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  1. I think that's correct. I'm hoping they'll follow it up with a 1/48 version of the initial rollout scheme.
  2. Lovely art as always. I wonder when Sorties 4 will be coming out.
  3. Yes. Yes please. But I take back what I said. I'd also like the Luca version with dish, and the extra armor/super version.
  4. I just want the cannon fodder types...
  5. Yet there's still no 1/48 VF-1D! I can understand not doing the VE-1 and VT-1 yet, since there's a fair number of new parts needed, but plain old VF-1D shouldn't be that hard... It's a lot easier to do pure decal variant repops though. At this point, the only VF-1 schemes released in 1/72 that aren't available in 1/48 are the Minmay Special, Rollout colors, and 35th anniversary scheme.
  6. Disappointed it's not 1/72 like the rest of the their new transforming kits. I don't own any pre-finished/toy stuff so a 1/72 transforming YF-19 woulda been great. I have plenty of hasegawa 1/72 YF-19 fighters but nothing for the other modes.
  7. Says those are 1/72 though. We're hopin' for a 1/48 version.
  8. If they're gonna keep doing these... I hope they get around to doing a 1/48 version of the Minmay Special. But a 1/48 VE-1 and VT-1 would be better. Kinda surprised they haven't done those yet. I think they've actually done most of the schemes that were released originally in 1/72, aside from the Minmay Special, Rollout colors, and the 25th/35th Anniversary schemes.
  9. Ack. Where is this? Japan? I've been wanting to get that Hasegawa 25th Anniversary VF-1.
  10. So that's all the VF-25s now? I guess we can assume they will complete the VF-31 series as well...
  11. Yes! An alternate scheme armored VF-1A seems pretty cool to me. The ad shows chest insignia pics for a couple other units... does the text clarify whether multiple marking scheme options are included in the kit, or are these teasers for future variant releases?
  12. Oh geez, I would love a 1/48 YF-21. VE-1 and VT-1 in 1/48 would be great too.
  13. The math is pretty easy. Find the published dimensions of the 'real thing' on a wiki or somesuch. Convert that length into measurement style of choice, if needed, using an online conversion tool. Then divide that by the number of the scale. So if it's a 1/72 kit, divide by 72. Etc.
  14. From the Macross wiki, I get a length of 18.62m and a wingspan of 14.87m for the YF-19. Converted, to feet, I get 61.09 ft length, 48.79 ft wingspan. Then just divide by scale of choice. I get 0.85 ft length, 0.68 ft wingspan for a 1/72 YF-19. 1.27 ft length and 1.02 ft wingspan for 1/48. That should give a rough approximation. I believe later fighters like VF-25 and VF-31 are bigger?
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