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  1. For what it's worth, I shipped some items from HLJ and the cost via both DHL and EMS to the USA was the same, roughly $170. DHL remained cheaper as I added items to the shipment, though, up to that point.
  2. I've never taken it off the bottom just because I've never felt the need to. Where do some of you move it, and why/what benefit does it provide?
  3. FYI, in case you were looking for old-school Patlabor kits, it seems Bandai may have done a re-pop (or HLJ found stock somewhere???). I was just charged for the MG Ingram 1 and 3, as well as the 1/60 Helldiver, and HLJ have a bunch of the others currently listed as In Stock. https://www.hlj.com/search/?q=*&productFilter=series%3APatlabor
  4. Another thing to consider is the presence or lack thereof of a DRAM cache. Cacheless SSDs tend to be cheaper, but they also exhibit worse performance - especially when it comes to writing many small files to SSD - than cached SSDs. The performance in general isn't significantly worse, but in the aforementioned scenario, I had one drive slow down to basically HDD speeds. Now, that was a years-old drive, and from what I'm reading, modern cacheless SSDs seem to have gotten around that issue. Still, it's something to think about. NVMe drives can also get pretty hot and throttle, but that's only if you're really hammering the crap out of the drive. I've never experienced throttling on any of my devices that see "regular user" levels of abuse. Still, some drives come with heatsinks, some motherboards include their own heatsinks, and you can also get aftermarket heatsinks for cheap.
  5. I've seen a few of these over the last few years and always assumed they were scratchbuilds or obscure resin kits. Are these from the same era/technology as the recent vintage 1:144/1:200 re-pops? Because phew, as glad as I am to have those kits, they have... problems.
  6. Uh... So this showed up in my inbox for no reason whatsoever. I think HLJ may have mistakenly added me to a... cultured part of its newsletter. ...or maybe it knows me better than I think...? https://www.hlj.com/undeaddress-isis-dx-ver-amx-1190
  7. Select B350/X370 boards ARE compatible with 3000-series CPUs and up, but it's very much up to each individual motherboard manufacturer to provide BIOS updates to support them. If you don't absolutely need PCI-E 4.0, it honestly isn't that much of an issue sticking with the board you have (assuming it supports newer Ryzen generations). From what I can tell, devices taking advantage of 4.0 bandwidth are still few and far between, and those that do (mainly NVMe SSDs) do so spottily. Also something to keep in mind: AMD announced that they would be starting production on 3D-stacked chips in Q4 2021 - so release probably in Q1/Q2 2022. Whether that means 3D-stacked Zen 4 or "Zen 3+" is unknown. However, the prototype "5900X with 3D-stacked cache" showed off at Computex just a few weeks ago demonstrated about +10-15% performance boost over the stock 5900X, so it might be worth waiting for that to come out as well.
  8. This is incredibly sketch, but you might be able to scrape off some PCB material to reveal good bare copper right next to those burned pins and solder some wires to facilitate a connection there. Do I recommend it? Heck no. Literally any other action would be preferable, including just having a data recovery team swap the platters to an identical drive. But regardless, good luck.
  9. HP has a pre-built Ryzen APU desktop with a 1650 Super for around $600. https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/pdp/hp-pavilion-gaming-desktop-tg01-1070m-3g825av-1 Lots of proprietary hardware - including the motherboard, PSU, and probably the heatsink mounts, too - but it'll get you what you need. The CPU (Ryzen 4650G) seems roughly on par with the 3600, maybe a rung or two below it overall. The GPU is halfway decent, and if you decide to sell it off to recoup some of the cost you still have the fairly capable iGPU to fall back on. It comes with 2 sticks of 3200 RAM standard, so it won't be bottlenecked by single channel memory. It'll probably serve you well for the here and now, and when you do decide to upgrade, the CPU might also be worth somewhat more than the 3600 you're considering. Aside from its integrated graphics, it's also an OEM-only chip, so it has something of a novelty factor. Sell it with or without the other parts; either way, you'd almost assuredly make your money back on it.
  10. Wait hold on, what was wrong with Speed Racer? That's damn near the most faithful adaptation ever, warts and all.
  11. IIRC, at least from what someone or another stated here to me, the Zeta was directly inspired by and an homage to the VF-1. I've always found the Zeta/Delta/ReZel transformations weird, how the legs are so high up like that. I appreciated that on the VF-1 the legs form a contiguous shape with the arms to form a solid-looking fuselage; they're not just dangling in the open, flopping around. So imagine my surprise when I realized that the Super variants partially "transform" their legs and do indeed sort of dangle in the open, flopping around.
  12. You mean you don't construct Excel books listing every combination of items and the available shipping costs thereof, then use that data to calculate every possible shipping arrangement in order to get the least expensive and/or fastest total shipping cost? Yeah, me neither, hahah...
  13. They're probably still working out distribution deals. For now, FB2012 is streaming on the official Macross Youtube channel (https://youtu.be/kWkKdJ-OVyI), and I think a concert will be streamed live from there as well???, and some merchandise - model kits, the recently-announced M7 figures of Mylene and Basara, I think a couple other things - started showing up on BBTS et al, ie American(?) vendors. Still waiting on official BD announcements myself...
  14. I am so glad that video did not have a comical DRAMATIC MUSICAL SCORRRRRREEEEE to go along with it.
  15. I could've sworn we discussed it somewhere on here when the first season came out. I guess not? I enjoyed it, though it does fall victim at times to some of the same overplayed tropes of Korean drama as, well, other Korean dramas do. Namely, there's an obvious Good Guy who's selfless, brave, smart, humble, and a great tactician, who unfortunately must navigate a veritable spider's web of greedy, vain, cowardly, incompetent, self-serving bureaucrats. I didn't particularly like the revelation at the end of the first season(?), either, but it's honestly a small inconsistency in the grand scheme of things. I don't think I've finished... or even begun?... the second season, but apparently there's a movie coming out soon? Seems like now might be a great time to finish it up. That and the sequel show to Haunting of Hill House, whatever its name is...
  16. I mean, you saw and see the exact same thing play out with Megumi Nakajima. While obviously there are differences between her situation and Ijima's, what is it they say about history? It doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme. Macross is uniquely blursed in that way. It's a unique franchise in many ways, not all of them unequivocally good.
  17. Ooh. Noticed in the announcement that its shape apparently hews closer to its AC3 design than AC Infinity. "This product is not a 3D model reproduction of "ACE COMBAT INFINITY", but PROJECT ACES proposes a shape that is closer to the original impression of "ACE COMBAT 3 Electrosphere". Therefore, the title of the source work of this product is not either of the two titles, but the notation "ACE COMBAT series"." Also, down at the bottom is a preview of the CFA-44 Nosferatu. If this is the best we'll ever get of these Strangereal planes, I'll gladly take them. But my hope springs eternal for 1/72 renditions...
  18. I've built maybe a dozen kits (I'm assuming Bandai 1/72 transforming kits) across the Frontier/Delta lines, and I've never had an issue with gold plastic snapping apart. I tend to be extra careful with Bandai's Macross kits, though, due to the delicate nature of so many parts and mechanisms. Were the parts in question broken on the runner before you even touched them? Or did they break while you were fitting them to the leg? while you were attaching the "feet"/thruster nozzles? If the former, I'd agree it might just be the plastic. If the latter, perhaps you're attaching them incorrectly. (I don't say that as an insult. The instructions aren't particularly clear sometimes.) Pics would help.
  19. Anyway, I'm now 6/8 episodes through, and it doesn't get much better. Oftentimes it seems like you'd have to be a fan who's already read the comics to remotely appreciate what's going on, because the show glosses over so many details about the characters, the world, the Code, the Union, the history of superheroes, etc. It expects you to be sad when character A dies, but scarcely has any time to show us anything about the character besides their costume and superpower, so I'm left just... staring blankly at a screen. Two more episodes to slog through, and then time to forget it ever existed.
  20. Unfortunately, that video didn't provide any substantial new details that we haven't already discussed to death on this forum. I was hoping it would have some leaks on the legal statuses of this and that, or future distribution plans, or even merchandising strategies. Something new. Ah well. Still just waiting patiently for proof of the supposed good tidings this way to come.
  21. After blitzing through the first 2.5 episodes for myself, I gotta say, @sqidd, you gave what has to be the most inaccurate hot take I've ever seen on this forum. It is frankly bizarre how much you got wrong, what you got wrong, and the degree to which what you got wrong was wrong. There's missing the mark, and there's constructing an entirely separate mark altogether, setting it at 180 degrees to the original and a quarter of the distance away, and then lobbing your shot into the nearby pond instead. To clarify/contextualize some points for everyone else, because it can't be overstated how far from reality sqidd's misrepresentation of the show is: My impression of the show after two episodes is pretty in line with what @Tking22 has to say. It's bland, derivative, and fairly predictable as far as superhero media go. The action and effects I can take or leave to a certain extent, but the writing and acting are too inconsistent; other superhero media have dealt with similar subject matter better. It's a shame, because I always like me some good meditation on the ethics of superhero-ing. And the show DOES have some legitimately good moments. They're just surrounded by too much bland and derivative and predictable. I disagree, veeery slightly, with the idea that The Code should have been tossed to the wayside. As Tking22 puts it, it was never a part of the original story, and I believe it. Whenever Utopian brings up The Code, I don't get the impression that it's a rule set self-imposed by him because of some deeply-held moral and ethical values. Instead, it sounds like a code of conduct forced onto him by an outside entity, and he's being forced to abide by it. I noticed that he never explains the reasoning behind the precepts of The Code, just demands that he and everyone else abide by them. But it's precisely the alien-ness of The Code that draws my interest. Without it, the show would just be about an old man with old man worldviews struggling to apply them to the modern world - which is all well and good as far as premises go, but again, other superhero media have done it better already. With it, the show unintentionally transforms into... almost a horror mystery? Like there's some unspeakable cosmic horror lurking above all of the superpowered goings-on. After all, what could possibly spook Superman so much that he does its bidding? I suspect the answer to that question will be decidedly underwhelming (if it exists at all), and it'll turn out to be nothing more than bad writing from a bad show that badly adapted a comic book.
  22. Sorry, I meant to say that there are no new announcements, just showing off what they announced previously - ie Myung YF-19 and the repops. I was hoping against hope for a VF-171 reveal to compete against Wave, or maybe a Cheyenne II, or etc.
  23. So nothing new to announce, just the re-pops mentioned earlier, at least so far as Macross goes. That's a tad disappointing.
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