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  1. Apparently it's running pretty smoothly on emulators already, too, so... there you go.
  2. I've asked before where the YF-30 sits in the VF supremacy hierarchy, but I either forgot or never got a satisfactory answer. It makes sense that, out of all the other VFs fashioned after the original VF-24(YF-24???), the YF-29 is the top dog save for maybe the -24 itself, but wasn't the YF-30 even a step beyond the -29, so far on the bleeding edge of fold quartz tech that it directly/indirectly causes the time travel shenanigans of Macross 30?
  3. I don't know how far the anime goes, but according to some friends, in the manga she's currently a fairly "normal" high schooler (college student maybe???), having grown out of a lot of her old anxieties. I couldn't finish the anime myself, though I remember enjoying the bits I saw well enough.
  4. Weltall is approximately 15.81 meters tall, and Weltall-Id is 18.53 meters. That's roughly the same as the VF-1 and VF-25, or Victory Gundam and RX-78. And obviously floating also adds height. ...and then of course the figures might not necessarily be in scale with each other anyway (though at first blush they seem to be)...
  5. Easily the most memorable anything from a game chock full of memorable things. The price is a bit eye-boggling, but it's probably my only chance at getting a representation of this design ever without scratchbuilding it myself. I'll take it! Shame there are no translucent green "wings of light," though...
  6. A bit off topic, but it'll probably get more eyes here than there: Updating this and the gunpla thread, though this isn't a model kit. Bring Arts Weltall-Id Apr 2022 ~$170 https://www.hlj.com/xenogears-bring-arts-weltall-id-enx36046
  7. Updating this and the gunpla thread, though this isn't a model kit. Bring Arts Weltall-Id Apr 2022 ~$170 https://www.hlj.com/xenogears-bring-arts-weltall-id-enx36046
  8. The more I see of it, the more cautiously optimistic I get.
  9. So after nearly 15 years, 4.0 brings the Rebuilds to a conclusion, and it was... fine. It managed to recover after 3.33 tumbled all over the mat midway through the balance beam routine. And I suppose that says something about Evangelion that it's managed to stick the landing something like... four times now? The TV show, the movie, the manga, and now the Rebuild, each of them despite their own unique hurdles. And 4.0 reaffirms my opinion way back in 2007 that the Rebuilds as a whole are... neat but redundant. I think the biggest success of 4.0 is that it forces a confrontation between father and son that... again, is neat but redundant, but it was nice to see all the same. The Shinji Ikaris of the past didn't need to talk things out with their father in order to mature, and frankly this one didn't either, and arguably Gendo didn't "deserve" the reconciliation... but it was nice to see all the same. It's emotionally satisfying. I'm in agreement that the CGI Lillith was one of a handful of straight up bad decisions. At the very least, that style of rendering was a bad decision. It's so at odds with the rest of the animation... which might have been the point, to instill it with a sense of wrongness, but the obvious counter-argument is that End of Eva managed to do the same thing, instill the same sense of wrongness, but still make it look cohesive. (There's a term for that, that for the life of me I can't remember.) I'm curious what young people think of the Rebuild. How it may or may not resonate with them, and how they find it compares to the original and/or its contemporaries.
  10. They really just gonna ignore that whole "idol is psychotic love-starved computer who hypnotized an entire city and took control of its military just to virtually suck off her boyfriend" thing, huh? Well, I suppose it really is as that infamous tweet says:
  11. "Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition" Bluray set Open for preorder in UK. UK/Ireland: https://evangelion.alltheanime.com/ US: https://store.gkids.com/pages/neon-genesis-evangelion AU: https://www.madman.com.au/actions/channel.do?method=view A quick tl;dr: - original series + both movies (11 discs total) - includes both the new official dub/sub AND old dub/sub - artwork from Japanese laserdisc release - 156-page booklet - 11x (Eleven) 12"x12" art boards - Sachiel resin paperweight - NERV ID card + lanyard - no "Fly Me to the Moon" endings
  12. Oh, it is? Never mind, then, cool. I suppose if I googled Kato, I'd realize they're a player in that industry.
  13. What's up with Patlabor specifically getting such weird scale releases? First that 1/43 (1/43!!!) Aoshima kit, now this.
  14. Nichijou is an absolute riot, even if some of the references are SO Japanese that I need an encyclopedia and a team of accredited historians by my side to understand them. That said, there are a handful of skits that perpetually recycle through my Youtube; this is the latest: The original manga is IIRC a series of 4komas. The author didn't intend for it to be a big thing.
  15. I don't, unfortunately. What conversion kit are you making? I'm using mine for a Stargazer.
  16. Saw it Friday night, and I've been incubating my thoughts the whole weekend. I think it was foolhardy of people, the majority of my theater included, to think this was somehow going to be a typical medieval fantasy epic. Nothing about any of the trailers suggested it would be anything like that, and yet people in my theater could not walk out come the credits fast enough shaking their head at, I suppose, a sense of being duped.
  17. You can see her later in the trailer as well (around 2:05), probably during a prison break or something.
  18. Beat me to the punch, so I'll just say: Is it just me or is someone on the storyboarding and effects teams using these movies as an excuse to express their kink? First movie was all about the PG-13 vore, now it's PG-13 vore and tentacles.
  19. Okay, because I'd be up all night if it was the other one, and now I'm only PROBABLY gonna be up.
  20. ...okay, let's be clear, it's NOT a reissue of the VF-31A Kairos, it's a preorder for the VF-31AX... Kairos Custom? Siegfried?
  21. As long as Messer doesn't come back, I'm fine with whatever happening to whoever.
  22. Very true, I'm just having some self-deprecating fun to cope with the pain. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply I was talking about you specifically. I meant "we" broadly. I didn't see the P-Bandai notice until the next day, at which point it was already long sold out. XD This is true, but given how quickly this preorder sold out, and how many additional runs the Japanese preorder already has scheduled, I have very little doubt that we'll be getting additional preorder openings here as well, at least somewhat negating the rarity argument. I don't know how many Bandai can and/or have to produce at a time, but it seems like there's enough "leftover demand" to justify at least one more full run. Like, say, they can produce 1000 at a time, but there are something like 1500 customers still willing to pay. With the Nightingale, I don't know how much they produced... but I also don't know the demand for it. However much "leftover demand" exists, they've probably estimated that it's not enough to justify another full run yet. Like these mass retail runs get 5000 units made at a time to distribute to all the retail outlets, and now leftover demand is only something like 2500. Objectively more than for the TG Fluegel, but not enough to justify another run. What are the terms being used right now? "Just-in-time manufacturing" versus "just-in-case manufacturing"? If they did another 5000 units and completely satisfied immediate demand, the 2500 units left over would be readily available and they wouldn't have to worry about customers haranguing them on social media and the like for more more more, but there'd be extra costs involved with housing and keeping track of those extra units and blah blah blah etc.... I can see why they might wait a little, if only to maybe get some sort of better gauge of how much demand there actually is...? I dunno, I'm no economist.
  23. So we're all complaining about scalpers in that Hobby Japan thread, then turn right around and pay $150 like it's nothing, then complain about how much scalpers scalp.
  24. The price also suggests it's a prepainted figure. Though FYI, 1/120 is pretty small, probably the size of your hand. A model kit of that scale would typically be around $15 to $30.
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