Strike ANIME? So does that mean they'll be going back to the chunky proportions of the original? Whoever sculpts their ANIME figures have been phenomenally consistently good about it, but after some 15-20 years of every physical rendition favoring a slimmer look, it'll be interesting to see the response to something that's more "on model," so to speak. EDIT: Also, what new Exia variant could possibly still be unmade at this point? They went so far as inventing a Repair 4 whole cloth(?) just to have an excuse to toy-ize it.
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