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  1. I think I'd be more interested if it was at least a full-detail (or, well, pseudo-full-detail) kit. A nose radar, full cockpit with maybe functional EX Gear system, removable panels, wires/hoses, etc... I mean, I still have half a mind to get this just to scratchbuild the rest of it, but still...
  2. I dunno if it's him specifically or the FX crew (Weta?) he regularly teams with, but his movies always have such good, unconventionally appealing visual effects.
  3. ...what? This is the first I've ever heard this idea posited... or that it could be Toji's mom. The first sounds more farfetched than the second, but I'm fairly skeptical of both. It's canonically stated (in "supplemental" material... sigh...) that Evas require souls - specifically the souls of the pilots' mothers - but that statement of canon is often at odds with the events of the show itself. Or at least, it causes... friction. Of the 13 known Eva units, only 2 - Unit 01 and Unit 02 - are known to have their pilots' mothers' souls inside them. In 02's case, it only has part of her soul (for a time, at least), leading to her psychosis and eventual suicide (after which it might have absorbed the rest of it???). 00's soul is unknown; apparently the prevailing theory points to Rei I, though I've seen both Naoko Akagi and none posited. Aside from those three, the show and supporting material says nothing at all about whose soul reside in which Eva Unit. If anything, I lean towards the "soul" of Unit 03 being no one at all. Once it comes into contact with Bardiel, the Angel simply puppets it, even more easily than Kaworu puppets Unit 02 in episode 24. I always got the feeling that the characters of the show don't even really know that an Eva HAS to have a soul to synchronize with someone. Or if they do, they aren't able to comprehend anything more than that. The what, but not the why or how. Yui Ikari might be the one exception, and even then I'm not sure. "The curse of Eva" is nothing more than an excuse to keep the pilots young and marketable while fast-forwarding the setting 25(?) years, but I didn't see any reason to not take it on its face. Piloting an Eva has caused the pilots to become ageless. Sure, alright. 3.0 Mari and Asuka are the same as 1.0 Mari and Asuka as 2.0 Mari and Asuka. Who Mari is beyond that... eh, I don't really know and I don't really care.
  4. I'm more upset at how quickly they're blazing through those numbers. Helloooo! We were just at 57, you really had to pass on sixteen other prototypes?
  5. So my free trial of Hulu ends in a week or so. Any suggestions for what to binge in the time remaining? I've only watched a kids movie (what I got it for) and I think an episode of Bob's Burgers.
  6. Was it Eva or Frontier that announced some 1:1 statues coming out soon-ish like last year or so? Well regardless, I know there have been other 1:1 statues of Asuka/Rei in the past, so this doesn't surprise me too much. This certainly looks better than the previous ones, too. Though I don't know if less anime and more "real"istic is a plus or not when it comes to life-size... You know what? I'll just not think about it. At all. Scrub my eyes, ears, and prefrontal cortex with bleach.
  7. Valve announces the Steam Deck, a portable gaming PC with a custom Zen 2/RDNA 2 APU
  8. Perhaps it's a VF-29, a scaled-back production model that doesn't cost several moderately-wealthy countries' GDPs to make. Emphasis on scaled-back.
  9. grumblegrumblegrumbleyou win this round bandaigrumblegrumble I hope they do an EW re-pop alongside this. I missed out on the last run of the EW movie kits, and I don't intend to repeat that mistake. Actually, speaking of which, what are all the MG EW kits and variations now? There's "TV/Manga" kits: Wing EW Deathscythe EW Heavyarms EW Sandrock EW Shenlong EW Wing Proto Zero (EW?) Tallgeese EW Epyon EW Tallgeese 2 EW (P-Bandai) "OVA/Movie" kits: Wing Zero Custom / Wing Zero EW Ver. Ka Deathscythe Hell EW Heavyarms Kai/Custom EW (P-Bandai) Sandrock Kai/Custom EW (P-Bandai) Altron/Nataku EW (P-Bandai) Tallgeese 3 EW (P-Bandai) "Manga Special Equipment" kits: Deathscythe Rousette (P-Bandai) Heavyarms Igel (P-Bandai) Sandrock Armadillo (P-Bandai) Shenlong Laioya (P-Bandai) Tallgeese Fluegel (P-Bandai) Drei Zwerg option kit (P-Bandai)??? Am I forgetting anything? The optional equipment kits especially I think I might have missed some releases. Unfortunately, the Gundam wikia page doesn't keep track of P-Bandai releases, so I can't check against that...
  10. Good luck porting all your save data, etc., from the old console to the new. Did they ever offer a workable solution for that, or is it still relatively locked down? Maybe connect the two with a USB cable, copy everything over...
  11. Did Bandai just get lazy with their hands again or is the lance actually supposed to feature handles that are perpendicular to the shaft like that? God forbid they should include dedicated holding hands canted at an angle.
  12. I didn't get that sense at all. (Granted, it's been a while and I haven't revisited the show since my initial viewing, but) I thought it was pretty clear that the Delta's intended hierarchy of fighter prowess was - Arad (in terms of overall capability) / Messer (in terms of sheer prowess) - Mirage (when "dancing") / Hayate (when "dancing") - Mirage (when alone) - Hayate (when alone) - Chuck (just because his abilities as a pilot are never touched on) with the implication that Mirage is capable of superseding everyone and living up to her family name if only she can get out of her own way and stop trying to live up to her family name. ...or that could be just me inferring things about her character that the show didn't have time to do.
  13. Yeah, DLSS requires their tensor cores. I was under the impression that they - Nintendo - were leaning in that direction; IIRC there was some leaked developer guidance or something stating that devs should aim for 4k output, and the rumor mill at the time saw that as hints at improved hardware. Assuming they did want to implement DLSS, that definitely would have required a new SoC. The most recent generation of Tegra has tensor cores - its GPU is Volta-based, two generations ahead of the X1's Maxwell GPU. For reference, Maxwell was 7xx-9xx cards; Volta was used in professional cards after the 10xx Pascal cards and before the 16xx/20xx Turing cards. Alternatively, they could have asked Nvidia to, if possible, backport tensor cores to the Tegra X1... which would be a custom solution and be even more complicated and costly as using a new SoC. About the only possible positive of going that route is possibly maintaining absolute compatibility with previous Switch games/software. Well, kind of. Nvidia didn't make the Tegra X1 specifically for the Switch. It made it for its Shield devices and to sell to third parties, but no third parties were interested. Nintendo only settled on it because Nvidia practically let them have it to clear up inventory. Or at least that's the story I hear. That's also very possible, and it seems reasonable to me. It's just disappointing, is all. ...then again, I haven't even touched my Switch in years, so what do I have to be disappointed about? I'm just complaining to complain.
  14. I thought it was pretty clearly shown that she's an at least competent VF pilot on her own, and her "Jenius skill" just needs a dance partner, so to speak, to express itself. I really wish this show, this setting, could have gone through another draft or two before production really kicked into gear. Or spread itself out over multiple seasons. There's interesting stuff there with all the characters - and Mirage especially - that could have been more fully explored.
  15. That improvement was due mainly to a more efficient version of the Tegra X1 - made on a 16nm process rather than the original's 20nm. IIRC, the following year Nvidia took orders for one final run of the Tegra X1 before ending its production for good, so there's not much chance of that design moving to another manufacturing node. Nintendo could probably get one more good battery life extension by increasing the battery size... and maybe the OLED screen is more power efficient, too, I dunno. They could also unlock more of the chip's overclocking headroom, but even that still wouldn't net the performance boost necessary to get, say, Hyrule Warriors 2 running at anywhere near a decent framerate.
  16. I wonder what they would have upgraded it to, though. I don't hear much of anything about any successors to the Tegra X1 - IIRC there were one or two generational improvements and that's it? Presumably Nintendo would want something like that so as to maintain broad software compatibility. What even is the makeup of the Tegra X1? How specialized is or isn't it such that a hardware upgrade is feasible? And also IIRC, Nintendo specifically went with the Tegra X1 because stock of it was so high, Nvidia had produced so many chips and no one was using them, so they could be had for cheap. I don't think there's a chip in existence today that could replace the X1 and can be had for similarly cheap.
  17. I know about the Netflix dub, and so I could swear the talk I heard was in relation to the Rebuild BDs, but I'm too lazy to check for sure.
  18. Mirage doesn't strike me as the kind to "play the waiting game," so to speak. Or rather, she SHOULDN'T be the kind to play the waiting game. Waiting in the wings. Playing second fiddle. What-have-you. I remember it being a major disappointment when the show (and first movie? I forget now...) ended with her weirdly, third-wheel-edly telling the two of them, "So yeah, I love you too, it's cool if you don't like me back." It was such a copout, the show trying to have its cake and eat it too. Just have her be on her own. Let her growth be undefined by romance. It's fine. That's what I hope for with this second movie. If they actually go with "Well Freyja's dead now, guess it's Mirage's turn"... Well, I won't be surprised, just disappointed.
  19. I want to say a page or two back they were discussing the fact that Funimation(?) would be re-dubbing all four films with a new cast. Or maybe it was somewhere else I read that...
  20. Too true. I didn't mean to imply that FiM was "good" and all other entries therefore "bad" simply by nature of its appeal to an untraditional demographic.
  21. I think bronies were a flash in the pan, but I say that having dropped off FiM after just like the second or third season. I'm sure the majority of them lasted through the entire run of like... seven? eight? seasons + movies + spinoffs. FiM itself seemed like a flash in the pan, and I don't think they'll be able to match its performance for a good while. But this show might be just as good, who knows.
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