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  1. Missing my favorite Fire Bomber song, Diamond Calling.
  2. HG Fire Valkyrie looking awesome. Can't wait to get mine. Just hoping we get an HG VF-17D/S and HG VF-11C/D
  3. Zero interest ever in a dub of anything Macross or any anime for that matter.
  4. I'm going to pass on this, as I've already got 2 VF-31J and VF-31J Super parts first issue. Already got full VF-31 Delta Sqaudron DX TV toys. I just wish Bandai would release VF-31AX Arad and VF-31AX Chuck DX toys from Zettai Live.
  5. Yeah, 100% confirm the game as installed from the physical PS4 disc version of Macross Shooting Insight, which I ordered from Amazon JP, includes Hikaru and his DYRL VF-1S. I installed the game while logged into my Hong Kong Playstation account, I did not download or install any DLC, as there is no Macross content on the Hong Kong Playstation store......certainly Macross Shooting Insight is not on the Hong Kong Playstation online store. While I think I do have an old Japanese Playstation account, I haven't logged into it for years, probably since the PS3 Macross 30 days, or Maybe when I had the PS Vita Macross Delta Scramble game,,,,,,I forget???? Not even sure I still remember the password for my Japanese Playstation account, it's been so long.
  6. And I'm gonna have to agree with most people that the game is kinda meh. I would have preferred a remasterted version of the old ArtDink PSP / PSVita games. Or Macross 30 remastered for PS4 or PS5,
  7. Got my standard version PS4 game yesterday from Amazon JP, without any of the extra stuff. So no booklet etc. Is there really any extra DLC available at the moment??????? After installing the game last night from the disc on my HK Playstation account, it already includes Hikaru's DYRL VF-1S.
  8. I bought 2 of the Revival Version. One is staying in fighter mode on my bedroom shelf and will never be transformed. The second one I transformed to battroid mode, which took me about 30 minutes. It will stay in my display cabinet and never be transformed again. 😅
  9. Here's a question.......... So, I've already had the Japan version of Macross Shooting Insight for PS4 pre-ordered for a long time. But, I also want to order the physical international PS4 version. Any links to where I can order it? Preferably somewhere that will ship here to Hong Kong where I live. I had assumed that Hong Kong physical game shops and also the Hong Kong Playstation online Store would be getting the international version, but seems like we are not getting it here due to some licensing related issues, at least according to some local game shop staff here that I've spoken to. So, I'm suddenly scrambling to find a way to order a physical copy of the international PS4 version. I've done a Google search and looked on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, but I'm not seeing it. Or at least it's not showing up when my address is set to Hong Kong.
  10. Every time I see there's a new post, it gets my hopes up that it's some actual news about the new series, but nope.😅🤣
  11. I've always thought calling the VB-6 a "Variable Bomber" is kinda silly as it doesn't carry any bombs, so can't drop any bombs. If you are going to keep the "VB" designation, it would make more sense to call it a "Variable Bombarder", as it's basically a highly mobile artillery piece that solves the problem of the extremely limited mobility and speed of the original Destroid Monster, by being able to rapidly fly to any point required in the battle space in a short period of time. Thus making the VB-6 much more tactically relevant and useful compared to the original Destroid Monster.
  12. I got rid of most of my Yamato V2s years ago, so I'm super excited about this Bandai 1/48 VT-1 DX. Got 2 on pre-order.
  13. Not really familiar with Crunchyroll. Obviously heard of them, but I thought they were some US only anime streaming service. Never realized they sold toys also,
  14. Picked up my 2 yesterday from my local Valk pusher. Only opened one so far and not yet transformed. I just put it on the display stand in fighter mode so far without the super parts attached. I only attached the missiles and the gunpod. Missiles attached very tightly to the wing hard points, which is a good thing in my opinion. No obvious issues, apart from the rubber head lasers are not straight. But that's normal and anyway it comes with a spare hard plastic set. But I've only spent about 10 minutes with it so far, so there may be hidden issues. Happy to report the wing pegs didn't pop off in the short time I handled it....LOL.
  15. Just picked up mine from my local addiction facilitator. 😅
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