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  1. So that's all the VF-25s now? I guess we can assume they will complete the VF-31 series as well...
  2. Yes! An alternate scheme armored VF-1A seems pretty cool to me. The ad shows chest insignia pics for a couple other units... does the text clarify whether multiple marking scheme options are included in the kit, or are these teasers for future variant releases?
  3. Oh geez, I would love a 1/48 YF-21. VE-1 and VT-1 in 1/48 would be great too.
  4. The math is pretty easy. Find the published dimensions of the 'real thing' on a wiki or somesuch. Convert that length into measurement style of choice, if needed, using an online conversion tool. Then divide that by the number of the scale. So if it's a 1/72 kit, divide by 72. Etc.
  5. From the Macross wiki, I get a length of 18.62m and a wingspan of 14.87m for the YF-19. Converted, to feet, I get 61.09 ft length, 48.79 ft wingspan. Then just divide by scale of choice. I get 0.85 ft length, 0.68 ft wingspan for a 1/72 YF-19. 1.27 ft length and 1.02 ft wingspan for 1/48. That should give a rough approximation. I believe later fighters like VF-25 and VF-31 are bigger?
  6. The principle of scale is the same in all kinds of models. Character, aircraft, or otherwise. 1/1 is full size. 1/2 is half size. The bigger the number at the end, the smaller the model in relation to what it represents. When you do figures representing people (or people sized characters), scales like 1/8 or 1/6 or maybe even 1/4 are common. Aircraft (including Macross ones) are MUCH larger than people, so the models have to be done in a smaller scale in order to keep the model size reasonable. Aircraft model common scales can run from 1/144 to 1/32 or even 1/24. 1/144 is on the smaller end, 1/72 is bigger, 1/48 is bigger still, 1/32 can be quite big, and 1/24 is usually pretty darn big for aircraft. You can't do 1/6 for aircraft, naturally. Too big to be practical for most people. In terms of Macross, a lot of the kits will be 1/72. Bandai's Macross stuff is mostly 1/72. Hasegawa's main Macross series is 1/72, and they make a few 1/48 as well. Wave makes some 1/100 Macross kits. There are other brands out there but I'm not going to mention it all. You said you were interested in a YF-19 kit from Hasegawa. They offer that one in both 1/72 and 1/48. The 1/72 is the smaller one, the 1/48 is the big one.
  7. To be fair, Gundam Markers are ridiculously thick.
  8. I have an Armored VF-1, a Regult, and several other recent 1/72 and 1/48 Hasegawa Macross releases in my HLJ private warehouse... but the shipping is just too painful right now. I also had a HGUC Nightingale in my private warehouse, but I eventually decided to buy one local and have HLJ restock the copy they had for me, because the cost of the kit plus shipping was a LOT more than what I paid for a locally sold copy.
  9. I kinda doubt they'll do decal variants for the Armored Battroid... but if they did..... that'd be cool.
  10. Aren't those kinda different? In that the idol art is overlaid on top of the original scheme, so you NEED the original markings (if you don't paint everything instead) plus the idol decals to overlay on top. You have to use the old markings even when doing the deculture scheme... is that right? But the Hasegawa Walkure planes are different - the idol schemes are all new and don't really re-use much of anything from the original schemes. So you don't need the original markings to complete the idol version. Do I have this right? I'm not at home so I can't check my kits right now.
  11. I can't confirm 100% since I don't have the kits in front of me right now, but I would think not. Both the original decal sheet and idol version decal sheet are big decal sheets. Wouldn't make sense to include both since most people would be buying the kit for the idol version. Hasegawa does decal variant releases all the time and they pretty much never include the decals from the standard release.
  12. Ah, didn't know that about the original battroid. Any idea if that's true for the VF-0 battroid as well?
  13. I'm confused: is the Armored battroid all new parts, or a mix of old battroid parts plus new armor parts? I'd have thought anything left over from the original battroid kit would be glue-only, with only the newly made armor parts possibly being snap-fit.
  14. It means 'nevermind'. I posted a box art image for the new 1/48 Sonic Birds kit, but then I realized someone else already had. So I wanted to delete my post, but I couldn't figure out how. So I just deleted what I wrote and replaced it with 'nevermind'.
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