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  1. Interesting surge of 1/48 repops. If they're going to keep this up, I wouldn't mind seeing a 1/48 release of the Minmei Guard scheme. Or even better, they could do a few new parts and give us 1/48 VF-1D, VE-1, or VT-1.
  2. hi all, Don't know how hard this will be - I know these kits aren't so easy to find now, but I also read that they aren't too popular, so maybe some will be interested in selling. I understand these are harder to find, so I am open to pricing above retail. But if I want to pay crazy dollars... there's ebay for that. With that in mind, please let me know if you have any of these you'd like to sell. I am not buying to resell, FYI. I just want to have multiples to build in different paint jobs, and to leave stuck in various modes. I don't like transforming kits back and forth, especially when painted. So I'd like to have a couple left in fighter, a couple left in gerwalk, and a couple left in battroid. I can do paypal or venmo.
  3. I would love to know as well. Maybe they can't figure out how to make the dish work.
  4. I was just listing the options that seemed most likely for 1/48. I like the VF-11, but I doubt they'd do one in 1/48. I actually wish they'd release non-super Max/Miria VF-1J and VF-1D in 1/48. Also: VE-1 or VT-1.
  5. Maybe Hasegawa will decided to do one right after Wave releases theirs.
  6. Ya the Rollout 001 wasn't sold through normal channels. I don't know the specifics of its release, but I got mine through Y!J auctions.
  7. Same. I actually really like these decal variant releases. Especially the ones inspired by real world units.
  8. I dig it too. I'll get one for sure. There's a lot of other VFs out there, but it seems like Hasegawa is sticking to stuff that's shown up in the shows/movies. The only one that really baffles me is the lack of VF-171 since there's multiple versions and it's in multiple shows (I think). Seems like it would be worth doing. I can't really see Hasegawa doing obscure video game and artbook stuff. That said, I really wish they'd get around to the following: Tornado Messiah (at least it showed up in a movie) Armored VF-25 YF-29 Durandal (at least it showed up in a movie, also) YF-30 Chronos Armored VF-31 (actually I wish Bandai would do this too) VF-2SS Valkyrie II (at least it was in a show)
  9. The Wave VF-4 is all we have for now so I'm not complaining. But I did think the panel lines were a bit thicker, the details a little less refined, compared to Hasegawa VFs. Did anyone make a PE detail set for the VF-4?
  10. All I can say is... it's about time. Too bad it's not Hasegawa though. #1 because the detailing would be more delicate, #2 because knowing Hasegawa, we could look forward to some cool variations and different unit decal repops down the road. But still, I'll take what I can get. I guess we're getting at least 2 boxings out of this? The blue-green one and the beige one?
  11. This is great news for me since I've been wanting to grab an extra 1 or 2 Black Aces kits.
  12. Very cool boxart! I keep buying these decal variant repops, hoping Hasegawa will eventually feel like spending the money on a brand new mould...
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