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  1. Depending how the distribution licenses(/sub-licenses???) are handled, the merch might not make it stateside anyway. BW and HG might have worked out a new distribution deal for the shows and movies - I'm guessing HG sub-licensed the trademarks to BW to make things kosher - but the announcement IIRC says nothing about merchandising. If HG's stranglehold on the US trademarks continues to be an unnecessary hassle to the likes of Bandai, Hasegawa, Arcadia, etc., they might just treat it as business as usual and continue to ignore the US market altogether. (Frankly, I might prefer to keep it that way.) This is all predicated, of course, on BW actually owning the trademarks in the other major markets, which is why my clarifying questions a few pages back. In China (and Brazil? Am I imagining that one?), yes, things were definitively settled in BW's favor, but is that the case in the EU? I know the initial court ruling was in BW's favor, but HG's appeal and the subsequent pause of the appeal might put the Macross trademarks in legally murky territory.
  2. "Turn the audio on," it asks of us while blowing out the audio balance with NOTICE ME SHAREHOLDERS music.
  3. Could Bancadia avoid HG by just (well, "just") tweaking any problematic items to be from a different entry in the franchise? Release VF-1s in Delta livery. Repaint Monsters in... I dunno, VF-X? colors. VF-4G as an M3 design. etc. etc.
  4. Gonna copypasta from the last page. Anyone got any clarification?
  5. Did BW take back the trademarks in the EU, though? IIRC, they sued, a judge initially ruled in their favor, HG appealed, and then both parties moved to... suspend the case? drop the appeal? If they (HG and BW together) have simply filed to suspend, presumably there will have to be some follow-up motions in the near future to either resume or drop the appeal? If they've (HG mainly, though in cooperation with BW) dropped the appeal, the last declaratory action (ie the judge's ruling) would put the trademarks in BW's hands? Was the initial ruling put on hold at all pending the appeal process? If so, and if the appeal is still technically in progress, that would mean the trademarks were/are still currently in HG's hands...? Or perhaps the court put an injunction barring either company from making use of the trademark pending the court ruling, and if the appeals court put the judge's decision on hold, that would put the trademarks currently in a legal no-man's land. Or maybe I'm overthinking all of this.
  6. So... HG can't make derivative works based on SDFM/DYRL. BW can... but BW can't distribute that stuff - if it contains characters and/or mecha designs from SDFM/DYRL - outside Japan without contending with HG's trademark claims, which 1) previously, they were doing so (in the EU, and before/concurrent to that in China) by way of lawsuit claiming original use; and 2) now, by way of some sort of... sublicensing agreement with HG? Is that about right? All this secondhand legal mumbo-jumbo is as mind-boggling to me as it ever was. I need to see whatever agreement(s) they signed.
  7. Would still vastly prefer if HG were thrown back into the fires of Mount Doom. I'm not getting my hopes up until I see something actually come of this.
  8. Too many, and yet, at the same time never enough. I'm more curious about the nippers. "TT43" doesn't give any google results, but "TT42" is their photo-etch nippers, which appear to be the same thing. Perhaps Hasegawa are just rebranding TT42 as a high end plastic nipper? The blades certainly seem much thinner than normal nippers...
  9. I feel like they could have done a lot more with I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Though that said, they could have made it substantially better by substituting Godzilla with a sacrificial kaiju and going all in on paying homage. Have Kong fight a giant shark, have him pull open its jaws, have two battleships intentionally scuttle themselves and shoot the shark kaiju point blank in the mouth. I was so hoping!
  10. The pandemic might have thoroughly borked the option, but I remember people were able to get a shipping estimate for these specific items individually by emailing customer support. You might be able to send it by sea as well.
  11. They revived the franchise with a new tv show back in like 2011? 2012? subtitled "Friendship is Magic" that became unexpectedly really popular, hence this series of figures. IIRC, the ponies in the show didn't transform into human form; there was some plot point or another somewhere along the line that introduced a parallel universe with human versions of the characters. But these Bishoujo line figures are different original designs with the same basic premise of "anthropomorphize the pony": vs As for MGS, who else could they have done a Bishoujo figure of? Mei Ling? Naomi Hunter? Eva? Don't get me wrong, they're all memorable characters, but I dunno, I feel like their aesthetics would clash too much. Even the Sniper Wolf one looked a bit weird. Also, apparently the Mari figure is coming out as both a (presumably styrene) model kit and a prepainted (PVC) figure. Not only that, there were already Asuka and Rei releases, too... neither of which struck my fancy that much. Shame. I had to clamp down on my immediate impulse to buy them now now now to make sure I had a complete trio.
  12. Now I'm not much a fan of the Rebuilds, but... DAYUM: https://www.hlj.com/1-8-scale-assemble-heroines-makinami-mari-illustrious-summer-queens-ots00030 July release. To be clear, it's a plastic model kit, not a pre-painted figure. It requires glue but no paint, though paint will obviously help, and the head/face will be pre-painted. And another one I've been looking forward to: https://www.hlj.com/1-7-scale-my-little-pony-bishoujo-princess-luna-figure-kbysv-297 September release. She dark and she THICCCCCCC! I'm happy to see the line ending on two real bangers, with this and the only-teased-but-surely-on-track-for-eventual-release Celestia. Or well, it might continue, but I don't really see any other characters selling enough to warrant such.
  13. The way I hear it, the 01's Rebuild design is closer to what was originally intended, and the extra lanky TV version was something of a fluke...? Anyone care to confirm/debunk that notion? Either way, I too find I prefer the TV design to the Rebuild version... Come to think of it, the EoE version had some proportion changes that put it more in line with the future Rebuild movies as well, didn't it?
  14. I'm sure there'll be a VF-25 (...or -27? EDIT: wait, I'm an idiot, of course it would be a -25) and this silhouette is just to tease the G part of this VFG.
  15. Fair's fair. I suppose I misspoke, in that my issue isn't so much that it's "sexualized," but rather what they consider "sexy." Like, you say I can't blame them for making what sells, but they (the industry writ large, not just Aoshima specifically) have only ever sold that specific... "form factor," I guess you could call it: Dainty, moe-headed cutesy loli with - as Sanity is Optional points out - V-cut leotard and/or pantsu above bare thighs (always thighs and always bare, I don't get it...) and thighhighs, with the occasional oppai and/or miniskirt thrown in when they're feeling especially creative. One line that's like that, fine. Two lines, from two different companies, that's... also fine, if a bit uninspired. But the entire industry defaulting to that aesthetic? C'mon. I'm just saying. If they want to cater to degeneracy, they could at least cater to my degeneracies. With regards to that Ranka figure specifically... eh, no accounting for taste, I suppose. But sex appeal aside, it's also just kind of a lazy attempt at the end of the day. It was lazy when(/if?) it showed up in the movie, and it was lazy when it showed up as a figure. There were so many visually interesting ways to do "sexy mecha girl Ranka," and instead they went with... that. Bah. Anyway, comparing the silhouette and figure some more, I'm something like 65% confident it'll be a Ranka-themed VFG. There are some differences, like the knee guards on the figure and the hip kibble and what seems to be a holster(/garter?) on the silhouette, but shapes generally track. My misgivings aside, I'm glad they seem to be going full hog on incorporating actual characters like they should have done from the beginning. The Klan VFG sold out really quick and has remained that way since launch, which hopefully means really good sales instead of extremely low production. A Ranka or Sheryl variant can only sell even better; after that, dare I hope for a Mirage VF-31?
  16. Same. The current lineup is already uncomfortable for me as it is; lay the lewd on any thicker, like that figure does, and I'd tap out. At least with the Klan one it's easy enough to paint everything red/purple/etc. so you get a full jumpsuit look, which has the added bonus of being canon.
  17. How did you decide on your choice for "gold"? There's often a lot of hay amongst casual modelers about whether the Hyaku Shiki has a super reflective gold plating or a flat coat, or is it mustard-colored maybe, perhaps tan?, just a simple yellow, etc. I've never given it much thought myself, not being a particularly big fan of the HS, but on second thought it seems like a good starting point for beginning modelers to sort of "guide" how they consider builds. Do you go for what it looks like on-cel? Do you go for what it's "supposed" to look like, taking into consideration its lore and its anti-beam coating? and so on.
  18. Just watched fifteen seconds of the original. Not worth a gander; it's about as low-rent as low-rent can be. If I want to play a decent shmup, I'll just emulate Einhander or Gradius V, or hit up whatever I have in my Steam library, thanks.
  19. Ranka version, maybe? The ears and hair track, at least.
  20. kajnrig

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    To be fair, it's not clear whether those are missile pods at all. Depicting them as such was a logical inference on the part of the modeler, given the placement and shape of the new armor parts, their derivation from the VF-25's Super equipment, etc. But they end up being a bit bulbous in the process; likely the modeler was working off of mainly just the movie footage, which IIRC never gives a good look at the height of those new armor pieces. Once official pics of the VF-19EF/A's 3D model were released, it became apparent that those parts were rather inconspicuous in design, following the existing lines and curves of the VF fairly closely. Packing missiles into such a cramped space certainly isn't impossible, but it does become more unlikely. And neither the Bandai DX toy nor the Hasegawa model kit, the only two official pieces of merchandise of it, depict them as anything more than slabs of extra armor. That said, I also like the idea of them being missile launchers, for much the same reasons as the modeler probably did. I don't exactly like their premise to begin with - slapping VF-25 Supers onto a Y/VF-19 - but if they MUST exist, I like them to do so as missile launchers.
  21. Yeah, I've never really understood what about AotC makes people put it above TPM. But then I was a kid when E1 came out and already falling out of love with the franchise when E2 did, so it's obvious where MY bias comes from. Still, though... there's just nothing in AotC on the same level as Darth Maul and Duel of the Fates. The CGI for both is about on par, or rather, it's definitely better in E2, but it's definitely less jarring in E1. The whole "green-screen EEEEEVERYTHING" idea did not do either E2 or E3 any favors. The acting is about on par, and the story is about on par, and the storytelling is about on par... Bah. That's beating the deadest horse ever. Anyway. I haven't seen this one yet, I don't know if I'll ever care enough to see it, but does it indicate any which way DC intend to go forward with their movies? I seem to recall there being talk of a Flash movie that resets everything so they can work with a blank slate again?
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